Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I tune out self-pity. It makes my dick soft.

Yes, I am still here.

I'm pretty sure the connecting flight through LGA to home just boarded and I heard them begging for five people to get off and get $500 passes instead. Hope they don't ask my flight the same thing. I mean, they CAN. I won't be volunteering for jack.

I am playing around on Cute Overload, Texts From Last Night and Fail Blog. And I had to leave my gate area because I was giggling too much. Some favorites...I like to think you can work out what comes from where:

(513): So I was just looking through the calendar on my phone seeing what day new years was on & on dec 31st at 9am it says "nude champagne toast". Guess we have to do it.

Followed by some AWWWWWWWWWWWWW:

And some creepy:

This last one kinda reminds me of the "sign" posted in the elevator that goes from the Park Station platform to the street level. Someone has taken a Sharpee (blue) and just written on the white plastic part of the wall (so there is really no "sign" to speak of), "Do not urinate on elevator. You are on camera!" And I always cringe a lot and try not to breathe. At first I thought, "I'm never taking this elevator again!" But let's face it, those law books and my computer are pretty fucking heavy. So yeah, sometimes I ride in an oft-pissed-in elevator to get to the street. Meh, whatcha gonna do. At least it always smells severely of bleach and death in there.

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