Thursday, July 19, 2007

Could you fluff a little faster?

I watched Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore last night, which I had never seen before. I was really impressed! That was an awesome movie. It wasn't a comedy by any means but it made me laugh a few times--the relationship between Ellen Burstyn and the kid who plays her son was great. I can't believe I didn't want to beat him half the time. (Alfred Lutter, who interestingly enough is now "CEO and co-founder of NetChemistry in Southern California, which provides software to banks.")

And there was this other little kid I thought was a little boy (those 70s haircuts, you know), until the face was just too familiar and I realized, oh yes,

that's little Jodie Foster.

I followed that up with The Third Man, highly recommended by MacGuffin and also Liverpool Al. Very enjoyable. The way it's shot is just incredible, what a gorgeous noir film. The setting alone makes for an easy viewing, and this is a film I could certainly see again.

Now I was prepared for the worst on the Depressing Scale, as it's Graham Greene. But it wasn't all that bad, nowhere near Brighton Rock territory. (I've only read BR, not sure if there even is a film). Sure, it was still a bit of a downer, really, just not the same kick-in-the-guts Brighton Rock had to offer. Anyhoo, great stuff.

And finished up by re-visiting an old 80s classic, Outrageous Fortune. Hee hee. Don't judge. It makes me laugh...or at least snicker. Had not seen that in about ten years, probably.

And now we're off to get the Atari repaired. He's sick.


Al said...

I hope you have zither music in your head!

Glad you liked it.

And not only did I send 2 of my barristers to Brighton last week and got some Brighton Rock from them (long hard stick of candy) - but in answer to your question, yep there is.

Skylers Dad said...

From your title I assumed you were going to tell us about your work in the adult film industry.

MacGuffin said...

I'll have to hunt the Brighton Rock thing down. I'm oddly relieved you liked The Third Man. Strange, huh?

Ellen Aim said...

Al: The theme music was oddly distinctive!

And I had a feeling there was. I hope it doesn't suck...

Skyler's D: That totally occurred to me, too. Glad I'm not the only perv.

Macg: Oh, I figured this one'd be right up my alley! Thanks for recommending it!