Sunday, July 29, 2007

Normally I don't usually meet people, unless I already know them.

I got a surprise day off...someone asked me to pick up in August and she'd work for me on Sunday. How can I turn down a free Sunday? Those bitches drag something mean.

Instead? I've got THE PIE & PASTRY BIBLE. Weebl and Bob would be beside themselves. I'm makin' apple piiiiiiiie. The store did not have any of the first TEN kinds of apples the bible people preferred, so I had to go with, "...and if you live in a shithole, yes, Red Delicious and Pink Lady will do." Granted, I wasn't at Central Market, but somehow last night an extra thirty minutes in the car for apples I couldn't be sure they'd have, eh, didn't do it for me.

So I'm gonna make PIE. I did not make the crust. The pastry chef in Vermont is weeping, I know, but I wanna see how the innards come out first before I fuck up on multiple levels. I'm not even sure I like apple pie, but the husband sure does and it will make the house smell bitchin'. Sold.

And I planted my pumpkin seeds this morning. I marked off the area in the backyard so I'll know where nothing grew after the weeds take it over. Right now it sort of looks like an unmarked pet's grave or something.


Triana said...

I'll be there shortly. I cannot resist an apple pie!

Ellen Aim said...

It will be cool enough to eat in three hours! Success! (Maybe).

Veloute said...

How was it? How can you not like apple pie? When you come in October (jes?) we will make apple pie and you will see that you like apple pie.

Surely you can get Braeburn apples at Central Market.

Next time make the crust! (Actually, the one in the pie and pastry bible is sort of a PITA, but it is very good).

Ellen Aim said...

It pie. It was good, D really liked it. I made it too big, but hey, whatcha gonna do. It's bustin' out.

I still wanna eat your apple pie, though.

I'll keep you appraised about Oct. We're totally poor at the moment but it's still The Plan...

Triana said...

Dude...15 inch diameter apple pie is what you get in Vermont. And we thought everything was bigger in Texas. WRONG!

Veloute said...

Yeah, I'll show you too big apple pie, LOL.

I bet your pie was yummy.