Monday, August 14, 2006

Sandy, you're the only person I know who can make "Yes, Ma'am" sound like "screw you."

Great. Obviously shaping up to be one of those Mondays where I clean the film processor's air filters or some shit. Of course, it's tangibly wet outside and hotter than fuck all before 10am, so I guess I can see why no one wants to battle the construction crew that's surrounding our little store to begin with.

And now that I'm at work I have plenty of time to actually link to the stuff I've been listening to, lots and lots of (Cool) Shite On the Tube this past week. It cracks me up, even when I have no idea what the fuck's going on. And I also have no intention of ceasing to shove my foot firmly in my mouth, as I also stand by the thought that no one reads this damn thing anyway. And as is naturally my luck, I get backhanded by the one with the sexy voice. Well, you know, sexy for an Australian.

The funny thing is, I think living abroad has almost made me touchier about generalizations about Americans than ever before. I guess hearing them nonstop does it. The worst example (as Mob, Triana and the sisters know) is hearing yourself having to say you're from Texas and then hearing the other person say absolutely anything involving the words, "George W." *skin crawls*. Although I did actually meet a Brit one time who started singing the praises of GW to me (and no, she was not being sarcastic) only to have me yak right on her shoes.

I'm also distraught my little sidebar lists no notable films I've seen in August. I just haven't. I did watch Paradise Lost 2 the other night, but I don't know that I recommend it, and certainly not as wholeheartedly as the first one. I mean, 40% of it is rehashing the first anyway, the rest points a finger at one of the victim's fathers, a savory character if there ever was one. I could recommend it based purely on the notion that oh holy jesus, what a spectacle this little town is, all by itself, crime or no. But it is depressing. Just, you know, a bit around the edges.

D and I may finally get in the double feature tomorrow night at the Tavern of Miami Vice and The Descent, so that will at least be worth blogging about. Very curious about the Vice...

And we're almost done with Firefly, sniff. Just saw the torture episode, wtf! I'm always shocked by what's acceptable on commerical TV nowadays. However old that makes me sound. Taking ears off before 9pm? Sure, why not! Really good episode, in any case.

Hey, I'll bet Serenity will merit a place on the sidebar, I'll hurry up and Netflix it before the end of the month...and I'm a little sad to see Disc 1 of Buffy still at home for Veloute...I promise it gets addictive! I did notice Firefly mercifully has less of the "hip" dialogue Buffy tried to hard to beat to death. Though if one more person refers to "the 'verse," I may just launch my lunch.


sKincarver said...

I was wondering about Paradise Lost 2.
Deleting from queue....

Ellen Aim said...

Yeah, it just didn't have much to offer. The first one did the job...though I realize it's good to keep awareness of the case afloat, but that's about all it has going for it.

Veloute said...

No power in the 'verse can stop me from laughing.

Buffy 2 should be on the way soon. I think it's growing on me. Willow is cute.

I am sometimes tempted to say I'm from Maryland and leave the whole Texas thing out of it.