Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I tune out self-pity. It makes my dick soft.

Yes, I am still here.

I'm pretty sure the connecting flight through LGA to home just boarded and I heard them begging for five people to get off and get $500 passes instead. Hope they don't ask my flight the same thing. I mean, they CAN. I won't be volunteering for jack.

I am playing around on Cute Overload, Texts From Last Night and Fail Blog. And I had to leave my gate area because I was giggling too much. Some favorites...I like to think you can work out what comes from where:

(513): So I was just looking through the calendar on my phone seeing what day new years was on & on dec 31st at 9am it says "nude champagne toast". Guess we have to do it.

Followed by some AWWWWWWWWWWWWW:

And some creepy:

This last one kinda reminds me of the "sign" posted in the elevator that goes from the Park Station platform to the street level. Someone has taken a Sharpee (blue) and just written on the white plastic part of the wall (so there is really no "sign" to speak of), "Do not urinate on elevator. You are on camera!" And I always cringe a lot and try not to breathe. At first I thought, "I'm never taking this elevator again!" But let's face it, those law books and my computer are pretty fucking heavy. So yeah, sometimes I ride in an oft-pissed-in elevator to get to the street. Meh, whatcha gonna do. At least it always smells severely of bleach and death in there.

By the way, I agree with you, too. Especially in those pants.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. One semester down, five more to go. The first year is supposed to be the worst, but I don't know if the first or second semester is the ugliest. The first semester hurts because it's new and the midterms (and one final) are stressful--but then next semester my hours are longer, the winter gets meaner and the finals are 75%, as opposed to the 25% they were for midterms.

Criminal Law was my last one, a final. Next semester I have Constitutional Law instead, in a smaller section and for twice as long. JOY. On the bright side, the book was $150 and I found one for $40 online. (Something about a broken cover, ask me if I care.)

The criminal law final wins the humor contest, though, since I actually snickered out loud twice while reading it. He clearly had a lot of fun writing it, using current events to make every conceivable felony we studied happen. Some guy was trying to make a new reality TV show but he wanted to pull a publicity stunt first, so he got a guy to get him a gun, some explosives, and some seed money. He got that guy's wife--with whom he was having an affair--to steal a homemade balloon from the college where she was working. At some point, he put the explosives in his trunk and due to a defect and extreme heat, they went off and killed a passerby. He went to go meet up with the other guy to give him the gun, but the wife was home and when the friend came home, caught them together. The wife had some fairly inflammatory things to say, including that their children weren't his after all and they infact had a stash of frozen embryos and were going to have babies forever. As you can imagine, there was some attempted murder, but someone walking by outside got shot intead, which they all covered up. The jilted husband went online and got his assistant to find the embryos (known as "frosties"), and as he instructed him, "Toast those frosties!"

I am very fond of this professor.

The publicity stunt ended up being a take on the whole balloon boy hoax (so how funny that their sentence got handed down today), but the kid was really in the balloon here, but died when a helicopter pilot flew too close and the balloon was destroyed. The kid had already become unconscious due to the altitude, but upon discovering the dead body, the fact pattern noted, ("An autopsy report is still pending,") which made me chuckle, I admit it.

And that was just the first fact pattern. So there was potential burglary, robbery, involuntary manslaughter with potential 2nd degree murder, conspiracy, attempt, extortion, damn, it's a three hour exam and we all could have written more.

Anyway, I'm at the airport now, trying to fly home. I am five hours early, in the hopes of snaking something on standby. This probably would have been more likely if a flight to my city hadn't been diverted this morning, don't know what that was about. So there's about twenty people on standby for a flight at 4:30 connecting through New York. I'll stick with my direct flight, thanks. Of all the cities to get stuck in, I'd take LGA, but really, I'd like to pass on that altogether, mmmkay.

And because it occurred to me about a week ago I have NO PRESENTS for my nieces, I get to go shopping on xmas eve! Smart, that's me. I'm dragging their mother, Veloute along, so she can point to stuff and I can buy it. Win.

I have two books with me, Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane and The Road by Cormac McCarthy. If I can find an outlet, I shelled out $7.95 for the honor of using the airport wifi. (SOME airports let you use it for free, but WHATEVER.) So I can play online, and I do have two DVDs--To Sir, With Love and the first disc, first season of XXXholic: Vol 1, neither of which I've seen before.

On the other hand, the bartender here now knows my name and started off by trying to get me a Bloody Mary. Nice. I'm opting for white wine since I don't wish for any of my drinks to revisit me on the flight, kwim? And he's pouring freely from the bottle for refills rather than bringing me normal glasses, so this could be the place to stay for a bit... ;)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why should I listen to you, anyway? You're a virgin who can't drive.

