Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who the hell bought black-eyed peas?

I am SO EXCITED. So periodically, I check all my favorite musicians' websites. Most of them never play in this part of the country, but I've been looking to get away somewhere by myself for a weekend, so I started checking around.

And holy shit! Dar Williams has a new album coming out, but far more shocking is the fact that she will be gracing not just Austin but Dallas as well! House of Blues, late October. I have not seen this bouncy lady since 2001 in Austin, and I am totally hyped to see her again. She hardly ever leaves New England. Yes, I already bought myself a ticket, you betcha. She is so fucking fun and I love her music. She's on the folksy side, very independent, liberal, clever and funny. I cannot fucking wait. Got my bells on and everything. She's not D's cup of tea, I'm fairly sure, but I'm not worried; I am happy to fly solo or pair up with someone who would appreciate the music.

Had a make-up voice lesson today. We've branched out into more Broadway, though they tend to be from musicals I'm less familiar with, like Show Boat and South Pacific. He has me singing People from Funny Girl, and though I quite prefer I'd Rather Be Blue, I'm not sure I can pull it off, to be honest. He also mentioned the October 5th concert again and seems to think I would do well. HMMMMMMMMMM, I say. We'll see. I would feel more inclined if I could play piano with my song rather than just sit up there like I'm on-stage in Thailand doing karaoke again. I mean, if that were the case, beer all around, right?

And speaking of Broadway, I'm hoping to sneak off to NYC mid-September for a weekend by myself to see Drew and meet the delicious new beau (I'm the last friend to meet him, how lame of me!) and relax. I wanted to treat them both to Equus, but then I looked up the tickets for Equus. Fuck ME. I'm still going to see it in October and all, I just won't be buying three tickets!! Plus D should see it, too. $150 a pop. Damn. So now I'm thinking dinner...but I have to see if I can get out of work and if I can even afford the trip!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes, they're jeans. And they're in order. Don't mix 'em up!

Dr. Baltar, in just how many ways and how many times can you fuck humanity over, anyway? Wow.

I watched Smart People with dinner tonight, and I was pleasantly surprised!

It's not that I wasn't expecting to like it, it's just that movies like that tend to let me down; I want them to be more. I'm not saying I need to own it or anything, but it was very enjoyable. Not a lot, you know, happened, but the characters were great--not completely unlikable--and the actors were great. I totally didn't buy that there was any chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker, but hey, small point. It had more than enough going for it that I actually want to write a review.

As far as campaign fun goes, the events coordinator here got back to me first, so I may end up writing content for my county's Obama site. More on that as I know more...hope it's something I can do at work, too!

Completely unrelated to everything, there is THE BIGGEST GODDAMN SPIDER living around the outside lights above our garage. He is huge. Like, I saw him from the street early one morning. And he's still there. We named him Filbert for absolutely no reason, except in hindsight there is some mild alliteration fun when you say, "Don't fuck with Filbert." Seriously. He's huge. He could eat a cat. I'm not messing with him.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wanna go throw stuff off the roof like Letterman used to do?

I'm watching the season finale of season 2.5 of BSG...first of all, I'm glad they finally had an episode showing Number Six's rebirth and how she sees/hears Dr. Baltar talking to her, since it's always been the other way around. She has always kind of irritated me and that episode helped. And you know, I find it baffling enough that I like Baltar as it is, and now the whole running against Rosalyn for the Presidency thing...I mean, am I supposed to hate him now? Wtf?

The honey chicken was delicious, but I so passed out not long thereafter. Tonight there is a yellow tomato bisque on the menu and a Caesar salad with yummy dressing, neither of which I've made before. They actually had yellow tomatoes at my pleb grocery store, I was surprised. Not saying the cashier had ever seen any before, judging from her reaction, but hey. I like to buy the really obscure veggies just so they have to look em up.

I finally found a few offices in the Tarrant County area for campaign volunteering. I don't know how this is going to go, but I sent an email to all the offices except for phonebanking and fundraising. Cause even though I can do those things, why make it miserable for myself? But again, we'll see how this goes...

