Friday, September 24, 2010

It's not stalking if you know each other.

Yay! Maybe October won't suck as much as September. I got myself a ticket to see Fountains of Wayne, October 8th! I've always really wanted to see them, but they're a small band and they don't really seem to tour much. Seriously, it was almost a bucket list sort of entry since they seem to keep to themselves. They don't have a new album, but they're playing New England this fall, including my little city on a Friday night, so it doesn't even interfere with class. And for $26, not a bad deal at all.

I wish I was in Cape Town today, where everyone has the day off and is celebrating National Braai Day, a day of barbecue. Okay, it's really supposed to be National Heritage Day, but no one calls it that. The men tend to the meat and the ladies do the rest of the cookin'. I was going to make my Carolina BBQ in honor of it, but then I remembered I'm supposed to marinate that sucker for at least 24 hours. Whoops. Hard to be a law student and plan food in advance.

So hey hey (no pun intended, ba dum ching!), my horse won the race! Woot! Well, if I couldn't beat her, at least she can be responsible for inadvertently buying me two martinis.

And after previously mocking her, I went to see if I had any questionable interests (the way that she's interested in "tequila" and "rhinestones"), but no, mine are mostly movies, shows, places, people, etc. Because hey, you don't really know how your fb profile looks to an outsider sometimes. I may have some questionable taste, but at least it's slightly more elevated than "pink."

I did have a good night tonight. I spent two hours on the phone with my trial partner, and I'm really lucky because my partner happens to be the person I think has her shit together the most. She is the best at making and overcoming objections. I can argue til the cows come home, but I am awful at making objections. I have just always had this quality to me where I fill in the blanks. When other people fuck up, shit goes wrong, or weirdness pops up, I don't know, my brain just automatically tries to fill in the blanks. I assume it's that die-hard non-confrontational aspect of my soul. NO! NO! THAT'S FINE,THAT'S JUST HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! This has really never served me well, I'll have you know, however good of a quality it may sound. I mean, it really runs COMPLETELY CONTRARY to making objections.

I actually had a really sound reason for objecting to one of S's arguments in class the other day, like it was a no-brainer, and I still felt myself blushing like mad while I made it. (Luckily we have class in the moot court room and the rest of us who are not making argument are in the jury box and no one can see me, except maybe the prof and he already thinks I'm a spazz, he taught me con law.)

Anyway, I'm really, really lucky to have her as my partner. She has her shit together so very completely and I just don't want to look like an ass or like some spacey cow of baggage she has to carry. Like, oh we're so going to let you look after this decrepit halfling.

Speaking of Massachusetts, not that we were, I suppose, but this is funny. So no one here (in my household) watches Fox. I mean, why would you? But this week brought the new seasons of House, M.D., Castle, Glee (*cough*, not that I watch that shit) and a well-recommended Raising Hope (thanks, Alex!). So who the fuck knows how long, but apparently our cable comes in loud and clear, just not Fox. Which would normally be so funny. But not when you're expecting twenty shows off their channel to be on your Tivo. Seriously. It's the ONE AND ONLY CHANNEL not coming in.

So hello Hulu mostly, they were not so forthcoming with the House, M.D., but I'll find a way.

Anyway. Time to have one last half glass of Tuaca and then hit the hay.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now it's like Jaws 3. It's personal now.

Well that was close. I went to lunch in Brighton at my dive lunch hole--you know, the place where the guy was licking his plate that one time--and if my timing had been worse, my car might have been towed! So Boston is a city that periodically cleans the streets, but only during certain months and on certain days in those months. I'm always careful about signage on the streets, but when you park somewhere all the time, you kind of forget.

And it's that time of year! The 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, from 12-4, these streets get cleaned and you can't park. I started to pull into a spot and a guy waved at me not to park there. I was a little confused, because I know I can park there (as opposed to 85% of the time in Boston, in which I am not at all sure and just hope for the best). I rolled down my window as I drove past and saw them towing the two cars in front of me. "Street cleaning!" It was 12:43. Those poor people. So I'm really glad I hadn't left an hour earlier!