I was sad to see Brittany Murphy died today, at 32. Naturally, aside from "cardiac arrest," they don't say anything about the cause, just rumors of diabetes or anorexia...

It goes without saying she was so adorable in Clueless...I've seen her in other roles, and while she was always good, the movies seldom were. It's really a shame the material just wasn't worthy.

And we were going to make you King of the Winter Carnival!


Now get the fuck off my computer, cat, I have to study. (I mean, I do have the heat turned on, you know...)

(Seriously, by the time I discovered this, his fat little body had added 300+ empty slides to my criminal law presentation, ha ha. I just re-opened it.)

Pearls! The woman is wearing PEARLS in the KITCHEN!!

I started Julie & Julia last night, not very far in yet, but I'm enjoying it. I really like Amy Adams--I know everyone says they just want more of the Meryl scenes (and I can still see why)--but for the record I really do enjoy Amy Adams.

Anyway. Thank GOD one of my exams was YESTERDAY morning and not THIS morning. Because FUCK. ME.

That's the marsh outside my window. It's usually water. It has been freezing over a little in the mornings but this is new. And you can barely see the train station, let alone the Boston skyline.

The area between the door and screen was even filled with snow! That's what the winds are like!

Someone likes it, though.

The snow is blowing sideways. I have been watching people shovel the front of our building and trucks plowing by and it is a really sad exercise in futility.

There is, seriously, more snow on the path than when he started.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It’s just noise comin’ out of an ugly scientist.

My neck is incredibly sore from sleeping on it wrong. Nice work.

I am very much procrastinating this morning. I need to not do that.

For one thing, I told myself that if I got a lot done today, I could go to a special screening tonight. It's in Braintree, so it's just a ten-minute drive south of my little town. It's the first time Doctors Without Borders has allowed a documentary to be filmed while they work, and wow, if that doesn't just sound uplifting enough right there, how about a clip?

It's called Living In Emergency. It's screening in NYC tonight but they're broadcasting the screening and the follow-up Q & A at various theaters nationwide at 7:30. It's also on the shortlist for Oscar documentaries (shocker).

If nothing else, it's guaranteed to take my mind off my studies.

And I know, I've been posting recently but mostly I've been sneaking in clips and songs and whatnot and those aren't really posts are they? But there is very little going on in my day lately.

Wake up.

Sit in downstairs cafe and drink too much coffee.

Dick around online.


Dick around online.

(We won't explore the time proportions on these, mmkay?)

Start drinking.

(We also won't explore what time of day these occur.)

Keep studying but go upstairs to prevent more dicking around online.

Eat. Pass out.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

This can't just be shagging. A mini-break means true love.

Speaking of awesome chicks who play the piano...

You know, I almost got to see Weezer a week ago. My friend S thought she might end up with an extra ticket, which I would have gladly taken her up on, but she ended up not having one. And then the band got in an accident and Rivers Cuomo had to go to the hospital for minor injuries so the show was canceled anyway. (I think all is well once more.) But I really had fun at Weezer when I saw them in Austin nine years ago!

Anyway, I thought this was a cute song and was thrilled to see they asked Sara Bareilles to sing with them.

But see, that's another new album I didn't know about. Dang.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let's get you a cocktail.

It's sad really, how disconnected I have become from normal everyday things like news, movies and music. I got a $15 itunes gift card from my mother-in-law, and not knowing what new albums had even come out this year, I glanced at NPR's All Songs Considered, a podcast I used to listen to but haven't in ages. Well, I opted for the new Regina Spektor album, Far, since I previewed a few tunes and I usually really like her stuff. Plus she's ttly cute and I will see her live one day. (You know how I like my chicks'n'pianos...well, though I was never a huge Tori Amos fan, but whatevs.)

But it's far more fun to say that my mother-in-law also (indirectly) purchased Jay-Z's 99 Problems for me as well. (And it's true!)

Anyhoo,it's almost time to go home! 2 down and 3 to go. I think a really good new album will help me to the finish line. (That and all that popcorn, Alex, you rock!!)

Friday, December 11, 2009

I don't show my tits for watered down Bud.

I'm not just putting on an eye-candy parade, really, I have a reason here.

First of all, I have been studying too much because I sat here at my laptop for a good twenty seconds going, "What is that bastard's name again?!?!" before I remembered. Sad.

Anyway, I'm told they were ridiculously on sale, but I am now the happy owner of the first THREE seasons of Supernatural! Hooray! (And yes, Mob, it's a great show, it's not just an excuse for me to drool over Jensen Ackles on a weekly basis, ha ha! On the other hand, erm, that is sort of what Castle is (only for Nathan Fillion), so I'm not going to pretend like I'm too good for that...that show is such a guilty pleasure, but it does somehow manage to be cute and watchable, again, clearly because of NF.)

