Friday, September 24, 2010

It's not stalking if you know each other.

Yay! Maybe October won't suck as much as September. I got myself a ticket to see Fountains of Wayne, October 8th! I've always really wanted to see them, but they're a small band and they don't really seem to tour much. Seriously, it was almost a bucket list sort of entry since they seem to keep to themselves. They don't have a new album, but they're playing New England this fall, including my little city on a Friday night, so it doesn't even interfere with class. And for $26, not a bad deal at all.

I wish I was in Cape Town today, where everyone has the day off and is celebrating National Braai Day, a day of barbecue. Okay, it's really supposed to be National Heritage Day, but no one calls it that. The men tend to the meat and the ladies do the rest of the cookin'. I was going to make my Carolina BBQ in honor of it, but then I remembered I'm supposed to marinate that sucker for at least 24 hours. Whoops. Hard to be a law student and plan food in advance.

So hey hey (no pun intended, ba dum ching!), my horse won the race! Woot! Well, if I couldn't beat her, at least she can be responsible for inadvertently buying me two martinis.

And after previously mocking her, I went to see if I had any questionable interests (the way that she's interested in "tequila" and "rhinestones"), but no, mine are mostly movies, shows, places, people, etc. Because hey, you don't really know how your fb profile looks to an outsider sometimes. I may have some questionable taste, but at least it's slightly more elevated than "pink."

I did have a good night tonight. I spent two hours on the phone with my trial partner, and I'm really lucky because my partner happens to be the person I think has her shit together the most. She is the best at making and overcoming objections. I can argue til the cows come home, but I am awful at making objections. I have just always had this quality to me where I fill in the blanks. When other people fuck up, shit goes wrong, or weirdness pops up, I don't know, my brain just automatically tries to fill in the blanks. I assume it's that die-hard non-confrontational aspect of my soul. NO! NO! THAT'S FINE,THAT'S JUST HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE! This has really never served me well, I'll have you know, however good of a quality it may sound. I mean, it really runs COMPLETELY CONTRARY to making objections.

I actually had a really sound reason for objecting to one of S's arguments in class the other day, like it was a no-brainer, and I still felt myself blushing like mad while I made it. (Luckily we have class in the moot court room and the rest of us who are not making argument are in the jury box and no one can see me, except maybe the prof and he already thinks I'm a spazz, he taught me con law.)

Anyway, I'm really, really lucky to have her as my partner. She has her shit together so very completely and I just don't want to look like an ass or like some spacey cow of baggage she has to carry. Like, oh we're so going to let you look after this decrepit halfling.

Speaking of Massachusetts, not that we were, I suppose, but this is funny. So no one here (in my household) watches Fox. I mean, why would you? But this week brought the new seasons of House, M.D., Castle, Glee (*cough*, not that I watch that shit) and a well-recommended Raising Hope (thanks, Alex!). So who the fuck knows how long, but apparently our cable comes in loud and clear, just not Fox. Which would normally be so funny. But not when you're expecting twenty shows off their channel to be on your Tivo. Seriously. It's the ONE AND ONLY CHANNEL not coming in.

So hello Hulu mostly, they were not so forthcoming with the House, M.D., but I'll find a way.

Anyway. Time to have one last half glass of Tuaca and then hit the hay.

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