Also, been reading some Charlie's been a while. Reading The Shotgun Rule; I've only read Already Dead in the past, but it was quite memorable, both in style and content. I was in the mood for some page-turning noir crime...which now has me wanting some James Ellroy, so I requested My Dark Places and White Jazz from the library.

And if you didn't see it, Wil Wheaton recently had a post about a particular movie coming out next year that Kevin Smith may or may not have been allowed to screen but not's a funny read. Don't know if it quells my doubts by any means, but it's good to know nonetheless.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lose the makeup! Get a haircut! And stop using my razor to shave your fun zone!

So despite having a fairly shitty week, I have decided to just be happy. See? There, I've done it.

I also have $70 worth of muscle relaxers in the next room!

Apparently they don't carry a generic brand, so they'd better be good. And it says not to drink with them, so let's pop those babies open after this next glass of wine!

Ok, not so much. I wanted wine tonight with the honey chicken, so I'll save the doping for tomorrow. AND they can make you tired--just like I fucking knew would happen. You go to the doctor and they give you drugs, which 99% of the time, zap the shit out of you. Time to go back to the chiropractor to get my noggin kung-fu ninja-ed from side to side.

I've been having a major Scrubs craving lately, no idea why. Just popped in there. We left off on season 3, so I've added all of season 4 to my queue. Great stuff.

Oh, and before I forget, thank you SO MUCH Alex for passing along the Savage Love podcast. Regarding the last podcast and the one chick asking about the dick-sucking kittens...WTF?!?!?!? Omfg, words totally escape me and then some. I don't recall the last time I was that speechless. Inasmuch as I dislike most people, every once in a while, there's a special kind of idiot that still manages to stun me. Great podcast, check it out!

I noticed the FAA was having a tiny little problem with, oh I don't know, every flight in America today...have I mentioned lately how happy I am not to be working for an airline anymore? Nearly as thrilled that no one I know nor myself was stuck at the airport today. How it's not bad enough. The only way it's worse is if you're in Houston or...dethroning Houston as shit airport #1 this year would be...Atlanta, congratulations, come get your trophy, formed in whatever shape makes it easier to repeatedly rape people in the ass and then ask them hurry up and get out of the way.

I'm not bitter. (FYI, though I've never been there myself, Miami always had by far the worst rep from everyone I spoke with...I don't know what they do to people at MIA, but watch the fuck out, that's all I'm sayin').

It's dinner time, I'll stop ranting now.

A person doesn't have to be perfect to be exactly what you need.

So I went to the doctor today, who basically told me I needed the same type of physical therapy I was getting at the chiropractor. So whatever. Although she did get me a prescription for muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. Woo hoo, let's see what those do!

I made those Middle Eastern turkey burgers and fuck were they good. You put them on pita bread with cucumber-yogurt dip between the fucking tasty. I highly recommend.

I had perhaps the most worthless weekend ever. Saturday I took it easy and just watched a ton of BSG and a disc of 24...not realizing that Sunday I planned on getting sick and really being worthless all day. Just a bunch of sleeping and some minimal eating...soda crackers and ginger ale are still magical. All better now...

My friends seem to be doing very well lately: Drew's boyfriend is moving in with him in his Washington Heights pad, which is very exciting. I still need to meet this boy! And Emily just sent me a text that she landed a job (she just moved to Brooklyn with her new husband) with the Japan Foundation. So happy for both of them! And I can't wait to visit...

Speaking of which, I heard a rumor as to why they pushed the next Potter film back for nearly a year. The reason WB gives is that the writers' strike pushed everything back. However, the film is completed, so that doesn't make a lot of sense. But then you realize that right about the same time in November the film would be opening, guess who's going to be flashing his wang all over NYC? Yup, they pulled it (so the rumor goes) because of Equus. On the one hand, I can kind of understand--they need him for press stuff and to only be answering questions about Potter, not about gettin' nekked. But on the other hand, really? Seriously? Gimme a fucking break.

And I finally got around to watching Lust, Caution (how long did that take...), which is infamous for its explicit sex scenes. Ok, first of all, those didn't really do anything for me, not that they were even the point of the film. Secondly, the movie was kinda...meh. It was know, kinda pedestrian, to be honest. Sigh. I hate disappointing movies.

