Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What if I’m becoming bad?

Nicely done.

There shall be no spoilers within, just some minor beefs and rants...

Overall, very enjoyable--not as good as #4, but certainly second best. And I saw it at an 18-screen theatre where, for the midnight, they sold out every single screen. Like, all 18 screens. 3,000 dorks all in one place.

Really enjoyed Luna Lovegood (Evana Lynch).

It seemed like everyone was in it for about five minutes but I suppose that's how it goes. I really hate the way they've portrayed Dumbledore for the past two movies. In the books he radiates mellow and cool and lately in the movies he's bitchy and barky and it really pisses me off. I really don't think it's the actor's fault, it seems more like how he was directed to play him. It's just WRONG though, and for such a crucial character, I can't believe they're not getting it THE FUCK RIGHT. Come on, people. That's the whole POINT of Dumbledore.

And I'm kind of impressed at how many liberties this movie took, changing shit up left and right. Nothing too crucial, just cutting corners to get down to business, but I'm not talking about leaving stuff out, like all the other movies do, I'm talking about actually changing it up. Hey, whatever gets the job done, I suppose.

And as usual, a fairly corny ending. Which, you know, we can kind of stop with since they're supposed to be getting darker.

Oh, and I really liked Kreacher. More Kreacher, less Dobby. (Not that Dobby was in this one).

And what's up with Ron Weasley drawing the short straw in what has otherwise turned out to be a pretty damn fine looking family? I'd start hitting on Ginny in the next book, too, damn.


Al said...

I can't remember much from the book at all - they all blend into one in the mists of my mind.

I'll be watching it this weekend I hope.

alex said...

I can't wait to see it. :D

(Ha! I swear you used to give me shit for lusting the twins. XD )

MacGuffin said...

I know you're not a big fan of the films but I've really enjoyed them for what they are, so i'm really looking forward to this. Never read any of the books in case you're wondering. My brother was a big fan of the books but.. meh. *shrugs shoulders*

Veloute said...

Whoa, Ginny IS hot!

Ellen Aim said...

Al: Then you'll like the movie just fine! But I think there is one part in particular when anyone who has ever the book will go, "HEY! That's not what happened!" But they make it work.

Alex: I so did. What can I say, they got hotter. Especially Fred (I think).

MacG: Dude, that is a crime. The books are where IT'S AT. I avoided them for so long until Vel MAILED ME her four copies. Having been recently dumped I had plenty of time...they are very addictive and fun.

Vel: I *KNOW*! Cho? Who's this "Cho"...?