Sunday, January 17, 2010

You know, if you wouldn't open your mouth everything would be just fine.

Btw, I'm too lazy to take still shots tonight so I'll just post random pics I happen to like of the celebs, which is more fun for me anyway.

Marion Cotillard looks unusually skinny tonight? Maybe it is her super slinky black number. But she is so fabulous.

And is it just me or is Bradley Cooper a weird love child of Ralph Fiennes and Matthew McConnaughey?

Wow, my delicious husband Colin Firth just showed up. The annoying interviewer was playing with his bling buttons and cuff links. He admitted he could never afford either, but all I know is he can just talk for days, wear those cuff links and honey, we're in business.

Whoops, sorry. I mean, "He's a very talented actor." *cough*

Mariah Carey's tits just showed up. They brought the face, too, but uh, I can't stop staring at her weird balloon tits.

Okay, this may not actually be Mariah Carey, it may even be a drag queen.

But you know how I feel about that shit, I can't really post her face here. And this way you get the idea.

But you know, I did hear that Helen Mirren originally had her part in Precious but dropped out. And now Mariah's all, "They put all this ugly makeup on me..." Um, no. They didn't put any makeup on you, honey, that's why it worked. You looked normal. Bitch, you shoulda kept your mouth shut, I was kinda liking you for once. But no, you open your mouth and remind me just what a total waste of flesh you actually are, kthxbai.


Whew! There's Bob to save the day! My gorgeous other husband, he and Colin alternate days. Lookin' good, hope he wins tonight, he was the only thing Sherlock Holmes had going for it.

Well, that and fun. Shirtless fun. *cough* Anyway.

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