Sunday, July 29, 2007

No, it's right, I'm sure. It fits in with 'delirium' and 'Baluchistan'.

Due to a recent discussion of The Third Man, MacGuffin and Liverpool Al made me curious to see Brief Encounter (penned by Noel Coward), which I watched this afternoon. Very direct, dramatic and a total downer. Thanks, fuckers.

(Seriously, it's even thundering madly outside just to go with the movie).


Al said...

The scene where he wipes soot from her eye kills me - the acting is just the best.

Trevor Howard was superb!

Brief Encounter is another of my fave films. I'm glad, sort of, that it made an impression on you.

Ellen Aim said...

The acting really carried it off, but everything else delivered as well (nice score).

I *did* enjoy it!

Veloute said...

I'll have to see this!

Ellen Aim said...

You should, it's the original "lovers on a platform" movie.