Monday, January 04, 2010

I didn't sign up for this shit!

Wow. Avatar was just...bad.

You know I can get behind some fun, goofy crap from time to time. And for the first half of the film, I was totally willing to go with it. But then it just got too awful. It took itself very seriously, the dialogue went from corny to giggle-worthy, and ultimately, there was just too much silly bullshit for me to navigate my way around.

In nearly equal parts, Avatar made me extremely uncomfortable, made me roll my eyes, or made the MST3K voices in my head go off constantly. And it was LONG. What I thought was the unbearable last 30 minutes may have infact been the unbearable last hour.

The first half was passable, you know, it wasn't so bad. But there was this "taming" scene with some beasts...maybe it was just me, but my sister was able to second my unease...well, it was just way too rape-y for my tastes.

As for the Na'vi themselves, why even start a rant when this article, Please Mount My Hot Blue Alien, nails it so much better than I. Funny and spot-on. Thanks, Alex!


SkylersDad said...

I am hearing more and more bad reviews, and from people I trust.

Ellen Aim said...

See it on DVD so you can mock it openly, that's my recommendation.

Veloute said...

Oh man :( Bummer!

Triana said...

See, people I know (and trust) are saying "EGADS, horrible!), but then I watched a crazy news report on it this morning that was all "OMG, best movie EVER! The message, oh the MESSAGE was soooo clear!" Some critic guy said it was the "perfect movie". I am, of course, still dubious and I'm quite certain I won't see any of these "perfect" qualities. It looks like eye candy.

That being said, we'll probably see it this weekend. I want to see the 3D effects on the big screen. Oh man, it's gonna suck.

Ellen Aim said...

Jesus, the message was about as subtle as having an elephant step on your face.

It is interesting visually, I guess? There is that. And I could see most of the 3D, which seemed pretty cool.