Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm about to throw up down your back.

Aw, I'm sad the Olympics are over. They were sort of nice to have on the TV. Tonight I was (sort of) studying and Twitter just exploded as USA tied the gold medal hockey game with Canada, so I admit I had to tune in. Wil Wheaton's tweets were bordering on frantic, the others were slightly calmer...Sadly, though, halfway through the 20-minute OT, Canada was an impossibly good shot at least.

It was also kinda neat to see The Colbert Report in Vancouver...doing Vancouverage, as they called it. But he interviewed all the scary-sport people, like those guys who do, what are they called? Ski aerialists? That is some scary shit. I think it was probably on that show that someone said the Winter Games are less like real sports and more like drunken dares. Shame Colbert didn't have any figure skaters on...

And seriously, is Lysacek eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles? I like to think so. The important thing is that cocktail shaker there in the background. Good boy. Because of course this is totally his kitchen, right?

Back to the grind now, with nothing major going on anytime soon. Boston's Restaurant Week starts March 14--26, so I'm a little excited about that even though I have no money. NOM.

And I did regular yoga today in a class, which was slightly heated. It was a beginner's class, but all week they only offer regular power yoga, so guess I'll be trying that! I didn't have a hard time today, it's just a matter of not having to look around to make sure you're doing stuff right. And I could have done without the happy baby pose, thanks. I'm sure there's worse.

And I also get to start French classes on Wednesday, yay! There are fewer than ten people in my class, so hopefully that's a good thing. And hopefully I keep up with it and won't be that student. I'm also hoping no one in there is obnoxiously above their level. Kill.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What do you play, the leather jacket?

Well it's true my favorite skater is still Evan Lysacek, but I've always enjoyed his "rival" Johnny Weir, too...and bonus points to Johnny here for the Lady Gaga track...

And I loved getting to see Moir and Virtue win last night--the scores weren't even close and neither were the performances, however good everyone else was.

Tonight starts the ladies' finals, so I'll be watching! I also need to sneak out to see Shutter Island, though, so we'll see how much studying I get done...

So on a completely different note, I was referred to a doctor for my neck which has given me trouble for the past two years. She did a lot of little tests on me, including one using a tiny needle to prick me And we went through that whole boring conversation about using a computer, posture, getting up every twenty minutes (HAHAHAHAHA) while at the computer, exercising, etc. and I wanted to be like, "Yeah, that shit ain't cutting it."

So she did ask me if I wanted to try a shot of something right in my shoulder. At my age, I've learned to say, "Yes!" when the good doctor asks you if you want the drugs. Honestly, I was still skeptical. And sure enough, for an hour or two my shoulder was just sort of weirdly numb and my upper neck is still awkward. And even better, it's sort of sore from the shot. Awesome.

But I get to start physical therapy next week, I'm just sort of hoping the insurance pays for most or all of it, ignorance is bliss. They also took X-rays which made me think of my torts class and the doctor who negligently forgot to ask if the woman might be pregnant. (It didn't matter because even if he had asked, she would have said no, not realizing she was.) Anyhoo, yay for them, they did ask me. (Although, great side note, the doctor who did the main exam on my neck was a little judgy both at not only my not wanting kids--"I bet your mother doesn't like that answer!"--but also at my not having my husband's last name. Listen, wench, you fix my neck and you can judge the shit out of me, deal?)

And now I'm going to move to study because Bourdain is having his bath and when he does that the air sort of hangs with the stench of feet caked in rotten tuna on a hot sunny day.

But he's awful cute.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

You're an aquired taste, babe.

I'm gonna come right out and say it: I think Evgeny Plushenko is a whiny little bitch.

And it's not because an American finally won the first Gold (for men's figure skating) since 1988 or that Evan Lysacek is, quite frankly, pretty easy on the eyes.

I genuinely thought it was a better performance. (And apparently, it's not on youtube so you'll just hafta take my word.) I mean, why the hell would you do the quad if it wasn't going to get you any more points and you were pretty sure it and a previously-broken ankle would take your ass down?

Regardless, during the medal ceremony, Plushenko just looked so bored and pissy. Running off and bitching that, "It's supposed to be men's figure skating, not ice dancing," really makes you look...well, like a total asshole. Way to go, dude.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yesterday I ate nine cans of aerosol whipped cream.

Oh, today's Valentine's Day? Whatever.

First of all, I am so unimpressed with Boston winters. Seriously? This is all you got? I will openly mock winter because frankly, I dare it to shock me. Denton has seen more snow than this city.

I embraced my three-day-weekend by studying. It. Is. So. Exciting.

I'm also still figuring out wtf to do this summer. The best part is the financial aid. I have to apply for it (obviously), but I don't know what I'm doing so I don't know how to budget for what I don't know and a budget is something I have to submit for fellowships and grants. Gah.

So I started watching Glee. It's really awful. I rented it since it won some Golden Globes, not knowing what it was about. It's like Gossip Girl mated with an after-school special and some mutation made it into a musical.

But you sort of has its moments, namely Jane Lynch...

...and Stephen Tobolowsky (aka Werner from Sneakers..."Passport?" hee hee).

But hey, I'm totally needing some stupid right now. Sold.