Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's even better when you help.

This morning I wrapped up a film called Winter Passing, which I had rented on a whim while trolling for 2006 releases. Most of the time, if you haven't heard of it, there's a reason. But truthfully it wasn't that bad. It starred Zooey Deschanel and Ed Harris, and a very odd (but very good) role for Will Farrell. I guess he's not so bad. The movie was totally forgettable, but not necessarily bad. Pleasantly mediocre. (Ouch). Especially if you like bleak and depressing. And then there was...

To Have and Have Not. I love re-watching all my B&W favorites now that they're on DVD and I have a TV that kicks ass. However, I should note that this was the very first time I'd even seen To Have and Have Not. I know, I've just embarrassed my entire family. Oh well. Obviously, I really liked it. The ending was way easier than I expected...what can I say, I've been conditioned to expect the melodrama of Casablanca. But damn Lauren Bacall was smoky! I mean, they certainly were as a couple as well, but damn! I read in the imdb trivia that her role was originally much smaller and the other woman was supposed to be his love interest. But due to the public interest in their off-screen affair, her role was significantly increased. Score for her.

Anyway. Damn.

Off for more movie-viewings...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

He told me he's got a face on his dick.

Alex saves the day!!

My sister has sent me my very own copy of Kamikaze Girls, on the way, to help balance out the shittiness of being unemployed and desperately searching for work. Screw those Netfuckers.

I may be unemployed very soon, but by god, I'll be watching some good shit.

I have no idea where I'd be without cool sisters.

Speaking of which, time to go nibble gingerbread cho from Vermont!! *drools* (even though it is right in front of her).

Australia. What fresh hell is this?

So I finally got around to watching The Proposition last night. "That's not from The Proposition!" you say. "Bite me," says I.

Well hmmm. I appear to be the only one out there who hadn't seen it yet AND...yes, the only one who hated it. It was gorgeous, I give it that. And it successfully made everyone totally filthy, way to go. (Which is why you'll take the hot Guy Pearce & tiger cub pic and you'll like it).

And if in my ramblings I inadvertently give something away, I apologize. If you haven't seen it and plan to, I might not read this paragraph (or two). I won't go into details, if that helps. Every. Single. Person. Sucked. Wait, wait, wait. Yes, I can watch a film wherein I don't like anyone, but seriously, I didn't empathize with anyone, except Emily Watson and Ray Winstone, who is the good guy, I guess? And dude! Don't they know that Emily Watson rape scenes are a -1,000 points right there? What the fuck? Granted it was a tame-ish rape scene (what the hell am I saying??) and the ending went the right way, but how was this not a totally predictable and loathsome film? As soon as she put on that Christmas dress and made everything all pretty I thought, "You're so getting raped." And while Westerns may have a hard time surprising us, this one had nothing redeeming to offer in exchange. I just fucking hated it. It had absolutely nothing going for it. I adore Guy Pearce and Emily Watson, but I've got about ten other films apiece should I need a fix.

I thought the characters were ok, but again, didn't give two shits about anyone. The story was obvious from start to finish. I felt no tension (and again, did I mention how much I DIDN'T CARE) and while normally gore and violence are great by me so long as the story is actually good, here it was just distracting. Like they spent all their time on the blood instead of the story (and backs me up here: Nick Cave finished the script in three weeks! It FEELS like it! Sorry, Nick Cave.) Instead I just dreaded the end I knew was coming, which, although suitable, came a little too late for my taste.

Why didn't I just post a review on Big Suck Loser, you ask? Well, first of all, skincarver already did and loved it (9/10, sorry!), and also because I don't think this is really a "review", but more of a "bitchrant".

I wanted to watch Kamikaze Girls again, but NetFUCKERS sent me a CRACKED copy. So instead you get to read my bitchrant.

Also watched Why We Fight, which was decent. Far less "fair and balanced" than I'd heard (they had ONE dude every once in a while state a view from the other side), but since I agree with it of course I'm going to like it.

And D didn't hate The Proposition the way I did. He thought it was ok but doesn't need to see it again. So there's fair and balanced for you.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Back up in your ass with the resurrection.

Ah, all rainy this morning. I'm having my americano, austin radio (KGSR...and just for me they are playing Not Ready to Make Nice) and

for breakfast. Cat tongues! Yuuuuummmmm.

Good thing it's raining, that really drives the business in. (Please read with sarcasm font). As Donna says, it's like having movie day in school. If we had a TV, I'd so put on Lady & the Tramp and just be done with it.

