Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I can't believe we said no to free beer!

Mouche the cat is testing my limits. I'm about to have one less cat. I made the horrendous mistake last night of noticing one last can of cat food on the oven. Ever since I found out Mouche has genetically rotten teeth, I've been instructed to only give him hard food. The soft food is probably left over from a time when he needed pills. Rather than let it go bad (CAN wet food 'go bad'?), I opened it for the two boys last night. Bourdain's a fan but he can take it or leave it. If anything makes Mouche, however, act more like a crack addict than this, I don't want to know what it is.

I've been followed around all day, stalked especially in the kitchen (A PLATE?? YOU'VE GOT A PLATE!!), and he's snuggled with me during my movies (maybe if she notices how CUUUUUUTE I am, she'll give me WET FOOD). Oddly enough, I had a glittery Lush bath this morning so now my black cat is covered in gold glitter. It suits him, actually.

Speaking of mistakes, later today I went to the grocery store. Surprisingly, this was not in and of itself the mistake. But I discovered the dark side to the Totoro T-shirt. This is in reference to my bad-ass Totoro shirt I got for my birthday. (And no, it's not the annoying face one, it's a very cute one). Lucky me, I got the check-out girl with a hard-on for Miyazaki who, as an added bonus, was a bit of a mumbler. She's going to some convention and going to show her work. I think.

(omg, forget the '67 Chevy Impala, I want this!)

And while driving out of my little cul-de-sac I was frightened by the rows and rows of little American flags leading down the street. It's a small street but I'm glad my house is the roundy part so I don't have to worry about breaking the chain or some shit. I am not putting little anythings in my yard so help me.

I enjoyed The Prodigy more than I expected, I'll try to write it up later. Time for popcorn and Fired! so I can see what horrible jobs people have been fired from, I guess. (It's a documentary I'd read was interesting. Ok, sometimes I don't really remember why stuff is on my queue...)


alex said...

DAMN I NEED THAT CAR!! XD --I mean, check the Totoro seat covers and everything!


(Er. Is that Mouche or a random black cat?)

Ellen Aim said...

I know, LOVE the seat covers.

And that is a total random cat. Mouche has a rounder (er, fatter?) face.

Triana said...

O-M-G! My new car! You found it! I'm so in love!

I now, finally, own a plush Totoro. He sits on my desk at work and makes me happy.

alex said...

Oh cool--just checkin'. I'd be devastated if I stopped recognizing the Mouche man. :D

omg. I can't tell--have they made the side mirrors into EARS? Oh, now I need to see the whole car but the internets are letting me down. Dammit. XD

Ellen Aim said...

Tri: I wish I could bring my Totoro to work--I mean, I COULD...but I'd be afraid someone would steal him and that would be heartbreaking. Plus I hate being there and maybe it would be counteractive. They say at my job you can tell how much someone enjoys their job by their work area. Mine is empty and barren. (I often want to ask just how many pieces of flare I should have).

Alex: You know your mouche. Squee, those ARE ears....good catch. We'll just have to pay someone to make one for us.

Al said...

My cats eat a mix of dry and wet food. They are ravenous for one brand and flavour one day and hate it the next time they have it.

With having 4 cats pleasing them all, all of the time - it's a challenge.

Besides which I am convinced that the damn cat food is just generic with different labels on it.

Picture me Eliot Gould style whistling The Long Goodbye trying to pull a ruse on the cats by switching labels...

Veloute said...

Love the car. Want. Must have. Drool.

Oh, can you just imagine F and S seeing this car for real? They would SQUEEEE.