Luckily, I have the last discs of season 2.5 of BSG and of Arrested Development season 1 at home tonight, along with a little honey chicken number for it should be a nice evening. Mmmm hmmmm....

Monday, August 25, 2008

This is your receipt for your husband... and this is my receipt for your receipt.

Wow, it's only Monday and it's already a totally shitty week. It's partially stupid shit and mostly me and my hormonal bullshit. Good times.

It's so bad, I'm one mouse fart away from breaking out a Buffy episode, and let's face it, Once More With Feeling, with about ten beers.

(wtf is up with this video?)

Though I suppose this song may be more appropriate...

But the hottest song of all was always this one...and you know who you are!

Anyhoo. I have to work tomorrow, so mebbe "two beers" is more accurate....I may have my headphones in, but people are probably still totally looking at the weird tipsy chick mouthing along...

Friday, August 22, 2008

I think you're either gonna come back a hero...or a real good anecdote.

So I have been swimming lately at my gym, in an effort to switch up my workout routine. Freestyle, not the biggest pool, but damn. Does that ever kick my ass. Wow. And I even bought goggles and a hair cap...though I must not have put the hair cap on properly, as my hair still got wet. Bobby pins next time, we shall see...otherwise, wtf?

But at least I'm not sore today.

Although, speaking of really bad ideas, I realized I had never self-cleaned the oven. So I'm not using the oven tonight, I'm using the grill. So I thought hey, let's do it. Omfg. NOT a good idea in TX in the summer. Jesus. It's a little warm in there now. I'm letting the Middle Eastern burgers and cucumber/yogurt dip do their marinating thing, me having a glass of wine with BSG and y'know what? I just can't be in there anymore. Frack me, is it ever HOT!!!

Completely unrelated, I am going to sit down with my LSAT stuff this weekend and do a dry run. Really. And I won't be drinking wine and watching BSG or Olympics while I do it. (Closing ceremonies on Sunday, baby!) Although I like to think of those as "extra challenges," i.e., if I can do it while doing those things...ok, just kidding.

Also trying to figure out how to beef up my application, I mean, anything would help, because I got nada. It occurs to me I could work for the Obama campaign...and the funny thing is, I tried to google a few different ways to work for the campaign here in my area...and it really wasn't working too well. Like it's just too obvious, I can't even google it. It reminded me of the guys in Office Space looking up "money laundering" in the dictionary.

But this is all so tentative and me just thinking out of my ass.

Way more importantly, at the moment, are the Middle Eastern turkey burgers that need to go on the grill (and the cucumber-yogurt dip needing to come out of the fridge), and the BSG that needs to be resolved. Cause omg, what's gonna happen??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How fast do your parents drive? ... We'll go 80.

Your results:
You are Jean-Luc Picard

Jean-Luc Picard
Mr. Sulu
Will Riker
Geordi LaForge
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Beverly Crusher
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Deanna Troi
Mr. Scott
A lover of Shakespeare and other
fine literature. You have a decisive mind
and a firm hand in dealing with others.

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Test

I find it a little disheartening that "An Expendable Character" is QUITE so close to the top, y'know?

And really, were Jean-Luc and Uhura even similar enough in personality that I could almost be either? Srsly?

That's Ren and Stimpy. They're way existential.

So I rented Definitely, Maybe this past weekend for D...he quite enjoys Ryan Reynolds. Honestly, I do, too, but I can't say I'll watch just anything the man does. He certainly makes me laugh, but this actually wasn't really a comedy (intentional or otherwise). It was a romance, but it wasn't as crap as you'd expect. The daughter (Abigail Breslin) was totally the weakest link, but I'm not convinced that was the actress's fault. Just because most people can't write for children doesn't mean her delivery was shit, too. Kinda hard to call. Anyhoo.

It was cute and it had sort of a Post-Birthday World approach to the story, which is just to say it wasn't all about Your One True Love; there were many people in his life and the movie wasn't trying to pretend that only one person was meant for him. So that was kind of refreshing. But yes, it had barfbag moments, too.

