Saturday, October 02, 2010

It's a relief to see someone worse than me...and really know it.

That line made me die laughing, and for so many reasons. And I'll get to that.

So it has been a very Mad Men week. First, I'm playing witness for my trial mates' third year competition. Whoever makes up these competitions likes to have fun with the characters, and this one has been Mad Men-themed. It's just character names and the similarity ends there. For example, I was playing Peggy Olson but the case involves the banking industry and the accidental death or suicide of Don Draper. I did get the wonderfully fun task, however, of admitting my affair with Mr. Draper. ;)

My friend's team advanced and next week, so they flip sides, therefore I'll now be playing Betty Draper. (Now if only I looked like January Jones!)

And the week before last, I have to admit I nearly dropped out of my trial team. I just felt like I was sucking so badly, it's a long story, but at the end of the day I spoke with my professor (who is not my coach but is involved with the teams) and decided to keep trudging along. And I have been feeling a little better as the days continue, for no real reason other than that's just the way things go.

But after that first round of my friends' trial competition...oh holy jesus. The two of them were really, really awesome. The opposing team? Well, they are incredibly smart, I have no doubt, because for one thing I think they're both on honor journals, but one thing was blindingly obvious. They hadn't had the sort of classes or training that I'm currently enduring...*cough*, um, taking right now.

So I don't mean to knock them because first of all, these are mock trials and hardly real life. And honestly, if you don't know where to stand, how to phrase the questions, what you can and cannot do, what procedure calls for, etc., then how is that really your fault? (One might ask why they entered the competition, on the other hand, but I hardly have that information.) All I know is that it was a three-hour-long lesson that was altogether painful to watch.

I won't lie...I really enjoyed playing Peggy Olson and quite frankly, landing several hits for my own team due to the poorly phrased questions counsel asked me.

But I have been feeling really awful about my own abilities, confidence and pretty much being the weakest link. So in the episode of Mad Men I'm currently on, when Peggy and Don escort out this awful interviewee, Peggy says the above subject line, and I just thought, "Amen, sister!" (So really, I don't mean for this to sound like a mean posting, but well, there it is.)

The other Mad Men thing my was getting the newest Rolling Stone in the mail. Um. I don't subscribe to RS, but it had my name and address on it. It's probably just a gimmick, but I can't help being suspicious. First of all, this was the cover:

And part of me wonders if the internets and someone in marketing over at RS is watching people's activities. It's such aptly-timed carrot-taunting, between my reading various RS articles online and also keeping up with MM how could one not be paranoid? I'm mostly joking? But a little paranoid? ;)

Also, out of curiosity, while watching MM I googled Waverly and 6th, the address Draper gives the cabbie. I can afford it, totally.

So anyway, it has been a really stressful couple weeks and I have an appointment with a doctor next week (if it doesn't interfere with trial, oh the irony) to get some anxiety drugs. I never used to have a problem with anxiety but I feel like it has gotten much worse, perhaps due to stress? Who knows.

All I know is I'm starting to care way too much about what happens on Project Runway.

But like a little chocolate truffle waiting is next Friday night. FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE, BABY.

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