Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You have a dog named Cat Stevens?

I am doing nothing tonight and so far it's everything I hoped it could be. Crappy TV at its finest.

And it's actually getting chilly here in Beantown! I guess this is what "autumn" is all about? The leaves are still green, so we'll see. I was thinking about VT this weekend but maybe I'll push my luck and see if I can do it next weekend. I kinda want at least a little color. I'll probably regret that decision since I seem to temporarily have some free time before the next shitshow gets started.

Veloute showed me this great dress site, I'm trying to behave! And I'm even coveting this same dress she ordered, so it works out that we're on other sides of the country (well, and that I can't afford it, lol). Plus this dress just demands to be taken to the type of somewhere I can't afford either.

It really sucks how much busier I am this semester. It also sucks that most of the best things I'm learning I have to learn by falling on my face. On the plus side, fucking up catastrophically in front of everyone makes every subsequent effort that much less embarrassing. So there's that. It's amazing but you really can't learn to do trial without doing it and fucking it up over and over. Apparently "practice" applies to just about everything in life.

And that makes Sunday mentally exhausting...which explains why I'm addicted to the new Katy Perry album and why I'm sitting here with a bottle of Tuaca and 7 episodes of...well, I haven't had enough Tuaca to tell you. Let's just move along, shall we?

And my deli is delivering my usual sandwich. What's that shitty movie where Sandra Bullock calls up and orders the same Chinese food all the time and they always ask her if it's for two? Oh yeah, Two Weeks Notice. ("I'm a salty bobcat pretzel!") Or there's the Sex and the City episode where Miranda orders the same Chinese food every day and finally the chick laughs at her while taking her order and Miranda thinks she's mocking her. Yeah, my life is a lot like that lately! But still, good.

And I would like to say congratulations to Veloute for writing this post and this is quite possibly the first time I ever seriously thought to myself, you know, maybe kids are worth having. I mean, I know they are, hell, I'm quite glad my parents went for three. It's just that I know I am especially selfish with my time and I have nothing but admiration and astonishment at how my sister does it--my nieces are mind-blowingly precocious, adorable, intelligent and just balls-out neat-o, but that also means they are a handful. She does it with such grace (I know she's laughing) and patience and I just can't fuckin' imagine. But she must be doing it right because they sure are neat, neat people. I wish I lived closer to home and I hope to make that happen soon.

I am really looking forward to 2012. First of all, I will have my degree (hahaha, let's just assume), I can move AWAY from Beantown...I like Boston, but in a temporary sort of way...oh, what would my 18-year-old self say?? I spent so many years wanting to live in New England and now that I'm here I think I'm too old to appreciate a yuppie town like Boston. Oh well. Now I just want to get back to North TX or Austin...I've always said for the past few years that Texas is like my Phillip Pullman daemon. Dammit, when did that happen? I mean, naturally home is just wherever my family is. My parents and sisters are absolutely where home is. And I like Boston, but there's nothing good up here like there is back home.

Plus, I fucking miss my queso and Gloria's frozen margaritas. ;)

Secondly? In 2012 I get to be in the wedding of one of my two best friends. It will be in DC and I am so tickled because I adore the both of them and I was so honored to be asked. I am really lucky to even have him in my life and I adore his boyfriend just as much--I can't believe they met online--randomness really works sometimes. Because I think his bf is also one of the best guys I've ever met.

Also, I have learned from the wedding of my first best friend that I probably shouldn't be trusted to speak! ;) I don't know where the fuck that emotional gene comes from, but jesus it's annoying. There was sun (LOTS, seriously, it was the hottest day San Fran had seen in years) and ONE glass of champagne involved, but I have a bad feeling that wasn't it...

Well anyway, on that note, I have a really crap storyline full of loathsome people and bad dialogue that desperately needs my attention right now.


Veloute said...

Speaking of emotional genes, you just made me bawl my fucking eyes out.

We'll go out for queso and margaritas soon, mkay?

Ellen Aim said...

Lol, sold. And whoops, sorry. ;)

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, it's okay. I am touched.

I lol'ed at Texas being your daemon.