The weather here is flat-out orgasmic; it feels to be in the 70s all day (it may actually be low 80s but to a native such as myself, it's a moot point), it's rainy...very little more I could ask.

I am even, by god, going to the gym after work. I want to start swimming, but a hair cap and goggles might make the prospect a little more enticing.

Leaving all the windows open has also brought on more bouts of redirected aggression from both cats, so good times there. And I decided I might need a break from BSG when I almost yelled at them this morning (at the sounds of a fight), "YOU WERE JUST EATING TOGETHER OUT OF THE SAME FRACKING BOWL!" And I used to think their usage of that word was so lame. Sigh. How easily led am I.

Another reason to hit the gym is that I noticed if I go the back way to work, I run across a Krispy Kreme. Not only did I stop this morning (oh, chocolate covered creme-filled sugary pills of death!) but I picked up an extra-shot white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. Ouch. "Hey Lard Ass, how was your trip?" I blame the workout I had this morning on my need to indulge in sweetness.

It's a vicious cycle, what can I say.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Everybody's alone. It's just easier to take in a relationship.

I took Hans in this morning, as his coolant has been leaking for quite some time. It has been getting worse, so I finally buckled and took him in. Even getting his oil changed as well...did you know they have a geriatric blend of oil for cars like mine? How nice.

Guy said he'd call with the estimate. Which scares me. Like, "this is going to hurt, so we'll start gently...and you'll want warning."

So then I jogged home, as the place isn't that far. At least, it's not a far drive. Green Oaks is kinda LONG, isn't it? It's also 71 degrees out, but because it's North Texas, let me assure you it is also quite humid. But I figure if I can take hot yoga...

Anyhoo. I survived. It's really not that bad, perhaps just under 4 miles. I did not puke 3/4 of the way home, though the thought may or may not have crossed my mind. (No, I did not run the entire time or my body might be on the side of the road somewhere). And nor was I abducted or run down! Which is good, because otherwise there would have been that awkward conversation when they have to tell my grieving parents, "Look, I know this is hard, but we just thought you'd want to know...there was some Britney Spears on your daughter's ipod."

And there'd be the shame, probably not unlike being a guy and having the bereaved find a secret porn stash.

So now I'm just waiting to hear what the monetary damage on Hans will be. There is cool, cloudy weather to buffer the inevitable suckiness part of the day, I just hope it's enough.

I'm also about to fix a yummy recipe from Fine Cooking I made a few years ago. The original recipe is for pork loin sandwich with homemade apple butter, but I think I'm going to substitute chicken this time. It's pumpernickel bread, spices rubbed into the meat and then roasted (after a nice searing), then slathered with apple butter. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Also got white wine in the fridge to go with it called, "Sweet Bitch," which frankly, how could anyone resist?

On a completely different note, people always act shocked when they ask me what the weather in Tokyo is like compared to here. I say you know, it's pretty similar. After all, North Texas and Tokyo are kinda on the same latitudinal line, you know? And SEE? I was reading on Pink Tentacle about a rare fungus that has surfaced in Nara (which is very close to Kyoto and where they have bizarre shitloads of deer running around) called Devil's Cigar--known only to have been found in Austin and southern Japan!

Also, you should look at this article on Pink Tentacle for great pics of Japan's tetrapod beaches...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember, when you're with me, it's the only time you're not the strangest person in the room. So go ahead, get weird with me.

Fuck yeah, baby!

I am so thrilled for Nastia Liukin! She was absolutely amazing tonight. I was originally rooting for Shawn Johnson, as she's just so fuckin' cute, but after the first event, I was too wowed by Liukin not to root for her. And hey, Johnson took silver! I was really glad, as it seemed all night that she was kinda gettin' robbed on deductions...even the commentators were bitching about it.

And triple bonus points to Liukin for barely managing to keep her shit together during the medal ceremony and national anthem.

Little Yang Yilin took the bronze...I feel like a bit of a shit, but she just kinda rubbed me the wrong way somehow. It's not her fault she's 12, but I was still glad to see the other two place higher. She was still incredible, don't get me wrong...and the piece she used on her floor exercise was one I really love--it's used in the end credits of Moulin Rouge...

