Sunday, July 29, 2007

You can thank whatever pig god you pray to that you haven't turned me into a murderer.

This is too creepy and I have a real talent for doing it. So by sheer coincidence, I had also rented and have just watched Mutiny On the Bounty. Never seen it, it's both a multiple Oscar nominee (it lost to Lawrence of Arabia, one I admit I was just never that crazy about) and a Brando flick. Starring who else? Why, Trevor Howard, from the previous post! (And from The Third Man, he gets around).

Slightly different role, if you will. You could potentially not even recognize him.

And talk about downers, jesus.

Very good stuff, I was highly, highly impressed. It was also really gorgeous. (Brando was pretty easy on the eyes but I'm referring to the cinematography, actually). It should be noted it also lost the Best Cinematography Oscar to LOA, but on that one I concede.

It actually came on two discs, it's that long, but it was one where I barely noticed the passage of time. I think I will take up Al's suggestion of doing a top 10 for 2007 of what I really think are the best films I've seen this year. I'm still going to do the 2007 film release list, but might as well do a list of films I truly enjoyed.

Oh, and D just called. Albertsons has their Halloween candy out. No shit.


Mob said...

Halloween? Wow.

It's almost been a year hasn't it, when the hell did that happen?

I tagged you over at the blog if you'd care to play, which would be swell.

Or make your husband write something and respond, that'd be cool too.

Veloute said...

Halloween candy?!?

I am agog.

Al said...

No shit! They sell Easter Eggs all year round here...

I'm glad you are going with the idea of listing your favourite "viewed" films of the given year - good times.

Also, for the Trevor Howard season you've seemed to have got yourself into, maybe try Superman The Movie, Cockleshell Heroes or Battle of Britain?

Skylers Dad said...

MOB was a great film, I really enjoyed it. I wasn't a big fan of Larry in Arabia, but the photography was breathtaking.

Ellen Aim said...

Al: It was just so depressing otherwise. This way I feel films have added something to my life, rather than thinking, gee, which two hour blocks am I least sorry about?

Heck yeah I'll add some more THoward. Was never huge on Superman, but I'll look up the other two...

Skyler'sD: That's exactly how I feel about it. LOA, totally gorgeous but kinda bored shitless. MOB had my rapt attention.

Ellen Aim said...

Mob: I don't know how I missed yours and Vel's blurbs, just sleeping I guess...anyhoo, my pleasure. And D did his own as well!

Vel: Agog is a word simply not used enough.

Triana said...


I agree!