Tuesday, July 31, 2007

But she's out there, somewhere. And when I find her, I'll feel it way down in my wish bone.

I watched the second episode of Saving Grace last night. The religious crap kinda took a back burner, which really brought to light what a mediocre cop-mystery show this thing is. I mean, I saw the whole thing, but I must have zoned out because I don't really know how they ended up busting the guy. And two guys are now vying for her attention, like a past and current lover, both of whom work on the force? I don't know. I don't even know which one she's sleeping with, they look the same to me.

All I know is that the show has ruined Spike for me. I realize James Marsters is neither blonde nor British, but American brunette really doesn't suit him, which is a total shame since I suppose he really is. (He was only on last night's episode, he was the bad guy, shhhhh).

Anyway. I have no idea why I keep watching this show. I must like Holly Hunter a whole fuck of a lot more than even I realized.

A week from today (I hope) I will be standing in line for Jon Stewart. Actually I think by this time of day it starts taping. So hopefully my happy ass will be in a chair watching the show.

I mentioned it in yesterday's comments but the husband also replied to Mob's questions, certainly worth checking out as he can actually reply to the comic book question.

Speaking of awesome husbands, mine bought me the new Special Edition Secret of NIMH, a classic I adore. Widescreen and everything. See? Sometimes the first pic actually does relate to something. Sometimes.

Now if you'll excuse me, I see CNN is leading with some story about Cheney claiming the U.S. attorney firings are a "witch hunt" and Alberto Gonzales is a "good man," and I have to go because I haven't had a really good laugh all day.


Triana said...

I loathe James Marster's real voice. It's so nasaly and nerdy. Like dude, you should ALWAYS speak in that lower voice with the British accent.

Ellen Aim said...

I know!! He's just so...shockingly average! I'm sure he does everything he can now to escape the Spike image, which is an utter shame...