And speaking of floor exercises, is it my imagination, or do the women get music and the men don't? The hell's that about?

Caught up on the individual men's boy Jonathan placed 9th, oh well. Mostly what bothers me is in the few articles I've read, a frequent reference to his "Texas twang." Now honestly, I haven't heard the guy speak all that much, but I don't recall hearing one myself. That worries me. Either I'm losing my ability to hear it and possibly developing one myself, or they're crazy. If it's the former, well, it's time to move.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What kind of rabbi calls somebody bitchy?

Still catching up on my Olympics...watched the men's team finals in gymnastics. The commentators spent the whole time berating the suckiness of the Japanese team when infact, however much they may have been bunging it up, they still snaked the silver from us.

And really, I don't think it was that they snaked it, it was Kevin Tan on pommel horse...well, jesus. It sucks to be solely responsible for losing a placement...12.775? That has to hurt in ways I don't want to imagine.

And I'm really looking forward to watching Jonathan Horton in the all-around finals. He reminds me of Andrew from Desperate Housewives and he's from fucking you know he must be good if he's my favorite. He was fucking on tonight...or whatever night that was. Monday?

Anyhoo. Normally the gung-ho obnoxious patriotism of Americans kinda annoys me, to be honest. (What other country chants their own name nonstop?) But this is a little different--most of the teams either look so strained when they do well ("I didn't fuck up!") or maybe they kinda smile in relief. So I feel better watching the Americans really pull one out and just fucking exuberantly loving their achievement. I mean, it has to feel great not only not fucking up but really nailing it. And so I really enjoyed watching the men's team gymnastics because they really seemed to appreciate how well they were doing; it made it fun to watch.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes she just looks snappish.

Um, the pace in hot yoga was a little different today. Different guy was leading and uh, they seem to have picked it up considerably. I still managed to (kind of) do all the poses, though I wouldn't say well...or perhaps even passable...but you know. Whatever.

I'm watching the Olympics completely out of order...caught up on watching the American women's gymnastics this morning after yoga...ouch. Ok, so yes, I agree the Chinese ladies seem to be totally could even say it's painfully obvious.

I keep meaning to buy some Equus tickets online, October is getting alarmingly near (wtf?)...of course, this also means buying a couple tickets to New York...luckily, having two best friends in Washington Heights and Brooklyn cuts down on at least one expense! And then we'll eat soda crackers while we're there for food, it'll happen!

And for the record, even though I now have to pay for my airline tickets, I'm still glad I don't work for that fucking airline anymore. I always knew it would end up being too Stepford for me, but it was just a test of how long I could last. Sometimes when I'm driving somewhere--particularly on the weekend or at the time I would normally be driving out there, I think to myself, "Hey, at least I'm not driving out to work at [that airline]!"

And I fucking smile.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Make yourself a sandwich, drink a glass of some fuckin' thing.

Was shocked to read of a movie called The Road to Hell. The link has all the dirt.

As you know, I'm a bit of a sucker for Streets of Fire, and this would appear to be an unofficial sequel. Gee, think they're gonna fuck it up? It could just never have the soundtrack, feel or style of the original. Sigh. Sure, it has Michael Pare like the original, but someone call me when Amy Madigan, Diane Lane or Rick Moranis signs on...

So I'm a little behind on my Olympics, but I have watched quite a bit of the men's and women's qualifying gymnastics...omg. That shit is so stressful just to watch. It's amazing, but it's nerve-wracking. Tivo tapes it for me, so I can fast-forward and just watch the cool events...though I did slow up to watch a little of the synchronized diving, which I didn't even really know existed. I mean, it was mesmerizing, but...really? I just couldn't see putting in all that practice and time on...synchronized diving...sorry...

Anyhoo. Hot yoga continues to kick my ass.

Completely unrelated to everything, I was perusing sample tests online for LSATs because, let's face it, I haven't really been in school for uh, a while. And really, I thought it was no big deal until I looked at the first section, which appears to be logical reasoning. Now, it's really not a problem, it's not that hard, but damn. I just about glazed over right off. Might want to download a few practice ones if I ever expect to go back to school...not that that's anytime soon, mind you...a mere curiosity at this point.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

I prefer being a plaintiff, but a defendant's nice too. I get a martyr glow.

