Monday, June 13, 2011

It's like the friend who's the asshole, but he's *our* asshole.

So at first I was a little irritated I didn't go anywhere for my 4-day weekend. B had invited me out to Malta, but she was going with her new guy-friend and I didn't want to be a third wheel. Based on how that relationship is panning out, however, I probably should have gone to keep the awk factor down, but whoops, who knew, right? Next time.

I was going to go to Belgium but then found out a friend of mine was going to be in Frankfurt. I then found out the hard way you have to buy rail tickets at least 3 days in advance (so this was nixing Belgium as well) if you don't want to pay Bitch Price. But it's often cheaper to fly--which is why I had been planning to fly to Frankfurt instead. HOWEVER. I clicked on the flight via Orbitz and the site was all "oh moo moo, that's not available anymore." Funny thing was, that message popped up no matter which flight I chose. So don't fuckin' use Orbitz, what a joke.

So I was all, fine, universe, bite me. I'll stay home and go to Amsterdam. Which I did and it was fun. (I could tell not long after getting there that the sky planned on opening up big-time, so after some token sight-seeing, I spent a good part of the afternoon in a semi-open-front restaurant, reading and eating frites with mayonnaise. Yup, you read that right. But the mayonnaise here is different than back home. It was good! I get it!)

Anyway, more importantly, my friend in Germany decided to come to me instead! So he drove up yesterday and we hung out, it was a lot of fun to see a good friend from home. I took him downtown, we were going to see X-Men but then decided we wanted to wander instead. I finally got to try bitterballen, he told me about the new horrendous-sounding prank in Japan, Kancho, that little kids do (often to the teachers?!) that sounds like sexual assault to both of us, and I introduced him to stroopwafels. (He made me take him to the stroopwafel vendor this AM so he could take a couple packages home. I noticed they were placed on the front passenger seat upon departure...)

We watched Boogie Nights on his ipad and I'm pretty sure I want one of those now. It looked incredible. Best travel toy ever. And perhaps just best toy ever.

This morning we found a little breakfast shop while we searched for the stroopwafel vendor. It was a cute pseudo-British place called "Kensington" with photos of William and Kate everywhere and a giant painting of Princess Di with paparazzi in the background. Apt? Anyway, we both ordered the English breakfast adventurously, not knowing what it was. Or rather, it's more that I've had many "English breakfasts," mostly in the UK and Cape Town and was curious to see how close it came. Not much, as it turns out. (Runny) scrambled eggs (still acceptable), two dry SUPERTHIN pieces of toast, beans (as in "pork and"), 3 sausage links and 2-3 limpish but mostly tasty bacon strips.

The whole reason we went in was because I was lured by the sight of fresh biscuits. And like an asshole American, I totally asked for "two biscuits" when I saw our breakfast did not come with them. The server was very nice about it, but apparently those were scones. ("Biscuits" are always "cookies." I knew that.) So he brought us each a scone with a side of what I swear to god was whipped cream and strawberry jam. We both agreed we could have been just fine with the awesome scones. (Well, and the tea, which arrived in the tackiest, most god-forsaken teapot ever. I'll go back and take a picture.)

But now my friend has driven back to Germany (or is doing so as I type) since he has a flight out in the early AM.

Hmph. So now it's all rainy and I'm all meh because it sucks when good company leaves. But it's a public holiday today and tomorrow is the start of my trial, so I guess I had better go enjoy the afternoon whether I like it or not!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Okay, then I'll be a regular kid and her cradle-robbing, creature-of-the-night boyfriend.

It seems to be hailing...good day to stay inside and finally knock off my netfux...

Speaking of which, wow, even the younger kids here who do watch movies don't know the good stuff. I was out with a big group Thursday night playing trivia at a pub. (One of the Aussie girls dubbed our team "The Win-terns.") There was a huge mix of questions, most of which were pretty obscure or hard. And some were cultural. (To be fair, some just caught you off-guard, regardless: the Australians were stumped for a good long while at the question, "What is the OFFICIAL name of Australia?")