ANYWAY. Dying to rewatch the first season of Supernatural. I remember it being really great except for one episode, I think it was on the second disc, called Bugs. Omfg. It was such a "Which One of These Does Not Belong" Seasame Street moments. The whole episode was total shit and there was this great scene with spiders in a We were positive they were little plastic spider rings with the rings cut off and you could infact--I swear--hear them clattering to the floor when someone picked up a white towel full of them. Ed Wood would have been proud.

And I'm not yet vouching for season 4; it was treading real thin ice and I've yet to complete it.

So good xmas so far! I get prezzies as study breaks, but I am very good about not watching them that instant. Oh, and here is my Enterprise (mentioned in the previous post):


And I also admit that yesterday was not as full of studies as it ought to have been...

One of the xmas prezzies I got from my mother-in-law was an Express gift card and well, I have been wanting to go shopping there lately...practically speaking, I need some type of suit...impractically speaking, a girl can always use a new dress for a rockin' New Year's Eve party! ;)

So I compromised and found 2 suiting skirts (the jacket sleeves were a tad long and it was also a little tight, so no go) and I got a wearable-for-other-occasions little B & W dress. (There was a tiny strapless black dress with swatches of sparkly and I was very good at talking myself out of it.) I also got a couple shirts and another dress. It was a great day to go shopping--since it was a weekday, I had two people waiting on me hand and foot (in a good way for once, not in that annoying, pestering go-the-fuck-away manner) and I talked the girl into splitting up my purchase into 2 transactions so I could use the coupon twice (you got $30 off if you spent $75) and even with my gift card, I still spent too much.

Considering I haven't been clothes shopping since probably last year, though, WHEE!!

So yes, I know, this was my most titillating post yet, but what do you expect when I'm procrastinating? And you can probably also tell how much coffee I've had.

For any fellow procrastinators or anyone needing a great laugh, here was mine for the day (thanks, dad!):

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Gretchen Carlson Dumbs Down
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All you had to do was come and say, "Hi" or "thanks", or something... I mean... But no, you sent me to a restaurant with shitty breadsticks!

Wow, whoops, sorry about that. No updates AND you get to stare at Steven Tyler. I will try to make amends.

So at least if I don't update, you can enjoy some Nathan.

It has started getting cold finally (even though it's colder in Texas, wth). Yesterday morning was my first midterm. I woke up, looked out the window to see big gusty wins of fat wet snowflakes swooshing all around. It would have been pretty had it not been so unfortunate looking, as it is when one is realizing one must go out in it shortly.

And nothing was uglier than the midterm itself. It was my first but the one that I--and everyone--was dreading most. There is nothing I could have done differently study-wise, they were two essay questions I felt were a little out of the blue, one in particular. Whatever, it's over.

Another one Saturday. It's an easier one but I also don't want to blow it off. Big mistake. Huge.

13 days til I can get THE HELL OUT OF HERE YAY!! It's not so much that I'm eager to leave Boston, it's just that I'm incredibly eager to GO HOME!!

I am also very excited to see ACTUAL REAL THEATER MOVIES!! First of all:

I just couldn't put up an actual image from The Road cause every image is so bleak and melodramatic looking. I haven't read the book but I'm thinking that it and Shutter Island will keep me company at the airport. My friend L saw it already (she adores the book) and said that while it was incredible and did well by the book, she said Do. Not. Watch It. Til After Midterms. Real upper, you see.

And you know I'm ttly spazzy to see The Lovely Bones cause it's Peter Jackson and the trailer looks like it too does well by the book. Another upper.

I'm hoping it's sort of in that Heavenly Creatures vein. It just looks like it will be visually captivating and I'm all for that. Happy happy happy to be sucked into anything not law-related.

Of course the problem is that no matter what the topic, I often can only think of law-related issues. It's sad. It happens with receipts, it happens at the grocery store, it happens when friends get mugged, it's taking over my brain.

But movies, want! Silly stuff, too. Want me some Clooney in Up in the Air, want some Princess & the Frog, anything. One of those two might be a treat Saturday after the midterm, not sure. The 3rd midterm may be a bit of a beast, and the last one surely is, so have to take it easy with my "treats."

Nothing else special going on. Oh! I did get home and watch the new Star Trek movie last night, one of my xmas prezzies from D. I took pics of it, but I'm not on my laptop at the moment, so this is almost it (the one below is the Blu-Ray, but you get the idea):

So the Enterprise model IS the DVD case. The saucer section opens up and has 2 DVDs inside. It is SO COOL and my inner dork is so happy. So it sits on top of the DVD shelves because obviously it doesn't shelve very well. ;)