Mother fucker. I am out of practice. I went on with one minute left on my Ally McBeal box set, it was up to $100.99. I put in $176 and then, at three motherfucking seconds left to go, they stole it back and it went off at $177.76. Those cocksuckers.

As D put it, "You bid $176 and someone beat you?"

I still think it's not a bad price for five seasons, but yes, someone fucking beat me. Cock stain.

Anyhoo. We watched a good bit of the Olympics opening ceremonies tonight, it was more mesmerizing than I would have expected. I just wish they had refrained from showing Bush quite so much. He always has that goddamn fucking smug smirk on his fucking weasel face...just want a shot to ring out so badly...not that it really matters at this point, I suppose.

I haven't watched the Olympics in years. I asked Tivo to tape the diving and gymnastics for me, good times.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Screw that "all for one" shit, alright? I gotta deal with being a minority in a minority of the minority, and nobody's supportin' my ass.

Greetings from Uno! I love this place not only for its deep dish pizza (second only to Mangia in Austin) but also for their fine selection of beers and the fact that, for free, I can totally tap into the wireless from the Worthington Hotel next door. Sweet! But the pizza is pretty fucking and cheeeeeeeeeeesy. Oh babybabybaby.

The weather today was unreal. I think the high was 94? Everyone was drooling on themselves in excitement. I wish it would stay that way. If I could pay someone money to make it happen, I would.

I keep forgetting two important things. First of all, D got a promotion! They are moving him to Southlake in September, the biggest store in the district. It's not his store, he's still ops, but obviously this is as high up as he can go in ops. (Though frustratingly he's not sure if it comes with a raise, as he hates to ask that. I always go off, I'm like, dude, they will rape you in the ass til the cows come home, you have every right to bring it the fuck up! That goddamn company is one of the worst I have ever seen about fucking their managers over to their face--shit, jacking off on their face and then not even having the decency to offer them a tissue after. Anyway.) But hooray. They like him. Of course they do. I need to think up a promotion present.

Actually, I guess he could keep being ops. He asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to move to Alaska. Obviously, I said no. Something about a new store there...hey, pretty. Not living there, thanks.

And he's now off for four days, finally getting to take his Fourth of July day off, plus his weekend plus a day of actual vacation. He needs it. I tried to bump up a bunch of the two-star crappy horror movies that seem to appear on my Netflix list...

Hey, speaking of Netfux, I was part of the throttling settlement and woo hoo, get another disc! So now I have 8 at a time! Yes, that's right, I normally do 7 at a time. Got a problem with that?

So my friend J just called me, all excited about a burrito place opening between our houses, of which he's especially fond. It's really not worth noting, except that in trying to describe his excitement he said, "It's not often I come and cry at the same time." And I told him, "Yup, that's going in the blog!" and "I plan on using that in future film reviews, should anything ever inspire me to that degree." So he's quite fond of this place, to say the least. It's not bad, but damn.

Which got us to discussing Pineapple Express, because apparently he had the exact opposite reaction. Which kinda makes me sad, as it looked promising. He says the first half is bad improv, painfully so, and the second half is crap action. Sadcakes! So drink lots of beer if you go see it and maybe that will help.

The second thing I forget to write about is D bought me the complete PINK PANTHER BOX SET!!!! Major coolness. Apparently, there are like, thousands of episodes. All of them. ALL OF THEM. Maybe not the lame ones where he talks. But otherwise, ALL OF THEM. Can't wait. And he bought it for no reason at all! Awwwwww!

Two times this week I have come downtown and parked on the same block as the establishment I am frequenting. It is fucked up. I hope I retain this superpower and it is not one I have to give up at the end of the week.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I'm looking forward to seeing you in action. Jack says you've got a great big cock.

So I actually had a much better voice lesson this morning! He still really likes Ordinary Miracle, which still annoys me due to both the fact he assumes (?) it has religious overtones and because it's much easier for me. If it's so easy for me, why am I there?

