Monday, July 30, 2007

To be with another woman, that is French. To be caught, that is American.

I just don't know about this Saving Grace show. I watched the pilot and I really wanna know, who the fuck is this aimed at? It's a religious show for heathens but I ask you, what heathen would watch a religious show? I'll watch just about anything Holly Hunter does (and I assure you she IS the show), but surely people like me make up a teeny tiny group of people?

Ah, maybe religious people watch it, you say. Hmm, well, it opens with one hell of a raunchy sex scene (for commercial TV) and hey, while we're on that, did I miss the memo? Can we say "shit" and all its variations on commercial TV now? Sure, it's got the 9/10EST slot, but still! There were two VERY CLEAR "shits" and two "bullshits." I've got a filthier mouth than anyone, I just didn't realize this was how it worked now. So I don't see religious people really digging it.

She's very heathen-ish. I like her. (All that swearing! Drinking! Slutting around with her married partner!!) Ok, maybe the last one is a no no. But you get the idea. She's a perfectly good person, just a little morally compromised.

And then the end was a little sappy. That's just a bad move no matter what your show's about. Though on the plus side it's co-starring Laura San Giacomo, whom I've always really liked. (And no, I have never seen a single episode of Just Shoot Me, unless we're counting episodes watched at 3am over the Pacific Ocean, which we're not).

It's not preachy, really (yet), but I'm very wary of religious-themed shows (ok, so this is probably the first one I've ever seen if you must know), whether or not it stars the magnificent Hunter. I'm only one show in, so I'll give it another chance tonight...

Anyhoo. Been tagged by Mob and this is going to be hard, as it will involve thinking. He was originally tagged to answer five random questions and then came up with five of his own...

1. What got you into the blog world in the first place; was it something you read about, did you know someone who did it, etc?

Dammit. I have no idea. I originally did it as an exercise in writing, but I did a very shit job of it. After reading Mob's for a while I thought if I got back into it and kept it up for a little while, then told people about it, I'd be more inspired to stick to it.

2. What was the first film you bought with your own money to watch over and over again, be it on DVD, VHS, Betamax...and is it a film that you still like today?

The first VHS I got was a birthday/Michaelmas/xmas present (can't recall which), called Horror Express. I was really young but I come from a cool family. I was a huge fan and still am. The first DVD I bought was Streets of Fire and it remains my favorite of all time. I know the sound so well it's actually what I use when setting up a new sound system.

3. Since celebs always want to speak for the world about how we should be pitching in and saving the world, who would you choose to represent us the best?

VIGGO! No, for real. Viggo Mortensen. The only issue of Premiere I ever kept was one with an interview of him. I was never a huge fan, just enjoyed his work, but after reading that I really took something away from it and he seemed very practical and a sharp guy. He strikes me someone who isn't totally removed from reality. The cat's pajamas, if you will.

4. What do you think is the most unlikely comic-book to film translation, the one that no one will ever be able to translate properly? (No fair cheating and naming the existing ones that shouldn't have been made...)

Ok, seriously, I have no idea. I'm going to make my husband do a blog entry when he gets home and answer these. He'll know this one.

5. Tell me the type of music that you like least, then tell me the artist from that genre that you find the least annoying. The lesser of two evils, if you will.

This was much easier to answer when I worked at Express. Those 18-year-old bitches listened to KISS FM ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. Modern R&B, easily my least favorite ever. I can take rap, I even like some. Country? Bring it on, no problem. Metal, Manson, maybe even some techno (that one's also a least-favorite but it doesn't PISS ME OFF). Get that fucking goddamn R&B bullshit the fuck away from me. I can't even tell you who I find least annoying because it's all THE SAME. And I can be a young, hip cookie, that is not an "old" thing to say. And that station played the same shit twice in an hour sometimes, I fucking heard them do it.

Ok, India Arie would be least annoying. The only reason I know is because a co-worker brought her CD into Express and it was so much above the usual SHITE I actually had to ask who it was. It was decent, for sure, but I've never sought it out.

Now, even harder, to tag people and come up with random questions of my own...and I tag Triana, Veloute, Cinemaslave Joe and Liverpool Al.

1. Has a movie ever inspired you to try something, go somewhere, learn something new?

2. What was the first book in your youth/teenage years that really stands out as the first book you ever read that actually challenged your way of thinking or really made an impression on you?

3. If you could revive something from the 80s (or 70s if that's more your era), what would it be?

4. What purchase have you been delaying for an item you'd like to splurge on?

5. If you could have the role in any existing movie ever made, which role which would you want to play? (Male or female, whatever).


Mob said...

Awesome answers, and I love your set of questions to the next victims.

Thanks for being a sport.

Al said...

This victim has duly noted being tagged... answers and more questions coming soon.


Veloute said...

I will do this soon!

I love Viggo.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: Thanks! Anytime, I'm a fan of random questions and lists, sadly enough. You had a good set of questions. And I told D about it and that he should come up with his own answers, which is currently up on his blog.

Al: Curious to see your answers!

Vel: Hard not to love the Viggo, really. Look forward to your reply!

Triana said...

Gads! Too early in the morning for such questions. Give me a mo', I'll come back and answer. Great questions though!

My answer for your #4 on the comic book thing would be Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I hear inklings they're trying think about that (but could be just because they're making other Gaiman stuff into movies). I think it would be impossible to do and there's no one on this earth to play Morpheus(Dream). I'll be cranky as hell if they try.

Skylers Dad said...

At what point did Holly Hunter become so hot?

Ellen Aim said...

Tri: I wanted to say Sandman but it's like the only graphic novel I know, so I didn't want to have to say so. I totally agree.

Skyler'sD: Dude, she has always been one smoky fox. (But some movies showcase it more than others...)

CinemaslaveJoe said...

I haven't stopped by your blog in a couple of days, my dear, and only just noticed this tag. I shall tackle your queries as soon as possible. :)