Monday, July 23, 2007

I want to get rid of you as much as I want to get rid of that crap from Ikea.

I'm disturbed. At work we get to bid on our shifts for each segment of the year that they deem "a quarter." Sometimes the bid lasts for two months or in this case, it will go through the beginning of January. So kind of a long time, meaning I hope you get a shift you like, damn. And the holidays in there are Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Christmas and New Years. And seriously? It's really time to start thinking about Christmas already? And then New Years??

I don't even know what the fuck I'm going to be for Halloween. Which is now my wedding anniversary. Which means I've nearly been married for a YEAR!

So I'm going to go ahead and start keeping track of my best films of 2007 because if you haven't noticed, I never did finish 2006. I just...can't. They sucked. But as my dad pointed out, no matter how much they sucked, there was still a top ten. And I'll be damned if I know what they are.

And I don't think I had any New Years Resolutions, as I knew I didn't feel like keeping any right now. But of course I have things I mean to or would like to do. Learning the guitar, taking singing lessons and exercising again are probably my top three. Being in a play is up there also, but my crazy schedule has not been play-friendly for quite some time.

But you know what totally rules? All this time I've been plotting and scheming to myself that I'll do what I have to do in order to get Xmas Eve off. I don't work on Xmas Eve. I just don't. And you know what? Christmas Eve, the goddamn day after Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve are all considered holidays at the cookie factory!! I nearly wet myself. This year, Xmas and New Years are Mon/Tues, meaning if I can swing Sat/Sun off, I am totally in. The downside? I will end up with shit hours. Is it worth it? Quite definitely, I'm sure.

I still can't believe it. I must be missing something.

Less importantly, I am totally curious about this YouTube debate for the Dems tonight, I admit it. I may tune in for a little while rather than watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert rip it apart tomorrow night. Oooh, and congrats to The Daily Show for its SIX Emmy noms and Colbert for its four.

I looked at tix on TDS and there are no tickets available through July 08. I'd better make that flight, damn.

(How fucking rude is it, anyway, to nominate Studio 60 for anything in light of its cancellation? Which table do you think is going to be the drunkest?) And I'm not sure House, M.D. can beat The Sopranos (last season, blah blah) or maybe not Heroes. It should, though. Even if it was a weakish season. The intelligence of the writing alone is enough for me. I guess if Hugh Laurie at least gets Lead Actor I won't bitch too heavily. And you know, I don't watch the Emmys. I'm not a TV girl. I might watch this year if I have a puzzle to do. (Like that time I did not watch the Carrie Underwood v. Bo Bice American Idol finale).

Omg, and I forgot to tell everyone: We went to the Kwik-E-Mart!

Because of The Simpsons Movie (whose premiere was won by Vermont! WOOHOO!), eleven 7-11 locations in the country have converted to a Kwik-E-Mart. Well, we have one of them here in Dallas. D and I went this past weekend and took pictures (like sooooo many others). You could tell the guy behind the counter was done with the whole thing, but everyone else was having a blast. It was cute. We bought Buzz Cola (they are not making Duff Beer to keep it family friendly, pshah) and oohed at the cabinets of pink-sprinkled donuts. I'll post pics soon. (D drank the Buzz Cola, it tastes just like Tab. We also kept one just to be gross.)

Debate time!


Al said...

The boys over at do top tens for the year in question - but not necessarily of films released that year.

The best film I saw in 2007 thus far was "Woman of the Dunes" released in 1965! I doubt I will see a better film this year.

Try that if the current crop of oh so average films is lacklustre?

Veloute said...

I wish we had a Kwik E Mart! I am so jealous!

MacGuffin said...

You like Hugh Laurie? That's suprising.;)

Skylers Dad said...

I loved Studio 60, I was so bummed when it got canceled.

Blancodeviosa said...

Halloween in my New Years :)

Ellen Aim said...

Al: You know, I thought about that. But then I would feel like I'm cheating. I'm just anal like that, I can't help it. I'm into lists, but apparently Lists With Rules...

Vel: Kwik-E-Mart is the shit. Brings people smiles.

MacG: I'm either being mocked for my anglophile tendencies or my love of snarky, cynical humor. Or both.

Skyler'sD: I WANTED to like Studio 60 but Harriet Hayes pissed me off too much. Most. Useless. Woman. Ever.

Blanco: Dude, I like it.

MacGuffin said...

Not mocked, just teased slightly.

Ellen Aim said...

Oh, well ok then. ;P