Saturday, October 16, 2010

Peggy Olson...pioneering the science of wet blanketry...

Woot! So my trial teammates won the trial competition for which I've been playing witness! It was cool to see them win, especially considering one of the three judges was totally ridiculous. There were some incredibly douchey moves on her part, as well as piss-poor rulings. Everyone noticed.

It is really chilly out today due to the wind, but I only know because I had the windows open. I won't be out there today. Even yesterday I felt ridiculous, leaving the law school just before midnight and coming outside to see that it had clearly been raining for hours and hours and you know, I didn't even know it was supposed to rain.

I did actually go to a real movie theater last week, however! I saw Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Hmmm. You really just have to pretend it's a new movie and not a sequel, and it just happens to have Gordon Gekko in it. Cause it's nothing at all like the first one. Having said that, it was still decent in its own right. I also read a lot of people giving Oliver Stone shit for pulling punches or for the film not being as biting as it should have been. I really didn't have a problem. I had a small problem with cheese, but only minorly, and you know, I think I just don't like Shia LeBouf. (Also known as: the douchebag next to Michael Douglas in the photo.) I'm not sure I've even seen him in much, but he just about bored the shit out of me in this.

I also did a horror trilogy-thon one day not that long ago and saw The Devil's Chair, Frozen, and The Human Centipede. They were all fairly decent in their own way, though I'd be quite careful about to whom I recommended the first and last films.

The first, The Devil's Chair, was a little Session 9 but done with buckets of blood. Look, I'll show you.

See? Anyway, it has some fairly fucked up moments towards the end that would make me think twice about just throwing a recommendation out there. On the plus side, Zoe Keating does the score, which I recognized almost right away.

Now, does The Human Centipede really need any sort of explanation?

I will say it has been a cult classic on the midnight movie circuit and it just came out on DVD a week prior. And just before I myself watched it, two of my friends beat me to it, both surprising but one especially so. (Wtf? Who hears about shit like this??)

Most movies would tease you for the whole 90 minutes about whether he's really going to make his human centipede, and then maybe he starts to and gets caught, yawn, next. Well this dude gets to make his human centipede by about thirty minutes in, so props for delivery I guess. It had its foul moments but all things considered, was not some stomach-churning impossible thing to watch. I have seen those when I worked with a group called Shock Cinema, usually consisting of banned Italian fare, all of which I would like to un-see...

And then Frozen.

It was pretty entertaining considering nearly the whole movie takes place on a ski lift. It took a turn I was sort of impressed by, nice and gruesome.

I wrote everything up there a couple days ago. But nothing new, just another long weekend of studying and then back to school tomorrow to start up again (yes, Sunday).

BUT! My Weezer ticket came today!

I got the ticket basically because it's the night after my first final and it's LITERALLY next door to where I'll be. This could not be more awesome. So even though it wasn't CHEAP, it was OH. SO. WORTH IT. (And it wasn't all that expensive, either...I'm goin' solo, so I'm in a good row in the balcony.)

They are here for two nights. The first night they are playing The Blue Album from start to finish, then some greatest hits. The next night they are playing Pinkerton straight through and then some greatest hits. I do prefer The Blue Album, plus the next night I'll be desperately crying and cramming for my business law final. So it was not a difficult decision.

Let's hope they don't get into another car accident like they did this time last year when they cancelled their Boston gig...not that I was going to that one, for some reason...oh yeah, I had FIVE finals last time instead of TWO.

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