D tilled up the yard yesterday (backyard). So excited to play. We have to wait a little for things to die and then rake it out. I want to buy an evergreen tonight to plant against the fence...our neighbors' backyard (who, in their defence (ha ha! get it?) we rarely see and are quite pleasant) is just so right there. If everyone ends up in their backyards at the same time it's weird to pretend no one's there. So here come a few evergreens...

Ooh, and I was over at J's house yesterday late afternoon and I got to experience his audio/video set-up. He has an actual video projector, so he built himself a little theatre, complete with some of the sweetest speakers (which he got through a trade at work) and a genuine screen (made from formica, bought at Home Depot!), measuring around 5 ft by 12 ft and then masked for the proper proportions. The audio is what really does it for me (and apparently it's not too loud outside).

We watched all the best bits of Moulin Rouge! and OH. MY. GOD. I forgot, that's all there is to it. I simply forgot how crucial the best audio and video are for that film. I mean, it's great when viewed normally, but oh! When viewed as in a theatre...I was completely sober and it almost made me cry how gorgeous it looked and sounded. (Plus it was a couple feet from my face). I could never afford that stuff, nor do I have his connections, but nothing's stopping me from visiting all the time! (Actually, while he only lives ten minutes from me, neither of us is ever home).

Ok, I'm off to go endure "Well, I guess I'll pick those up next year!" jokes.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I got a meeting with the Bobs in a couple of minutes.

I couldn't settle on an image to really embody the emotion of recent days, so I just chose two.

(found by googling images for "teen angst") and then

This one's more me, though.

So we're going out of business. By declaring bankruptcy. Which means everyone is going to hate us (vendors we use, that is). We're not coming out (so to speak) until next week when the paperwork really goes through. But that makes ordering stuff in the meantime awkward. We have to start sending people elsewhere for most products and services, save the lab itself, which is really my department. So the lab is still operating (and becoming the one sound source of revenue), but the ship is on its way down very, very soon.

And I need to get the fuck off.

This involves searching (desperately) for jobs. At least maybe I can score something closer to home. Even if it pays less, time and gas are a consideration, too.

Flying out to New York City next week has me a tad nervous, but it's not like I was going to be getting paid during that time anyway. Also, all my little freelance trivia for a local theatre has been adding up and it's nice that I can say, "Ok, pay me please!" and voila. So that helps a little.

But I will be sad to be working elsewhere. After all, Cinema Mark and I have the Starbucks people here trained beautifully. They even know which is mine and which is his. And they call me Sarah. I never meant for them to learn my name, but that's just the name I give when I order their coffee (ok, it's also my pizza ordering name). I just loathe their sleazy facade of friendliness and the pretense that they really are my buddy by forcing their employees to both learn and call me by name. So ha! I win. And luckily Mark has learned not to be confused in the early AM when they ask him if Sarah wants her usual.

And the Chick-fil-A lady knows I like the Polynesian Sauce with my chikin minis! And she's just so pleasant.

I know, you're going to argue that the turn-around at those places means we'd be training new people to our whims and desires all over again in a month anyway. But the point is I get to bitch about it now.

And not to mention I don't really have to deal with people much, I can crank up the Austin radio, I like what I do and (most of) the people I work with...I can basically come and go at will...losing these things will suck. I kinda loathe the idea of finding a whole new job and learning their particular set of office politics all over again. Fuck's sake.

And to make matters worse (or better?) I finally got a date and time from my Austin friend Don on David Lynch's Inland Empire. It's coming to Austin via the Austin Film Society and he'll be showing it personally. It's a fucking Wednesday. I'm looking forward both to the excuse I'll have to conjure up at my new job and the drive (three hours there and back) itself. Thanks, David.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

You may be the universe's butt-puppet, but I'm its right-hand fist of fate. And tonight... accounts are comin' due.

If anyone needs me, I'll be drinking and watching




Wonderfalls makes almost anything better. (Except for like, two episodes that kinda fall flat).

Good luck with your layoffs, all right? I hope your firings go really well.

Well it would appear that my job is hanging by a thread, what good holiday cheer. The owner is meeting with bankruptcy lawyers this next week or the one after, like it matters. It would seem the time frame is anywhere from one to six months. The personnel manager told me that if I needed to give no notice that was okay by him. Well jesus, that's scary. But good to know I guess. Later, fuckers! I wish.

