Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Screw that "all for one" shit, alright? I gotta deal with being a minority in a minority of the minority, and nobody's supportin' my ass.

Greetings from Uno! I love this place not only for its deep dish pizza (second only to Mangia in Austin) but also for their fine selection of beers and the fact that, for free, I can totally tap into the wireless from the Worthington Hotel next door. Sweet! But the pizza is pretty fucking and cheeeeeeeeeeesy. Oh babybabybaby.

The weather today was unreal. I think the high was 94? Everyone was drooling on themselves in excitement. I wish it would stay that way. If I could pay someone money to make it happen, I would.

I keep forgetting two important things. First of all, D got a promotion! They are moving him to Southlake in September, the biggest store in the district. It's not his store, he's still ops, but obviously this is as high up as he can go in ops. (Though frustratingly he's not sure if it comes with a raise, as he hates to ask that. I always go off, I'm like, dude, they will rape you in the ass til the cows come home, you have every right to bring it the fuck up! That goddamn company is one of the worst I have ever seen about fucking their managers over to their face--shit, jacking off on their face and then not even having the decency to offer them a tissue after. Anyway.) But hooray. They like him. Of course they do. I need to think up a promotion present.

Actually, I guess he could keep being ops. He asked me a few weeks ago if I wanted to move to Alaska. Obviously, I said no. Something about a new store there...hey, pretty. Not living there, thanks.

And he's now off for four days, finally getting to take his Fourth of July day off, plus his weekend plus a day of actual vacation. He needs it. I tried to bump up a bunch of the two-star crappy horror movies that seem to appear on my Netflix list...

Hey, speaking of Netfux, I was part of the throttling settlement and woo hoo, get another disc! So now I have 8 at a time! Yes, that's right, I normally do 7 at a time. Got a problem with that?

So my friend J just called me, all excited about a burrito place opening between our houses, of which he's especially fond. It's really not worth noting, except that in trying to describe his excitement he said, "It's not often I come and cry at the same time." And I told him, "Yup, that's going in the blog!" and "I plan on using that in future film reviews, should anything ever inspire me to that degree." So he's quite fond of this place, to say the least. It's not bad, but damn.

Which got us to discussing Pineapple Express, because apparently he had the exact opposite reaction. Which kinda makes me sad, as it looked promising. He says the first half is bad improv, painfully so, and the second half is crap action. Sadcakes! So drink lots of beer if you go see it and maybe that will help.

The second thing I forget to write about is D bought me the complete PINK PANTHER BOX SET!!!! Major coolness. Apparently, there are like, thousands of episodes. All of them. ALL OF THEM. Maybe not the lame ones where he talks. But otherwise, ALL OF THEM. Can't wait. And he bought it for no reason at all! Awwwwww!

Two times this week I have come downtown and parked on the same block as the establishment I am frequenting. It is fucked up. I hope I retain this superpower and it is not one I have to give up at the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

You are kidding....the Pink Panther actually TALKED? WTF?!

Ellen Aim said...

briefly...after my time...frickin' blasphemy!

Veloute said...

Our high today...70.

Those must be some bitchin' burritos.

SkylersDad said...

My work environment is a little better. I get a small bonus with my ass-fucking and pearl necklace.