Saturday, January 09, 2010

Apparently I ain't the only cat on the block that digs Cheetohs!

I actually have a horror movie to recommend! So my dad sent me a list of top ten darker 2009 movies ("10 movies in 2009 you didn't see"), most of which I was able to add to my Netfux queue. I already watched Not Quite Hollywood, which I do recommend. (I think Mob enjoyed it as well, if memory serves.) I’m really not a huge fan of exploitation films but from time to time, they are…entertaining. Well, this look at all Aussie exploitation (Ozploitation!) is really neat, though I can’t say there were any I’m going to personally seek out. (Well, maybe Road Games, ironically the one often looked down upon for casting Americans). But the documentary itself is certainly fun to watch.

Anyway, the horror movie is called Grace.

It’s obvious from the start that it’s either got a decent budget or at least people who know how to shoot as if they have one. Not your usual amateur effort. While I don’t need to see Grace again, it’s really well done. It has the exact sort of pacing, timing, effects and camera work that make a really entertaining horror movie. It’s not over-the-top gore (though there are a couple choice scenes) but it’s also not really a suspense psychological thriller either; it’s just really messed up.

The film seems to be made by people who appreciate horror and love the genre and who certainly have a sense of humor about it. It’s a little reminiscent of early Peter Jackson horror, just not ramped up to 11 like his films are. But on the other hand, Grace does feature an I don’t mean to say it’s mild, either. But it’s got that fun charisma that holds it together and it’s got some pretty nice camera work, which really helps elevate it to a level higher than most horror efforts these days.

So if you like horror movies at all, this was a lot of fun. I wouldn’t want to own it, but I enjoyed watching it.

Also started watching The United States of Tara, which I am really, really enjoying.

It has some great moments, and Toni Collette always makes things worth watching. And even though I was never a fan of Aidan on Sex and the City (unlike most people...but sue me, the guy was a total snooze fest...and I mean the character, not the actor), John Corbett is perfect as her husband. It’s funny and entertaining, just what I need now that the semester’s nearly back on.

Speaking of new semesters and the new year, I have actually worked out three times this week. I haven’t exactly been killing myself when I work out, and the amount of cheese, alcohol and carbs I consume before and after probably means that overall, I’m doing sweet fuck-all to help my health. But hey, if I can establish somewhat of a routine with working out, maybe the diet will follow. Even minute adjustments would probably do wonders. And while I’ve been exercising, I’ve been listening to my Spanish podcasts (gotta pick up a language before graduation cause hey, nothing better to do, right?). So I’m the girl on the treadmill muttering, “Are you from here?” in Spanish. Awesome.

Here’s to keeping it up for another week…


SkylersDad said...

Grace sounds like a pretty psyco movie. Good luck with school!

Ellen Aim said...

It's a little on the demented side, yeah.

And thank you! Fingers crossed!!