Apparently the PM has been fielding phone calls from debt collectors for about a year now. He said they're actually fairly easy to handle. You say you're sending money and they're happy. And you know, you do actually send them a little something. He said, however, that it had gotten a little different lately. A lot of places, including Kodak, have started farming out those jobs to foreign countries. So lately, Shayeev has been calling and harrassing PM for money.

S: "You said you were going to send two checks and you have not."

PM: "No, I said I was going to send two if I could. I sent the first one last Monday and I haven't been able to send the second one yet."

long pause

S: "This is a broken promise."

PM is thrown, tries not to giggle.

S: "We need the other check."

PM: "Well, there's not a whole lot I can do about it right now."

S: "You are going to end up on credit hold."

PM: "Ooooooh, credit hold."

S: "Sir, I don't think you're taking this very seriously."

PM: "What are you going to do, take away my birthday?"

So I guess after a year you kinda stop caring. This place couldn't be more of a sinking ship. At this point, it's just a matter of who gets off first. They asked Cinema Mark to take next week off to make that deadish week a little less painful. (Though more painful for me if anyone had cared to ask!) They tried to get me to take an extra day which, while days off sure are fun, they don't really pay the bills. And I reminded them that I'll be gone for two days next week...when I'm in New York, bitches! I just hope I'm not too depressed about my job to enjoy it.

I'm eating at Les Halles and watching Julianne Moore (assuming it doesn't close) and work can bite me.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well, I'm sure Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipples.

Well a very happy Christmas Eve to all. We already have a fire going, which is nice. It even looks all snowy-ish outside, so exciting for little Denton, TX. I mean, it WON'T, I don't think there's even a mouse fart of a chance, but it's cloudy and therefore I can pretend and no one can stop me.

In my spare time here on Christmas Eve morning, my lack of something more constructive to do had me googling images for "Merry Bloody Christmas," and well, here you go.

Or would you rather I just be trite and normal?

Yesterday I watched Little Miss Sunshine, and I'm glad I went in with lowish expectations. It had its moments and was at least a oncer. Toni Collette is always worth watching though I did feel she went a bit un-used here. Greg Kinnear was great...especially since he had by far the most loathsome character to play.

Also saw Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (I know, so xmassy in both cases). Now that was good. Except I don't think anyone should cover "I'm Your Man," it just doesn't work. Nick Cave did it no. But all the rest of the tributes (don't worry, Nick Cave did another one and it was great) were excellent.

But I'm being more xmassy today and have already watched The Lemon Drop Kid, which is certainly one of my faves for the holidays. I think the winner by far is easily The Man Who Came to Dinner, and I'm waiting to sling that one on til I crack the champagne open around 1. Hey, we cracked open the port, red wine and cheese and snausages around two yesterday! I have to cram in all my alochol since we leave at nine tomorrow for the in-laws...

And speaking of being medicated for the holiday, I bought serious meds for Bourdain finally, who has now twice shat and barfed on the road (though I didn't take him this last time...and yet, I still got to clean him up in the bathroom...wait a minute)! And no, we're not stupid, we did try to drug him this last time. The not-my-favorite vet suggested children's Benodryl. Cherry or grape? Neither for Bourdain, thanks. He ate maybe half (in whatever wily way D tried to sneak it in) and it did fuck-all. So I went to my real vet (who still remembers me!) and he gave me these things that will knock him the fuck out for six hours. And they're fifty cents each!! (Uh, can I have one?) So basically they are cheaper than the Benodryl AND they work. Weird.

And back to the in-laws, it sounds as if they'll be moving to Fort Worth in March, so at least this may be the last trip to Tyler. We won't be having any family get-togethers for the holidays I hope (two very nice families, two very different families), but it will certainly make the drive easier.

And in closing, one of my favorite holiday songs...(and while we're at it, why can't I look or sound like this? Do I need to get a piano first? What? Why are you looking at me like that?) And best of all, the person who uploaded this added "No copyright infringement intended." Is that what we're doing now?

I hope to post before leaving for Tyler. We'll see how much the drink affects my typing. Off to watch Scrooged, the title got me in the mood.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Spaghetti-Os with meat.