Also, I think I mentioned I was in a trial competition a while back. I got eliminated fairly early for my taste, and so did my friend L. We actually both got knocked out in the same round, and we were both disappointed (though admittedly glad to have our lives back). I think we're both pretty good (though we've also both conceded that maybe we just have an ego problem).

So I got an email from L this morning with a photo of a flyer with a photo of one guy and one girl, with her subject line: "Now taking wagers." Well, the two people we went up against are now the two finalists. So there's that, confidence-wise.

My girl did a pretty kick-ass job before, so I've got two martinis riding on this.

Not that cattiness isn't also alive and well in the state of Massachusetts. So while I do like the girl who beat me--not only did she do a really good job, she seems nice--I stopped myself from friending her on fb. I looked her up, but stopped short. I even admitted it to L in a brief text:

EA: "I was going to friend [redacted], but couldn't help but notice that her few likes include 'pancakes' and 'Edward Cullen.'"

L: "First of all, I would just like to say how proud I am that I had to look up 'Edward Cullen.' And secondly, that is hilarious."

(Okay, okay, of course we all like pancakes, but that's sort of the point, isn't it? Who takes the the time to 'like' pancakes? It just seemed...weird.)

Anyway. Still rootin' for my horse tonight, even though I'll be in class!

You're in the picture, my dear, because as Oscar Wilde once said, "I can't reach it with my mouth!"

So I think I'm going to have a little mini horror marathon tomorrow night. If Netfux cooperates with me, that is.

DM and I were IM'ing about having horror marathons for Halloween (he's coming home early from South Africa and will be back home by then), and I was saying how I've been waiting for this new cult favorite to come out, it was a big midnight movie around the country: The Human Centipede.

If you're not into horror movies, don't even bother. Because it's a little bit fucked up.

So I bumped up some horror films because goddammit, I want to have a little mini-thon this weekend now. (Assuming I get all my shit done for Sunday, of course.) And then I was mentioning some of the other older horror films I'd never gotten around to seeing, one of which was Cat People. DM hadn't seen it either, and sent me the trailer. Oh my.

I have seen parts of it over the years, and this brings them back. But holy jesus, this is just straight-up MST3K material, if you ask me.

I still have The Orphanage laying around because I'm lazy and haven't seen it yet and I added The Howling, since I only saw it once about 20 years ago. And 80s werewolf movies are bound to be a good thing...right?

Now to get some work done so I can play later!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Your hair is so gorgeous. I wanna chop it off and sleep in it, man.

Woot, 900th post! How depressing, actually. But anyway.

Today was meh. So I came home and watched A Civil Action. I'm pretty sure I saw it in the theater years and years ago, but I couldn't really remember it.

But lately, I admit it, I've been eagerly willing to watch any movie involving court room litigation on the off chance it helps in any way, shape or form. Because whatever happens in the movies and TV is real, right? Plus the film takes place in Boston (well, technically Woburn, which since living here I have learned is pronounced Woo-bun), and it's always neat to see your little town on the big screen.

And yet, I have not been reduced to watching Boston Legal. I gave that series one or two discs before giving up. It was quite possibly one of the most annoying things I've ever seen, 80% of which was due to William Shatner's character. (I'm chalking the other 20% to gratingly self-aware dialogue.) Trying to fit my fist in my mouth would have been more entertaining.

Anyway, A Civil Action. Jesus, what a downer. I can see why I kinda forgot about it, too...

I also started season 2 of Californication.

Ok, so it's not getting any originality points, but it's really great to have on the computer while I'm drinking and cooking. I did have a very nice weekend full of cooking, which with any luck, will last long into the week.

