Sunday, July 15, 2007

At the store, can you buy a new frying pan? I'm a little squeamish about using the one we use to kill people.

How depressing--this cashier who works for D had her car stolen last week and it had her airplane and cruise tickets inside. The trip was this week. When I questioned whether or not they could be reissued, he said she was just going to stay at home for the week, maybe use them later, but get her car issues resolved first.

Well, they found the car a few days ago. It was involved in a high speed chase and was impounded. The impound charges $250 a day, so she had to go pick it up RIGHT THEN (meaning D had to work several hours late as the store had no closing cashier). Turns out she had to pay $750 to get it out. Why? Let's see...

So the person who stole it was an ice dealer. (I think that is the new "coke dealer" slang). The high speed chase ended when he drove through a barbed wire fence, then trees and finally, a river. The tow truck driver had to dive into the river and go underwater to hook the car up and pull it out. She gets to pay those charges.

Better still, this creature was apparently living in her car for a few days and even spilled milk in it. She has put newspapers down over everything, drives with latex gloves, says it doesn't even feel like her car anymore (and it wouldn't start at first at the impound). One need hardly mention, it smells.

So her car has been utterly molested beyond belief, one might even say irreparably raped. She's out $750 and she gets to continue driving it. The guy is being charged with about seven different felonies and I don't think she's going to be seeing a single penny here.

Lock your cars, boys and girls.


MacGuffin said...

Jesus, what a horror story. The worst part being the insult to injury, paying the impound fees. So, the car is still driveable? That's fucked up!

Triana said...

Ok, that's completely fucked up, I concur. They could at least just give her the car back without charging her the money, just add it to his bill. I would have walked away from it and filed an insurance claim.

Veloute said...

Oh. My. God.


Ellen Aim said...

MacG: Yup, car's still drivable! BARELY.

Triana: I totally agree. But I guess that's the cold reality: this place will never see the convict (i.e., the state?) pay the bill and if they did that they'd never see any money. I really hope I never have to figure this out for myself. I might just pay someone to steal it at that point.

Vel: I know. Ew.