Monday, January 04, 2010

I threw out all my Colin Firth movies in case they thought that was "erotica."

I have had a very relaxing break back home, and I'm still not ready to go back. For one thing, yes, it is still in the 30s in TX, but you know what? It's 2 back in Boston. If that. Snowing, windy, and DARK. I enjoy snow as much as any girl from TX, but I kinda like it IN TX where I know it will melt soon. So kinda not looking forward to dragging my luggage through the snow (again) back to my apartment!

But I have been catching up on non-school books and movies. I read Shutter Island, which, although decent and enjoyable, was really not terribly special in my opinion. I think I've just read better books of that ilk and there weren't any surprises in it for me. I love Lehane's Kenzie-Gennaro books, so I was a little disappointed by this one. I honestly think, if done right, it could potentially be a more enjoyable movie. (Even if DiCaprio doesn't look as old or weathered as I imagined Teddy to be, but hey, whatever.)

I haven't checked off a huge number of Golden Globe nominees, but I did see Up In the Air. Wow. That is NOT the comedy everyone touts it to be. Why it even gets categorized as a comedy is beyond me. It's not even really a black comedy; it's a drama with a few laughs maybe? It's a little depressing but realistic and overall very enjoyable; I would highly recommend it, but admittedly it's not the upper one might seek. I did really respect it, however, for a lot of the plot choices. I also got to grin a little as a former employee of one of the companies largely featured in the film. So happy I'm not anymore.

(For the record, Brassed Off! still holds my personal record for most poorly-categorized movie ever. I mean, look at the video cover art.)

Did you see this? This ain't no fuckin' rom-com, guys. It's a fairly depressing look at a brass band who live and practice in a small British town during the demise of their coal industry (I haven't seen it in several years, but that's the gist). Everyone's in debt, utterly depressed, I think there's a suicide attempt and all the characters can no longer maintain even a scrap of hope. THE HELL IS UP WITH THE COVER OF THAT VIDEO BOX, YOU KNOW? I mean, I remember laughing ONCE at a cute line, but it is not a comedy by any means.

Sorry, just one of my rants...

And speaking of uplifting, I'm going to start reading The Road next since I wanted to read it before seeing it...keep the sharp objects away! Definitely going to need something actually uplifting here pretty soon...


SkylersDad said...

Happy New Year Ellen, in case I haven't already said that!

Ellen Aim said...

Thank you!! Happy New Year!