Thursday, August 14, 2008

What kind of rabbi calls somebody bitchy?

Still catching up on my Olympics...watched the men's team finals in gymnastics. The commentators spent the whole time berating the suckiness of the Japanese team when infact, however much they may have been bunging it up, they still snaked the silver from us.

And really, I don't think it was that they snaked it, it was Kevin Tan on pommel horse...well, jesus. It sucks to be solely responsible for losing a placement...12.775? That has to hurt in ways I don't want to imagine.

And I'm really looking forward to watching Jonathan Horton in the all-around finals. He reminds me of Andrew from Desperate Housewives and he's from fucking you know he must be good if he's my favorite. He was fucking on tonight...or whatever night that was. Monday?

Anyhoo. Normally the gung-ho obnoxious patriotism of Americans kinda annoys me, to be honest. (What other country chants their own name nonstop?) But this is a little different--most of the teams either look so strained when they do well ("I didn't fuck up!") or maybe they kinda smile in relief. So I feel better watching the Americans really pull one out and just fucking exuberantly loving their achievement. I mean, it has to feel great not only not fucking up but really nailing it. And so I really enjoyed watching the men's team gymnastics because they really seemed to appreciate how well they were doing; it made it fun to watch.

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