And since I proudly flaunt my shame here, I also got to revisit a really awful 80s movie last night courtesy of Netfux's instant download. (It was unavailable for ages, but they released it on instant recently. It seems as if it might be nice for them to mention this, but whatever. Maybe they were too embarrassed.)

Ah, Maid to Order. This is not a good movie at all but it was great to see the other role Michael Ontkean ever had (well, that's not true, I saw him in something else one time, somewhere....). He looked really young but this was only 3 years before Twin Peaks. And you know, I think it's the realization of how old Twin Peaks is that makes me feel old, not seeing this piece of shit again. But it was still great to see this again, however sorry the content--they had WALKMANS! They were HUGE! Almost as big as everyone's hair.

And hey, Ally Sheedy's always cute. In fact, I suddenly have an urge to watch Short Circuit. Well...okay, maybe not quite yet.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby, tonight we're kicking it old school. Condoms, coke and lobster claws!

I don't even know what that means.

Well hey I found this old post I never wrote or published, it just has pictures waiting.

Luckily, I recognize them. ;)

So this is Cape Town. This is the view of the city from Table Mountain, which is where I was when I snapped 'em.

This was my last weekend in Cape Town. I kept procrastinating with Table Mountain. Either the weather wasn't perfect or I chose to be lazy instead. I know, that doesn't sound at all like me.

My timing was perfect, though. As soon as I came down, it really cooled off and clouds set in.

This was my double-decker bus. This was the red bus. For the record, the blue bus tour is better because it goes all along the coast, but the red one goes to Table Mountain.

And this was Lion's Head, which I did not get to climb. I will go back and do so--you're supposed to climb up at sunset when it's going to be a full moon, the views are incredible at night. Getting down in the dark is kind of a bitch, but apparently it's quite doable and worth it. Just bring a flashlight, or like my friends did, put your cell phone in your mouth as you descend.

And speaking of procrastinating...

I am not watching Sara Bareilles videos instead of writing up my direct and cross examinations for tomorrow. Nope.

And I am not about to go into the kitchen to cook and start season 2 of Californication. Nope.

Friday, September 17, 2010

She doesn't have any hair on her vagina. Do you think she's okay?

So two people this past week apparently have had dreams that I was pregnant. (Sounds like a nightmare if you ask me.) But one was funny. My friend D emailed me:

D: [Train Wreck student we know from law school] was working as a nail stylist at a salon. I don't remember why you and I were in there (I don't think either of us were getting our nails done!), but she and I got into some kind of big argument. For some reason, my uncle, an OB/GYN in California was involved in the story as well. You may have been pregnant. Later, one of our professors had a transcript from class where [Train Wreck] had said "Constitutional Law is a totally dead area of the law", and I think she was going to get kicked out of school because of it. For some reason *I* owned the transcript (like maybe I had typed it up in class?). And then you, fearing that [Train Wreck] was going to retaliate against me, killed her!

EA: That's strange, I was just on facebook looking at the pics [Train Wreck] posted of her new apt and was fighting THAT SAME URGE TO KILL HER. [Insert catty comment about her furniture], but it's the location and view that made me want to kill. Hey, as long as I'm preggers I won't get the death penalty, so there's that.

D: I don't can't make the movie this afternoon but you still expect me to help you beat the murder charge?

EA: I expect you to help me beat the murder charge AND hide the body!

D: I haven't taken Professional Responsibility yet. Can I do that?

EA: I haven't taken PR yet, either. So we're golden.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You have a dog named Cat Stevens?

I am doing nothing tonight and so far it's everything I hoped it could be. Crappy TV at its finest.

And it's actually getting chilly here in Beantown! I guess this is what "autumn" is all about? The leaves are still green, so we'll see. I was thinking about VT this weekend but maybe I'll push my luck and see if I can do it next weekend. I kinda want at least a little color. I'll probably regret that decision since I seem to temporarily have some free time before the next shitshow gets started.

