Sunday, January 17, 2010

Details of your incompetence do not interest me.

How is it possible that Meryl Streep looks so normal (you know, lines, shadows, age, etc) in Julie & Julia but then at these award shows, with no special lighting, effects, cameras, etc., she looks so goddamn gorgeous? The woman just glows with awesomeness.

(And I am here to say that I would bet nations that Julia Roberts is drunk right now. Seriously, I can spot that shit. And right on, the woman has twins and a third kid, it's probably a rare night out, I'd be eight sheets to the wind, too. But kudos to her, I saw her laugh out loud at NBC--in their face on live TV--"You guys are in the toilet right now!" That was so fucking great.)

Colin Farrell pokes hilarious fun at Meryl Streep for being nominated twice in one category. And she WINS, natch. DUH, and well deserved! No shit, this woman is just so modest and genuine, how does she keep this up. What a neat, neat lady.

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