Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do you really think people are interested in nasal sex?

I was sorting through some saved emails and found this gem my dad sent me, GreenCine's list of top 50 cult movies. If I ever blow through a huge chunk of my Netfucker's list and/or come into a considerable sum of money I would definitely join up with them. As I recall from Alex's time with them, however, they spread their love fairly thin. Waiting in line to get head from Clive Owen might take less time than finally getting some of their foreign/indie gems in the mail.

So to determine what I've yet to see...

1) Delicatessen (great stuff, need to re-watch and buy)

2) City of Lost Children (only seen once, not one dearly loved but I'll give it a second shot)

3) Audition (great film, I never need to see it again; gross eye scene, nuff said. Really great statement about the stereotype of Japanese women, though, especially appreciated by me while I was living there).

4) Mulholland Dr. (I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I own it and want to make D watch it and yet haven't yet. No idea why. Fairly accessible for Lynch, still no clue about the dumpster creature, though).

5) Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (A classic, owned and loved).

6) Solaris (Criterion Collection) (never seen. eh.)

7) Shadows (I'm embarrassed to say I've really never heard of this. May add to queue...)

8) Blue Velvet (I remember finally getting permission to watch this at age 11 and you know, REALLY NOT GETTING IT. Which is probably why my parents let me watch it in the first place).

9) American Splendor (So unimpressed, but I still love Giamatti).

10) Sex & Fury (Never heard of it, added to queue...seems to be a Kill Bill influence).

11) Lunacy (Saw a ton of trailers before I left my shitty theatre, but never saw. LOVE Svankmajer...great reminder for me to add it and pop it up to #1 on my list).

12) Naked Lunch (Criterion Collection) (I think I saw this. I could barely get through the book...much respected, though).

13) Possession (wtf? Added...goddamn, netfux doesn't have it!!)

14) Repo Man: Special Edition (I'm going to get smacked on this one, but Alex Cox or no, the hell's the big deal? This shit sucked).

15) Peeping Tom (Criterion Collection) (Ok, added, sounds great).

16) Alice (Did I mention I ADORE Svankmajer? This was my first...)

17) Videodrome (Criterion Collection) (Eh, not bad).

18) Harold and Maude (This so did nothing for me).

19) Slacker (Criterion Collection) (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN).

20) Clockwork Orange (Have and will never watch. WORST EYE SCENE EVER).

21) Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Pretty good, don't need to own).

22) Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer (Recently seen for the first time, nice.)

23) Mystery Train (I recall seeing this in Japan and liking it, yet I can only recall the first story...)

24) Ghost World (Last film I saw before leaving the country, adored the hell out of it. Could watch endlessly).

25) Donnie Darko (Director's Cut) (Very enjoyable, I'd even say I love it, just not a part of the cult club that worships at the Shrine of Darko).

26) Pink Flamingos (Tried TWICE, cannot get through it, though haven't tried in nearly ten years).

27) Man Bites Dog (Criterion Collection) (LOVE IT, owned).

28) Crash (uh, next).

29) Twin Peaks: First Season (Disc 1 of 4) (wtf? Kiss my ass, it's all perfection).

30) Blade Runner (Director's Cut) (I need to see it again, I know everyone else adores it).

31) Barbarella (I'm pretty sure I can give this one a miss).

32) Jubilee (Criterion Collection) (Never heard of it; can you believe Netfux has this?? Added, sounds only mildly intriguing, though...)

33) Call of Cthulhu (Also never heard of, though sounds interesting...added!)

34) American Psycho (Uncut Verison) (Really, really enjoy this. ALWAYS makes me laugh. I can't stand it when people don't get this book/movie).

35) Near Dark (Really? I like Kathryn Bigelow, I just never thought this was worth watching. I'll ask the horror fiend first).

36) Dead Alive (Great stuff, no one appreciates this one).

37) Easy Rider (I liked it, but I think it was tons better in its time).

38) Boy and His Dog (Never heard of it, sounds awesome, totally added the hell out of it).

39) This Is Spinal Tap (This is on my short, short list of films I'm humiliated to say I've not seen all the way through).

40) Fellini Satyricon (Never seen, but judging by the description it sounds worth my time...)

41) Tetsuo: The Iron Man (Once was more than enough).

42) Pillow Book (I know, I know, I need to see it...)

43) Blood for Dracula (Criterion Collection) (Can't say the description isn't intriguing but I have never seen it).

44) Meet the Feebles (A big favorite. Damn this movie always makes me laugh).

45) Putney Swope (The hell? I've never heard of this, either and it sounds like one to watch...)

46) Dumbland (Very good stuff, could see again in a few years).

47) Cook, the Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover (I've been fucking TRYING to watch this for ages but it's been on "save" on netfux for about a decade).

48) Withnail and I (Criterion Collection) (I really didn't understand the adoration, it was okay).

49) Gummo (Especially after reading the blurb, I really think my life will be just fine without viewing this).

50) Wicker Man (Theatrical Version) (D recently watched this for the first time and was let down...I don't think it's anything too high on my list, either).


Al said...

Re 25...
Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion.

Veloute said...

I love a boy and his dog!

Spinal Tap rules. But in a very silly way.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: It IS good stuff. I got a little tired of the hype but I think I'm ready for a repeat viewing...

Vel: Really? You've seen that?? I want to see ST, I have no reason not to have seen it by now.

Triana said...

I can't believe you haven't seen Spinal Tap! Get thee to Fletnix and order it now! It's terribly silly. Some of the tunes are way too catchy.

Ellen Aim said...

Dude, it gets worse. We actually own it.