Veloute showed me this great dress site, I'm trying to behave! And I'm even coveting this same dress she ordered, so it works out that we're on other sides of the country (well, and that I can't afford it, lol). Plus this dress just demands to be taken to the type of somewhere I can't afford either.

It really sucks how much busier I am this semester. It also sucks that most of the best things I'm learning I have to learn by falling on my face. On the plus side, fucking up catastrophically in front of everyone makes every subsequent effort that much less embarrassing. So there's that. It's amazing but you really can't learn to do trial without doing it and fucking it up over and over. Apparently "practice" applies to just about everything in life.

And that makes Sunday mentally exhausting...which explains why I'm addicted to the new Katy Perry album and why I'm sitting here with a bottle of Tuaca and 7 episodes of...well, I haven't had enough Tuaca to tell you. Let's just move along, shall we?

And my deli is delivering my usual sandwich. What's that shitty movie where Sandra Bullock calls up and orders the same Chinese food all the time and they always ask her if it's for two? Oh yeah, Two Weeks Notice. ("I'm a salty bobcat pretzel!") Or there's the Sex and the City episode where Miranda orders the same Chinese food every day and finally the chick laughs at her while taking her order and Miranda thinks she's mocking her. Yeah, my life is a lot like that lately! But still, good.

And I would like to say congratulations to Veloute for writing this post and this is quite possibly the first time I ever seriously thought to myself, you know, maybe kids are worth having. I mean, I know they are, hell, I'm quite glad my parents went for three. It's just that I know I am especially selfish with my time and I have nothing but admiration and astonishment at how my sister does it--my nieces are mind-blowingly precocious, adorable, intelligent and just balls-out neat-o, but that also means they are a handful. She does it with such grace (I know she's laughing) and patience and I just can't fuckin' imagine. But she must be doing it right because they sure are neat, neat people. I wish I lived closer to home and I hope to make that happen soon.

I am really looking forward to 2012. First of all, I will have my degree (hahaha, let's just assume), I can move AWAY from Beantown...I like Boston, but in a temporary sort of way...oh, what would my 18-year-old self say?? I spent so many years wanting to live in New England and now that I'm here I think I'm too old to appreciate a yuppie town like Boston. Oh well. Now I just want to get back to North TX or Austin...I've always said for the past few years that Texas is like my Phillip Pullman daemon. Dammit, when did that happen? I mean, naturally home is just wherever my family is. My parents and sisters are absolutely where home is. And I like Boston, but there's nothing good up here like there is back home.

Plus, I fucking miss my queso and Gloria's frozen margaritas. ;)

Secondly? In 2012 I get to be in the wedding of one of my two best friends. It will be in DC and I am so tickled because I adore the both of them and I was so honored to be asked. I am really lucky to even have him in my life and I adore his boyfriend just as much--I can't believe they met online--randomness really works sometimes. Because I think his bf is also one of the best guys I've ever met.

Also, I have learned from the wedding of my first best friend that I probably shouldn't be trusted to speak! ;) I don't know where the fuck that emotional gene comes from, but jesus it's annoying. There was sun (LOTS, seriously, it was the hottest day San Fran had seen in years) and ONE glass of champagne involved, but I have a bad feeling that wasn't it...

Well anyway, on that note, I have a really crap storyline full of loathsome people and bad dialogue that desperately needs my attention right now.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank you so much.

Ok, I just have to say how much I still love The Closer.

I missed something a while back cause I don't remember Brenda and Fritz getting married--I know they were living together and engaged, but I must have skipped half a season somewhere. Anyway, I've been keeping up with it this new season and though I haven't seen this week's, wow, last week's? That one had some balls at the end, I was impressed. Consistently great show.

And though I have been cooped up since Thursday night, I have snuck in a couple other shows here and there. (Including The Daily Show and adding, "That's like bringing a fart to a shit fight," to my arsenal of retorts, thank you, Jon Stewart.) I watched the first disc of Smallville, which is completely cheesy and silly. It's fun to watch while doing other things. I also saw the first episode of Being Human.

