Sunday, October 30, 2011

Polly got in one good peck before that cat killed her. Good for Polly!

So I was listening to the 7/19/11 All Songs Considered podcast Cry, Baby, Cry: Songs That Make You Weep. Apparently they got over 8,000 entries. It's a 49 minute show but I think they said they were going to try to compile a blog with their favorites.

Apparently Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton did this installment in Bob's living room with tissues and wine. (They didn't want people to see them crying at work.) And fucking Robin told the most goddamn depressing story about the cat he'd had for fifteen years getting hit by a car right before he had to go into work (at NPR). I mean the cat even fucking died in his arms, it was heartwrenching. And so this song makes him think of his cat (it's a song from a cat's perspective) but in all honesty it's a fun song, too.

I switched back over to my regular itunes library after that since I was trying to finish my legal memo... :(

Monday, October 24, 2011

Of course she doesn't like to. No one likes putting a dick in their mouth.

Yay, I'm off to Rhode Island this Friday to meet our client from the Innocence Project! The crime originally took place outside Providence. I have to say, the cast of characters that make up this case (quite a few) have me seriously questioning the class of that town. To be fair, this was the early 80s.

Completely unrelated, I forgot to mention I saw Bill Maher the Sunday before last! Very good show.

I have to agree with my friend L, however, that these days I prefer Real Time to his stand-up. I like his older stand-up, but it seemed a little canned this time around. Still a lot of fun and plenty of good laughs. Oh, and the front of the Wilbur Theater is all little tables rather than rows of seats. I had chosen a particular table when I bought the ticket, but was unsure which seat I was assigned until I got to the theater. The woman who sat me pointed to the chair right up against the stage. First time for everything! :D And I did not hurt my neck looking up the whole time, either!

The Friday prior to that I got to see a new print of Bringing Up Baby which somehow D had never seen before.

It's still just as good as last time I saw it and it was even more fun to see it in a theater full of people who also love it. (Sometimes Boston can be pretty cool. I guaran-fuckin-tee you that would have been one dead-ass theater back in Big D.)

And then randomly this past weekend D and I caught a screening of 50/50.

It was enjoyable enough...if you don't know, it's a cancer movie for guys. Which isn't to say it's not also a tearjerker. I did have a few issues with it which I think were intentional issues but still bother me a bit because I think they'll still go over the heads of most guys. I can't really go into it without--well, not ruining it for you--but it would take some time to explore. I'm supposed to be researching positivist legal theory and slavery. So I can't right now.

Some motherfucker on the news said something about SNOW. I think it was just a LIE, I don't see jack on the weather forecast about snow. But give me a break, let it stay NOT FREEZING for just a leeeetle bit longer, please?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

This is our receptionist, Pam. If you think she's cute now, you should have seen her a couple years ago.

Hey, it's still October! Just barely, but whatever. I did not get to go apple picking this season and doubt I will get the chance, which is disappointing. Sadface.

I am also doing a very piss-poor job of trying to get a job. I have applied for two fellowships so far, that's it. One of them is one I absolutely will not get, but it would be a dream job. It involves working for an NGO I really like, and at the suggestion of the professor for whom I'm an RA, I wrote to my old supervisor (the lovechild of Wil Wheaton and John Krasinski from Texas) at my summer job to see if anyone had ever worked with them before. Naturally, someone has, and it is the woman I worked with quite a lot and who was intimidating as hell, very smart and assertive, but who we all really liked and wanted her to like us. OF COURSE.

But I still managed to man up and write her an email. Yay. (Strangely it was easier a month ago when I wrote my senior attorney for a letter of recommendation...)

Went to a law school function last night in an effort to be social. Meh. My friend S got a room upstairs for home base, like she often does. It was great to see our set of friends who hung out upstairs, I found it far more preferable than being downstairs around the douchebaggery. Also A's boyfriend Sean and I spent a good amount of time upstairs diplomatically sharing the remote between the Rangers and Bruins games. Neither of us was pleased with our team's outcomes, but at least the Bruins only lost by 1. Can't say the same for Texas. :/

I had D come get me before it was over and meet me at the hotel bar. They were--no shit--giving away free Ketel One-infused martinis/cosmos/something else I forget that were all pink and therefore in support of breast cancer. That they were free strikes me as contrary to the cause? Maybe Ketel One was footing the bill? Who knows. I just had one, however, since I had so much to do today.

Which I am clearly not doing right now.

It is grey out and there seems to be a distinct lack of motivation in this room. The whole apartment, presumably. I went to get a coffee from downstairs in a weak attempt to force myself to get things done.

Oh, but in other exciting news I will be going to Rhode Island either this or the following Friday to meet our client we're representing in the Innocence Project. Seems a shame that my first trip to a state is to go to the prison, but whatcha gonna do.

Ok, back to trying to suppress some drugs, write up discovery motions, read about 1,000 pages worth of international treaties, write an interdisciplinary-themed chapter about the philosophical underpinnings of human rights, and write a motion for a new trial. I will not go watch The Colbert Report. No!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

That makes me angry, and when Dr. Evil gets angry Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset. And when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people DIE!

You know what fucking SUCKS?! CONFLICTS OF INTEREST. They fucking-ass blow. I will get into this more later. But I will most likely not be handling one of my cases anymore, yet the shit-show of conflicting out and going to court to withdraw and all the admin bullshit is SUCH A GOOD TIME.

This would be ok except I have research shit due Thursday that is already rumored to be balls. And some more international law research that I have barely started--I had to delay my meeting with her cause I gotta go to JAIL and tell my client I can't represent him anymore which I know he's going to be pissed about--but she still wants me to email her the research by Thursday (WHICH IS SO NOT DONE YET FTW). Follow that up with my bullshit int'l law moot court thing dumping a very impressive amount of research on me.

On the plus side, my director was absolutely elated with my research (ON THE CASE I HAVE TO CONFLICT OUT OF) and thought I did an amazingly astute analysis of the case relating to our big argument. This is great and also so depressing because I was TOTALLY looking forward to this argument. I think I almost whined when he was giving me the bad news. (No, I did not, just fyi. But GOD I wanted to.)

I do love all this stuff and find it fascinating, but could it not all happen at fucking once?

I keep thinking of that scene in A Few Good Men when Demi Moore is blathering to a shit-faced Tom Cruise about their next move (even though Markinson just blew his brains out), and Caffy's all, "Maybe you should drink a little."


Monday, October 03, 2011

What do you mean it's not really his thing? What's that supposed to mean? It's not really his thing. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

So it's too early to call either way, but I'm not hating Pan Am.

Initially I wasn't going to watch it because all the pre-buzz was knocking this and some other show for being Mad Men rip-offs. Or at least desperate clingers-on. And honestly, this show doesn't even slightly remind me of Mad Men. It may be set in the early 60s, but that's about it.

And it is certainly far less stylish, nuanced or intelligent. That doesn't mean it can't still be entertaining, what the hell. The characters have a ways to go--especially Christina Ricci's character. Tom and Lorenzo nailed it--so far she's nothing more than a (horribly obvious) mouthpiece for social change. There was very nearly an after-school special moment in last night's episode.

So it's definitely still struggling to find its feet. It's only two episodes in, which can no doubt be found online. And it's on Sunday nights, an empty night on my Tivo schedule these days. So I'm kind of enjoying it so far. (And I don't find the anachronistic hairstyles quite as distracting as TLo.) If nothing else, it's entertaining as hell to see what flights might have once been like, even if this is exaggerated. (There's a scene where two stewardesses pass each other side by side in the aisle.) Hahahhahah, riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Sigh.