Saturday, September 18, 2010

Baby, tonight we're kicking it old school. Condoms, coke and lobster claws!

I don't even know what that means.

Well hey I found this old post I never wrote or published, it just has pictures waiting.

Luckily, I recognize them. ;)

So this is Cape Town. This is the view of the city from Table Mountain, which is where I was when I snapped 'em.

This was my last weekend in Cape Town. I kept procrastinating with Table Mountain. Either the weather wasn't perfect or I chose to be lazy instead. I know, that doesn't sound at all like me.

My timing was perfect, though. As soon as I came down, it really cooled off and clouds set in.

This was my double-decker bus. This was the red bus. For the record, the blue bus tour is better because it goes all along the coast, but the red one goes to Table Mountain.

And this was Lion's Head, which I did not get to climb. I will go back and do so--you're supposed to climb up at sunset when it's going to be a full moon, the views are incredible at night. Getting down in the dark is kind of a bitch, but apparently it's quite doable and worth it. Just bring a flashlight, or like my friends did, put your cell phone in your mouth as you descend.

And speaking of procrastinating...

I am not watching Sara Bareilles videos instead of writing up my direct and cross examinations for tomorrow. Nope.

And I am not about to go into the kitchen to cook and start season 2 of Californication. Nope.

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