I have no idea who recommended this to me, but it has great potential. First of all, it's British. Secondly, it involves vampires, werewolves and ghosts and it's mostly dark drama, but still with plenty of moments of levity. Seems like the sort of thing Alex would recommend, but I really think it was someone on fb...

And it's still pretty outside. Sigh. I had a less than great night of class Thursday, feeling lost in the material, so I couldn't in good conscious take L up on her offer afterwards to go see Machete. After hearing her raving reviews the next day, however, it is top on my list of treats to myself when I manage to see daylight again.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It would also be nice if I could fellate myself while farting The White Album, but I haven't managed that yet.

Well Monday is going to be a really, really brutal day. On the plus side? Right after I get out of class, I get to see Arianna Huffington speak! So that will be pretty all right, if you ask me. So even if it's a shitty day, it should have an okay ending.

We had a very nice, bad-ass thunderstorm this morning, finally. It was the first one since I was in Sweden--the night of the World Cup final some of us got caught in a huge thunderstorm and were stuck at Max Burger for the first half of the game. Considering what a shit game it was, however, nothing lost! The good company was far better.

Seriously, I will go back to Sweden one day for the Max Burgers. If only it were easy to get layovers there, too...

But the rest of the day has been really beautiful, not that I was outside for it. Le sigh! And soon it will be winter here. Maybe we'll have a real one this year.

But goddammit I am going to sneak up to Vermont for at least a day, preferably two, before that winter thing happens. Want Cold Hollow Cider Mill doughnuts and cider! Plus, you know, Vermont's pretty and stuff. ;)

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Ok, you're giving me that look like I just finger-banged your cat....

So my friend L turned me onto Californication. The first season was on instant download, so YAY, but the rest I have to get in the mail.

L was stunned I hadn't seen it yet. I believe her words were, "It's totally obscene and inappropriate, I can't believe you of all people don't watch it." And I must say, I absolutely approve. (Of the comment and the show, in case that was unclear.) It has some great lines.

It has been really gorgeous in Boston for the past few days. I have enjoyed watching it from INSIDE while studying. Sigh. I was really wanting to sneak up to Vermont for a day or two but then one of my arguments got rescheduled for Tuesday, so there went that...

Soon. Soooooon....

There's actually a bad-ass little doughnut shop written up on the back of one of my old Fine Cookings, and where should it be? About an hour from here! Hells yes I'll drive an hour for doughnuts with a write-up this good. It may require further investigation, though, since there's little web info about it other than to note it was potentially "temporarily" closed in 2009 for renovations? And they aren't answering their phones. Though it is 1:30pm, not really peak doughnut shop hours.

Sigh. It is really pretty outside. Stupid pretty weather.

And speaking of my argument, it's weird. I'm representing the State and reading a bunch of SCOTUS decisions that support my case. A lot of them are from the 70s and 80s, and there's often a dissent by Marshall and Brennan-- with which I have to disagree! It's hard to retrain my brain to argue the opposite of Brennan--and I don't really like it! In "real life," I don't support the side I'm arguing. (Though to be fair, it's nothing I'd fight a big battle for anyway.)

On a completely separate note (hopefully), I'm on the second installment of The Walking Dead that L loaned me. I'm really liking it so far! I can't wait for Halloween when the show comes out--the trailer looks really promising, which my dad sent me.

And Halloween is on a Sunday this year, so that will make for a nice evening.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hi, Mom. I didn't get that pilot and by the way, I'm Goofy. Send more money.

Hee hee! I got very good news this morning but I can also kiss my Sundays good-bye from now on...I tried out for the National Trial Team last week...and I got in! My friend S did, too, so it'll be nice to have a familiar face around!

As long as it doesn't affect my xmas time back in TX. ;)