But also, he was much more into Lubbock or Leave It this time (possibly due to my saying, "And here's the one you were less crazy about..."). He asked if I knew what city she was talking about (not realizing the title, I suppose). But of course I do, anyway. Apparently he grew up near Lubbock and even got to see Buddy Holly play a few times. No, I did not kill him in a jealous rage. Though he insists they didn't hate Holly in Lubbock. I did not argue, how asinine would that sound?

I don't want to say it's COOL outside, because I think it may still be in the upper 80s, but by god is it a change of pace. I'll take it! Bring on the storm!

This is really embarrassing to admit, but I'm fighting these bitches on ebay for a complete box set of Ally McBeal. I just really have a craving to watch it again (I watched it in Japan, ok? Fuck off.) It has never been released, so let us not ask from where this comes. But it is real, no doubt from another country; it's NTSC, Region 1, etc., so it's all good. Bitches is making it pricey. It goes off in three days and I'm trying to lay low after already getting in a bit of a snit bid-wise. Tryin' to be cool.

Ok, time for Thai food and more Arrested Development!

Monday, August 04, 2008

That tall drink of water with the silver spoon up his ass.

Ohmyfuckinggod. My fan is FINALLY READY. The fan I left in MAY? Remember THAT? I had to call three times and this time he was all, "Huh. I thought we were done with that one..." which implies to me that it has been done for fuck knows how long and no one has called me.

But $140 later, it's ready. Jesus Fuck.

On the upside of the day, HANS PASSED INSPECTION!!! Go, little guy!! And thank god, cause it was up in July! (Hi, Mom!)

Also glad to see Morgan Freeman is still with us. When the initial reports talk about a car flipping "multiple times" and the injured parties getting airlifted, it seldom bodes well!

I always said, if I had to fuck a guy... I mean had to, if my life depended on it... I'd fuck Elvis.

Wow. I'm curious to see how I function for the rest of the day, having gotten up at 5am to attend a 6am session of HOT YOGA. Yeah, baby! I actually got my ass up to do it!

It was...interesting. I really liked it, but jesus that's a lot of sweat. And I have consumed a half gallon of water this morning. Like, a lot of sweat. A ton. An Officially Disgusting Amount. That must have purged even deeply buried evils from the pit of my soul. And see that pose up there? Yeah, they made us do that. I cannot do that.

Let's see if I drag my ass back on Wednesday. I could go tomorrow morning, but that's a LITTLE too soon for my taste. I need to be able to delude myself once again. Shit, I'm just so totally proud I didn't pass out. It's 108 degrees in there during the yoga, but he kept it at a really good pace with lots of resting.

I have no idea what I did this weekend, really. Lots of nothing. I read Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan yesterday, which was short and kinda depressing. Not abnormally depressing, just average depressing, which is almost worse, considering the story.

But before sitting down with that, I treated myself to a fairly crappy brunch at a nearby Italian place called Bravo! The food itself was fine, I was really grossed out by their mimosas, which appeared to be champagne and I got a Bloody Mary instead, which I usually save for brunch in New York, but whatever. It was just...nasty. Too spicy and really, just all-out grody. For food, I was vacillating betweeen a bitchin' sounding French Toast-strawberry ensemble and this crab cake with spinach/artichokes on toast with poached eggs on top. I figured I'd got for the latter (feeling adventurous) and you know, it was more than a little decent!

Just, seriously, the mimosa grossed me out enough that I don't think I would go back. Wtf? Just knowing it's there is too much.

Started Curb Your Enthusiasm...hmmm. The jury's still out. I need to give it another couple discs, according to everyone who loves it. It's just...painful. Not that there's anything wrong with painful, brings a pain similar to The Office (still haven't seen the American one), but so far less humorous...and way contrived. Though J insists it stops being contrived. We'll see.

Also started Arrested Development, which I think I could really love. I love Portia de Rossi and Jason Bateman, but another friend insists there are two totally different characters who end up stealing the show. In any case, it's cute and funny and I'm really enjoying it.

I left The Stand at home, so it looks like it's a day to peruse Walden...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

We did not lose Vietnam! It was a tie!

