Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You play that thing one more time and I'm gonna melt it down into hairspray.

So I went to my usual late-lunch place towards the end of last week. It's my little hideaway very close to school where I've never seen another student. I sneak away in the late afternoon sometimes when I can't be in that building anymore. I love it. Plus I have two waitresses who know me by heart and promptly bring me my chicken sandwich and Hoegaarden. It's like the opposite of that Frantics skit.

But last week I was working when she brought my second Hoegaarden and when I finally glanced up to retrieve it, I noticed that infact, it had a giant black straw sticking out of it. I laughed, and the next time she walked by I asked, "Really? I really look like I need a straw today?" Apparently she was also preparing a water at the time, but I thought it was funny in any case.

(I did not drink it with the straw, thanks.)

Completely unrelated, but I have been recently partaking of Student Health Services, and even though they don't seem to be able to maintain appointments any better than an unconscious crack-whore (they rescheduled on me TWICE in one week), the woman I see is so much better than nearly anyone I've ever seen before, I really don't care. But long story short, I ran across this on TFLN and had to snicker...

(217): So I just went to student health services and on my way in there was a girl outside on her phone saying "I just dont want you to be angry" and on my way out she was saying "I have the side effects sheet right here" Someone started the semester off classy.

And because good things come in threes (no pun intended, considering the last one):

757: Sarah Palin just got hired for Fox News. Watch out Jersey Shore... there's a new drinking game in town.

(918): I told him to show me what he was made of and he came on my face. Law students are so technical.

That's right, I'm back to phoning it in, people.

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