(It's: the Commonwealth of Australia.)

My contributions make me question whether I got anything out of my time in university. Although I did tell everyone the proper capital of Nevada, my other contributions included: was Thomas Edison actually afraid of the dark? to which supermodel was Richard Gere married in the 80s? and my favorite: what was the 1984 musical penned by Tim Rice as well as by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of ABBA?

(The chicks wanted to say Mamma Mia! and I tried not to hit them. I was all, it's Chess! You know, One Night in Bangkok? And then someone wanted to argue with me about whether ONIB is really in Chess. I explained it was the first track on the flip side of the record, which I still own, and that seemed to shut them up. But anyway.)

My point about the movies came to me when I could not remember who sang Rockin' Robin. (I'm sorry, dad.) And then I remembered it comes on the radio at the beginning of Stand By Me, though I couldn't recall if the DJ called out the artist. (It retrospect I don't think he does. And yes, I know now it's Bobby Day. The people at my table wanted to put "the Jackson Five" because they covered it at some point. SIGH.) So anyway, I bring up the movie and even the guy at my table who I thought was into movies is like, what's that? Why would I know it? And I did not drop my head onto table or slap him, so that's a pretty big deal.

I just don't understand the argument that it was "before your time." So does that mean you don't know any Beatles and you've never watched Star Wars? Even scarier (because it's more recent, not because it's more socially relevant), someone told this girl at work that she looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar and the girl--an American, 22--was all, who?

On the bright side, the other teams seemed to be struggling as much as we were--out of 18 teams, we took third place! Which, in reality, is probably really, really sad.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I wouldn't even know where destiny's balls *are*.

Ok, it may be a while yet before I can stopped working for me! GRR. I'll figure it out once I get my VPN masked again...

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Gentlemen, the lunchbox has landed!

Man, the pub I had lunch in today was playing Hot Stuff at one point and now I have a mean craving for The Full Monty.

I bought a new dress today. True to my supervisor's warnings, the girl totally dissed me with her looks. There was a black one and a white one. I actually really thought the white one was cute. She appeared to like NEITHER (seriously, she seemed to be straining not to say, "Well, it's the most recent dress you've tried on"). I was so surprised by this I actively asked which she preferred. She went for the black, but openly seemed to loathe both. But fuck her, I like the white one. (FTW, I could NOT get the motherfucker off due to the inordinately LARGE sensor on the back. I did not realize this for a LONG time and just felt like a giant fat ass who'd have to either live in the dress or cut myself out later. Either way it would involve confessing to the fifteen-year-old 105-pound twat who was huffily waiting outside my room.)

I am telling you, these Dutch people are either the loveliest people or complete and total douchenuggets--they are not into middle ground. Everyone talks shit about Americans, so yeah, at this stage in my life I just grant myself carte blanche not to mince words about my cultural impressions anymore. And in fairness, props to her and her unwanted honesty. I prefer that, actually, to "OMFGTHAT'SSOCUTEDOYOULOVEIT?!"

In other news, Netfux seems to have wised up since I was in Sweden, meaning I am having lots of trouble finking out their system to watch instant download. GRRR. Instant download, YOU SHALL BE MINE.

Suddenly 4 episodes a week of Stewart and Colbert is awfully PALTRY. To be fair, I have yet to seek out The Killing. I know Hulu will not be kind, nor Fox probably. (I missed the House, M.D. finale.)

I have no doubt that is how I shall spend the last month here, based on the prices of EVERYTHING.

Ok, off in search of trouble! X-Men is out, but that will mean walking home from Centrum to Archipelbuurt. I did it this morning (the other way) but it's less exciting when you just want it to be bedtime. Plus I have a Skype date in Mexico to keep! So it may have to wait.

(Which reminds me--if anyone gets a weird call on their cell phone--it's me! I can call you for free with gmail!! So tomorrow I am heading to Delft but it will be a short day. Just me, canals and probably beer in Vermeer-town. Because it has rhyming potential.)