Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I think I have it. A man talking sense to himself is no madder than a man talking nonsense not to himself.

Conversation between cashier and her friend (?) standing next to me while I purchased my vodka:

Fr: Man, that's messed up about him goin' to the hospital.

Ca: I know, well, he just got too many pills in his system.

Fr: Can't they just pump that out?

Ca: Well, yeah, but think about what that's gonna do to his system. You know, like his sugar. He just took too many pills.

Fr: [grunts]

Ca: That shit would fuck you up.

No one can say my liquor store isn't classy. My old one in Addison was borderline. I always knew it was because A) they had way more wine than liquor and B) the associates would approach me and assist me with wine, a shocking occurrence in any retail outfit.

And would it have been wrong for me to point out that once you get to the point of needing to have your stomach pumped that it is probably a necessary evil, side effects be damned? It sounded like a repeat occurrence, I let it be. I was just surprised to get "fuck" and "shit" in my face while signing the receipt; I certainly don't mind, it's just a change from the usual when people always take me for some type of sweet, quiet Christian girl who would mind.

I think I just realized I have some very overdue library books. Uh oh.

And with a little extra time on my hands this evening I think I'll watch [the new] Premonition, which arrived yesterday. Bite me, I have a weak spot. So cute. Don't worry, I'm prepared for it to suck.

Time to go wrap up Potter #6, about five minutes away from being done (I got off work unexpectedly early...gosh, that sounds like a coy way of saying I got fired). I'm curious to see how they do the Inferi for the sixth movie...should be very cool.



MacGuffin said...

My Dad would always buy my Mom's car without consulting her first. Mind you, he never bothered to go by her indicated choices either. He could never understand her displeasure and resentment towards his generosity. Can you imagine?

MacGuffin said...

Oops. I left this on the wrong entry. Sorry ellen..

Al said...

You getting fancy dressed to go get your HP book?

With us being serveral hours ahead over here, I promise to let you know how it ends before you have to read it all.



Ellen Aim said...

Macg: That would be so frustrating. Like, thank you, but ARRRRGHGH!

Al: Not in a million zillion years. However much of a dork I may be, I am not *one of those*. It's just too "Star Trek Convention" for me.

HAHA! I'd kill you. ;P