Friday, August 15, 2008

Remember, when you're with me, it's the only time you're not the strangest person in the room. So go ahead, get weird with me.

Fuck yeah, baby!

I am so thrilled for Nastia Liukin! She was absolutely amazing tonight. I was originally rooting for Shawn Johnson, as she's just so fuckin' cute, but after the first event, I was too wowed by Liukin not to root for her. And hey, Johnson took silver! I was really glad, as it seemed all night that she was kinda gettin' robbed on deductions...even the commentators were bitching about it.

And triple bonus points to Liukin for barely managing to keep her shit together during the medal ceremony and national anthem.

Little Yang Yilin took the bronze...I feel like a bit of a shit, but she just kinda rubbed me the wrong way somehow. It's not her fault she's 12, but I was still glad to see the other two place higher. She was still incredible, don't get me wrong...and the piece she used on her floor exercise was one I really love--it's used in the end credits of Moulin Rouge...

And speaking of floor exercises, is it my imagination, or do the women get music and the men don't? The hell's that about?

Caught up on the individual men's boy Jonathan placed 9th, oh well. Mostly what bothers me is in the few articles I've read, a frequent reference to his "Texas twang." Now honestly, I haven't heard the guy speak all that much, but I don't recall hearing one myself. That worries me. Either I'm losing my ability to hear it and possibly developing one myself, or they're crazy. If it's the former, well, it's time to move.


Veloute said...

What do you mean, "possibly" developing one yourself?


SkylersDad said...

I concur with how cool those two American girls were. Fucking awesome! And the scoring did suck, but they were so good they could not be held down.

I was all teared up seeing her with her dad at the end, it was a great scene!

Ellen Aim said...

Vel: I'm fixin' ta kick yer be-hind.

Actually, I've noticed a sharp decline in my pronunciation of "oil."

Must move NOW.

Skyler'sD: They were! So glad they persevered! And that was pretty fucking cool with her dad...very touching!

Veloute said...

At least ya'll say "pecan" correctly down there. ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Pecan piiiiiiiiiiiiiiie.