Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A pill! Could be birth control, could be ecstasy...waiting for a day off to find out!

Classes are officially over! I have one final, one take home and two big court dates.

I already got an email acceptance, but it was still nice to get the giant envelope in the mail from a really decent university accepting me into their LLM program! I still don't know if I'm going to accept because it depends on funds. It also involves moving to D.C., which could be a good city for what I want to do. If nothing else, it can't hurt to add a better university name to the resume. As my friend B was told during an interview with a government agency, "This isn't exactly the Cadillac of resumes..."

Which is a frustrating comment when we can't all go to Harvard. (And frankly, though it would probably have gotten me a job, I really never had any desire to go to Harvard. (Yes, we're imagining a world where they would have wanted me.) I was incredibly impressed with the faculty where I went to school. So there.)

Completely unrelated, I realized you know your music library is getting to an unruly size (though still 1/8th the size of your dad's!) when you hear a cover of a song on TV and think huh, I liked that. So you look it up and see the original is by Snow Patrol and you're all, hey, I have a bunch of Snow Patrol. And you do. And you totally already own the song.

It might be a little on the squishy side, but I try not to discriminate.

Don't watch the "video" unless you like reading the lyrics along with your music?

It's Katharine McPhee covering it, but I do NOT watch Smash, let's make sure that's very clear.* That show looks fucking awful. Like Glee for Broadway people but with trite dialogue and thin, mostly directionless story lines. I wouldn't be caught dead.

Anyway. Also completely unrelated, I've been playing on Twitter more lately. (Prior to the start of finals, so no, it's not merely procrastination...) I still try to watch my language since my university mentor follows me. :/ But now Vince Clarke (of Erasure) is following me! (Obviously I started following him first.) And maybe he follows 8,000 people but that's not the point. I like it when cool people are neat enough to follow you back. ;) That was a big highlight in a day filled with writing about international economic law.

Ok, gotta get through this week. Motion on Friday followed by a final the next day. And I would feel better about the motion if MY CLIENT WOULD STOP GETTING ARRESTED. So in addition to our case, he has two additional open cases with similar charges involved. The judge cannot consider the untried open cases in determining punishment. Which reminds me of my old trial professor's jury instructions: "Ladies and gentlemen, here is a skunk. You can consider its fine fur and its black and white tail while making your decision. But you must NOT consider its wretched odor." Good luck with that.

*But seriously, what were they thinking with that Bollywood number last week? Man, I took a pee break AND got another wine and it was still going on. So it was long AND embarrassingly unrelated to anything in the show. Also, maybe the best part about watching the show--if one did--was getting to read scathing TLo honesty the next day. (Like yeah, who gives a fuck about Julia's family drama? NO ONE.) And if I watched that show, I couldn't agree with their last post more.

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