Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm about to throw up down your back.

Aw, I'm sad the Olympics are over. They were sort of nice to have on the TV. Tonight I was (sort of) studying and Twitter just exploded as USA tied the gold medal hockey game with Canada, so I admit I had to tune in. Wil Wheaton's tweets were bordering on frantic, the others were slightly calmer...Sadly, though, halfway through the 20-minute OT, Canada was an impossibly good shot at least.

It was also kinda neat to see The Colbert Report in Vancouver...doing Vancouverage, as they called it. But he interviewed all the scary-sport people, like those guys who do, what are they called? Ski aerialists? That is some scary shit. I think it was probably on that show that someone said the Winter Games are less like real sports and more like drunken dares. Shame Colbert didn't have any figure skaters on...

And seriously, is Lysacek eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles? I like to think so. The important thing is that cocktail shaker there in the background. Good boy. Because of course this is totally his kitchen, right?

Back to the grind now, with nothing major going on anytime soon. Boston's Restaurant Week starts March 14--26, so I'm a little excited about that even though I have no money. NOM.

And I did regular yoga today in a class, which was slightly heated. It was a beginner's class, but all week they only offer regular power yoga, so guess I'll be trying that! I didn't have a hard time today, it's just a matter of not having to look around to make sure you're doing stuff right. And I could have done without the happy baby pose, thanks. I'm sure there's worse.

And I also get to start French classes on Wednesday, yay! There are fewer than ten people in my class, so hopefully that's a good thing. And hopefully I keep up with it and won't be that student. I'm also hoping no one in there is obnoxiously above their level. Kill.


alex said...

If that is totally his kitchen, honey needs to ease up on the BEIGE. Though he's so cute I barely notice. Barely.

Good luck in French!!

Ellen Aim said...

On second thought, it just can't be his kitchen. Patterned wall tiling?

Anonymous said...

What kitchen?

...and that is why I now do my yoga sessions at home.

Ellen Aim said...