Monday, January 11, 2010

As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit. You won't need much, just a tiny taste.

So I watched Cheri and boy was it mediocre. Seriously, this hat was one of the best moments.

The creepy May-December romance that kicked off 11 minutes in would have been less creepy if she hadn't kept referring to knowing him as a 6-year-old. And while it may have been intentional and certainly a key aspect of the film, well, um, Michelle Pfieffer was not always looking...well, I really hesitate to blame age because I truly think the fact that she appeared to weigh 90 pounds soaking wet was the real problem. She looked positively anorexic. When one appears gaunt, it's just not sexy.

Anyway. It wasn't overly long at least, and it was mildly enjoyable the way a trip to the dentist is great when you don't hear you have a cavity. It wasn't offensively bad but it was a pretty piss-poor effort overall. In my opinion, anyway.

And sure, Rupert Friend is pretty easy on the eyes...

Yes, he loves putting on her pearls. Don't ask. (This picture alone promises so much more than the movie ever delivers.) But the character ended up being such a bratty wanker...the actor did well by the character for the most part, but at some point it was just too much to ask for me to care.

I worked out again today, yay me. I need to push myself a little harder, I realize, but as I said, I'm just thrilled to establish some sort of routine. As long as my exercise regime is slightly more exerting than something on a Liz Lemon level, I can't get too down about it, right?

Classes are really going to kick my ass this semester, too. We start earlier and end later nearly every day, even though the load is only slightly more this semester. Sadly, it's just spread out really poorly. Not to mention my new class sort of terrifies the fuck out of me.

And my little cat is still keeping me company every afternoon with his sad little e-collar on. Apparently 2 weeks away is too long, someone started scratching at old war wounds. It's the most pathetic thing ever, especially when he tries to clean himself and ends up chasing various body parts while running into things with his e-collar...I may join him after much more studying.

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