Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.

Well, with the end of so many things, I think 1105 blog posts may be quite enough. I may start another blog and if you know me, by all means feel free to contact me for it. But I think this blog has run its course and it is time for something new.

So on that note, my friends...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don't make me come down there, I'll thump your skull for ya!

Friday was exhausting somehow!

Done with court--and with a great resolution, no less. I finally had a judge I like, and that's not to say he always gives us what we want. I've seen him on real bad days for sure, and the man is not without his biases. But I do at least trust him to fucking listen, which is more than I can say for some. My client was three hours late, but legitimately thought he was supposed to be there at noon. (And for someone who is unfamiliar with the system, this is not at all as unbelievable as it may sound at first to some of us.) I was just thrilled that for no real reason, I was still there.

Anyway, we got the deal we wanted, thanks also to a very reasonable ADA. My client was less than thrilled about supervised probation, but you gotta take what you can get. This was a client who also insisted on wearing a doo-rag in court and which we had to clear with the court officers to keep a shitstorm from ensuing. (No hats in court, obviously.) I was seriously set to explain that it had religious affiliations for him and was the functional equivalent of a yarmulke, but somehow, the judge did not rip into him. (I'm assuming one of the officers mentioned it before we got back in.) No one is more thrilled than I not to have had heard myself make that argument. For what should have been a fairly straight-forward case, this was the one time where the client himself was so much of a handful that, should you be getting PAID, you would have earned Every. Goddamn. Dollar. And it's not his fault, really. For one thing, he had legitimate objections about the system. Not really the time and place to make a scene about it though, thanks.

In any case, it was a great resolution and the judge even thanked my client for his service (ex-military). And in fact I do think the charges were trumped up bullshit, resulting in no small part both from extreme PTSD and douchebag fuckwit officers who overreacted and probably made things far worse than they had to be.

In any case, I got the fuck outta that building before it collapsed on me. I can never catch a break in there usually, so it was a fitting last day.

I tried to stay at school to close out files and transfer my motion to suppress, but after my final evaluation meeting and finally getting lunch, I was at the computer when my body decided it was DONE. I was just so exhausted, and waking up shortly after 4am no doubt was a factor as well. (I didn't mean to, but it happens a lot on court days.)

So I went home. The carpet, which we had just had shampooed courtesy of our building for re-signing our lease waaaay back when, was still wet. So dang, I had to curl up on the sofa, where I was immediately joined by two cats. I only slept for about fifteen minutes for some reason, so I mostly caught up on Castle and Jon Stewart.

But it was bedtime before 11.

Oh, and those carpets? One thing you can count on your cats for...barfing in both rooms less than 12 hours later. THANKS, GUYS!

I am currently cite-checking my mother-fucking NINETY-FIVE PAGE chapter I've written on international economic law that's due tomorrow at 12. I'm running through a handful of No Reservations that have stored up on faux-Tivo. Currently watching the Japan one (it's called "Tokyo" even though half of it is in Kyoto?) and man, does it make me nostalgic! *Sigh!*

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

That would hurt my feelings if I had them.

Well I think that's enough rejection for the day. I got a text from Friend B because we had applied to the same government agency, and she had checked her online status to find she had not been hired. I checked and found I had met the same fate as well. I can't say I was surprised, but I had really wanted the job. So I wasn't exactly disappointed, but it's still sucky and frustrating. B said it quite well.

EA: "I like how it says 'not professionally recommended.'"

B: "That's the nicest way to say REJECTED."


B: "Well, fuck it, at least we know."

EA: "I feel as if it should be a little more honest and just say 'didn't even really consider.'"

B: "The federal government is like that guy in high school who shot up 5 in and 30 lbs in a year and suddenly started getting hit on by all the popular girls. It doesn't realize that all these ivy leaguers are going to use it for experience and then peace out."

EA: "Jesus, you just nailed it. I love you. I hope it spends its early 20s longing and pining for the chance it had with me."

B: "Yeah, except by the time it realizes it's hired a bunch of crayon-eaters, we will be baristas."

And then no shit, about five minutes later I got a rejection notice from my new (?) graduate university denying my scholarship application. I seriously considered just hiding under the bed.

But then my client called me and while he understands whatever happens on Friday happens, I think he is also freaking out a little. I know how he feels. Albeit, for far different reasons. Or maybe not. We're both afraid of screwing up his future, my way just involves less heroin.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I'm going to get drunk and then I'm going to have a three course meal where each course is a kind of dessert.

Here's a 1996 song that never gets old! Again, no actual "video." There was one--it was even the "official" video--but it looked like it escaped from 1987 and the sound was total crap.

A pill! Could be birth control, could be ecstasy...waiting for a day off to find out!

Classes are officially over! I have one final, one take home and two big court dates.

I already got an email acceptance, but it was still nice to get the giant envelope in the mail from a really decent university accepting me into their LLM program! I still don't know if I'm going to accept because it depends on funds. It also involves moving to D.C., which could be a good city for what I want to do. If nothing else, it can't hurt to add a better university name to the resume. As my friend B was told during an interview with a government agency, "This isn't exactly the Cadillac of resumes..."

Which is a frustrating comment when we can't all go to Harvard. (And frankly, though it would probably have gotten me a job, I really never had any desire to go to Harvard. (Yes, we're imagining a world where they would have wanted me.) I was incredibly impressed with the faculty where I went to school. So there.)

Completely unrelated, I realized you know your music library is getting to an unruly size (though still 1/8th the size of your dad's!) when you hear a cover of a song on TV and think huh, I liked that. So you look it up and see the original is by Snow Patrol and you're all, hey, I have a bunch of Snow Patrol. And you do. And you totally already own the song.

It might be a little on the squishy side, but I try not to discriminate.

Don't watch the "video" unless you like reading the lyrics along with your music?

It's Katharine McPhee covering it, but I do NOT watch Smash, let's make sure that's very clear.* That show looks fucking awful. Like Glee for Broadway people but with trite dialogue and thin, mostly directionless story lines. I wouldn't be caught dead.

Anyway. Also completely unrelated, I've been playing on Twitter more lately. (Prior to the start of finals, so no, it's not merely procrastination...) I still try to watch my language since my university mentor follows me. :/ But now Vince Clarke (of Erasure) is following me! (Obviously I started following him first.) And maybe he follows 8,000 people but that's not the point. I like it when cool people are neat enough to follow you back. ;) That was a big highlight in a day filled with writing about international economic law.

Ok, gotta get through this week. Motion on Friday followed by a final the next day. And I would feel better about the motion if MY CLIENT WOULD STOP GETTING ARRESTED. So in addition to our case, he has two additional open cases with similar charges involved. The judge cannot consider the untried open cases in determining punishment. Which reminds me of my old trial professor's jury instructions: "Ladies and gentlemen, here is a skunk. You can consider its fine fur and its black and white tail while making your decision. But you must NOT consider its wretched odor." Good luck with that.

*But seriously, what were they thinking with that Bollywood number last week? Man, I took a pee break AND got another wine and it was still going on. So it was long AND embarrassingly unrelated to anything in the show. Also, maybe the best part about watching the show--if one did--was getting to read scathing TLo honesty the next day. (Like yeah, who gives a fuck about Julia's family drama? NO ONE.) And if I watched that show, I couldn't agree with their last post more.