So I'm starting to think I should make more of an effort to interact with people, simply because then this blog would write itself. That's really my only reason, as these have not been good interactions.

Let's start with last night. There's this affordable little steakhouse close to home that has wicked broccoli jalapeno soup and a decent medium rare filet. And I can usually tap into some nearby wireless, so I headed over after work to do a little work and nibbling. Sadly, there is also a really annoying waiter who seems to be working all the time.

The first two times I went with D, and waiter boy was vaguely smarmy but whatever. Then I went with my friend V from work (lady friend) and he asked us if we wanted to do shots. At three in the afternoon. And he always fucking remembers me. So last night I got him again and jesus. I'm sorry, but what an obsequious motherfucker. While I was moving to a bigger table to be able to spread my crap out, he chimed in, "It's always such a pleasure to see you," with way too much sincerity.

Then after bringing me a second glass of wine, "I love serving you." I chuckled awkwardly and said, "Uh, I try to be nice," met more awkwardly with, "Oh, you could be as mean to me as you wanted." One day I will just sit him down and say, "Look. Let me tell you why you're single."

Then long after I had finished eating, I made the mistake of hanging around, as I was chatting online. He fucking sat down across from me, which I ignored for a moment. I think he asked if I was working and I might have said something like, "No, I am chatting with my three big boyfriends and I am going to sic them all over your weenie ass." I left shortly thereafter.

Where do they come from?

Then today. My voice lesson.

Ok, I'm trying not to openly hate the guy, but dude. He never really offers me anything constructive on the songs themselves. And I GET that I need to drop my jaw, but can we maybe work on some other aspects of my singing? So ok, he's already pissing me off, so I decide to sing Lubbock or Leave It for him. Cause if you're not going to help me out, I will [in my passively aggressive way] get at least something out of this.

I start singing and I think, you know, you really have to listen to the lyrics to catch what she's talking about, I bet he doesn't get offended, it'll be fine. But the lyrics are as follows:

Dust bowl, Bible belt
Got more churches than trees
Raise me, praise me, couldn't save me
Couldn't keep me on my knees
Oh, boy, rave on down loop 289
That'll be the day you see me back
In this fool's paradise

Temptation's strong
(Salvation's gone)
I'm on my way
To hell's half acre
How will I ever
How will I ever
Get to heaven now

Throwing stones from the top of your rock
Thinking no one can see
The secrets you hide behind
Your southern hospitality
On the strip the kids get lit
So they can have a real good time
Come Sunday they can just take their pick
From the crucifix skyline

Temptation's strong
(Salvation's gone)
I'm on my way
To hell's half acre
How will I ever
How will I ever
Get to heaven now
Get to heaven now

International airport
A quarter after nine
Paris Texas, Athens Georgia's
Not what I had in mind
As I'm getting out I laugh to myself
Cause this is the only place
Where as you're getting on the plane
You see Buddy Holly's face

I hear they hate me now
Just like they hated you
Maybe when I'm dead and gone
I'm gonna get a statue too

Temptation's strong
(Salvation's gone)
I'm on my way
To hell's half acre
How will I ever
How will I ever
Get to heaven now
Get to heaven now
How will I ever

Get to heaven now

And do you know what he fucking said??

"You know, that poor girl. She has low self-esteem. You know that's what that is, right? All her songs are always about blaming someone else. That's low self-esteem."

I just about fucking died. Ok, first of all, Natalie Maines didn't write the song all by her lonesome, but I guess you could argue that The Dixie Chicks as a whole have low self-esteem.

Yes, that's absolutely it.

Secondly, the only other Dixie Chicks song I've sung is Easy Silence. And while it may have a few choice words about the current administration

Monkeys on the barricades
Are warning us to back away
They form commissions trying to find
The next one they can crucify
And anger plays on every station
Answers only make more questions
I need something to believe in
Breathe in sanctuary in the
Easy silence that you make for me

I wouldn't say the song is throwing around a lot of blame. I mean really, the song is all about finding solace in someone else's company. So what the fuck. Unless someone else is taunting him and bringing in Not Ready to Make Nice, I just don't know.

I'm pretty fucking close to singing that next.