D and I went to Interlochen last night, which is the neighborhood in Arlington most famous for their lights. It totally lacked any shred of the imagination on 42nd Street in Austin (do I have the street right?). Some were ok, but mostly I just salivated over the houses. There were throngs of people out to see them (they say don't even think about going on the weekends) and even police to direct traffic. I guess it's pretty big within the metroplex. But to the people of Interlochen, and really, to anyone who decorates their yard, I have one thing to say:

Just stop it:

I mean, seriously. These angel/baby things just creep me the fuck out.

And Santa on a motorcycle is just not anywhere near as funny as you'd like it to be. Certainly not enough to put a whole inflatable (which are so wrong to begin with) up. I think if you are going to put up an inflatable, your house itself has to be at least ten times the size of the inflatable. That would be the only thing that could distract from something that tacky.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nine years of ballet, asshole!

What a long, long week.

YouTube really does have everything. I have no idea if this is even funny, but for me (and anyone in my immediate family), it's pure nostalgia.

And just for my mom...

And yet somehow they didn't have Gas Station Washroom. How is that possible?

My job is hardly rocket science. Shit, putting a toy rocket together would be harder. But now that the five people who work here have shifted in responsibilities somewhat, it leaves me to do absolutely everything in the lab by myself. And this time of year it's enough to do someone in.

Last night I got a weird desire to listen to Cats, which in turn makes me want to see Jeffery. In any case, I think wanting to listen to Cats is surely a sign of approaching the nervous breakdown edge.

And I'm %^&$^* hungry right now. Where the hell is my pizza!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I just want to find a fish who isn't afraid of my dark chocolate layer... and of course she'd have to love my cookie too.

To make up to Veloute for snickering at Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (giggle), my subject line is from One Fine Day. It didn't make my 100 embarrassing list, but know, if it was already ooooon...well, I might not change the channel...*hides* (Though I would still love to see both children in that film slowly tortured to death).

So far I bought Christian a swing. Hey, he needed "environment!" I tried to get him going with some ladies...I tried to hug this one slut and she was all "ugh!" so then I tried to flirt with this guy (hey, it let me! And you haven't seen Christian, what a swinger!) and he lost points!!! I surely hope you CAN flirt with a guy on this thing and score. Otherwise I'll be pissed.

But so far he's quite happy on the toilet, in his bed and with his hunger. And he makes 280 a week. Hmph. I gotta score him a hotter job. At least he's got the swing. But considering his aspiration is 'romance,' it may be dry for C for a while...

Anyhoo, #5. I know I said "from childhood up til now," but I will make this exception as far as specifics go, though I'm sure the trend irritated me as a youngster, though I can think of no specific example from that era. Even the Olsen twins were "actors."

#5. Dumb #$^$% shitheads who are "celebrities" for no fucking reason whatsoever.

I mean, seriously. Who the fuck is this and why do I know her name? No, REALLY. WHAT THE FUCK CAN SHE DO?? Lip sync and vomit? She has money? At least Britney Spears can supposedly "sing;" Lindsay Lohan can supposedly "act!" Paris Hilton is one of the ugliest, most vapid twats I've seen come across my computer screen in...shit, EVER. I hate to even discuss it as I prove my own point that she has succeeded in her ultimate dream to infiltrate the public mind. Money is the one and only reason she's NOT the podunk town whore you pay someone else ten bucks so you can do her in the ass with a bag on her head. She's THAT UGLY!! YES, HIT THE UGLY TREE AND HIT EVERY BRANCH ON THE WAY DOWN!! And she ALWAYS has that goddamn mouth-breathing high-off-her-ass expression.

I would easily part with considerable sums of money to personally pummel her face with brass knuckles cause I'm so GODDAMN SICK OF LOOKING AT IT.

Whoa, I'm sorry. Are these coming across as harsh?

Anyway. #6.

#6. Trailers that are better than the movie.

When I first started working at Carmike, I was taught this lesson courtesy of Great Expectations and One Night Stand.

So here are my big three hopefuls for the season...and I'm hoping they don't fall under #6.

The Painted Veil

looks so steamy and depressing!

Notes On a Scandal

It's not going to end well, is it?

The Good German

Yum. Just yum.

And having seen it, I added this to my top ten of the year, but I warn you the trailer is way preachier (and more gooey) than the actual movie. (Could be a variation on complaint #6)...

Friday, December 15, 2006

I'll join this conversation on the proviso that we stop bitching about wigs, dresses, bust sizes, penises, drugs, night clubs and bloody Abba!

So recently my dad asked the three of us (daughters) to compile our top 100 list of movies we could watch over and over again. This is a fairly embarrassing list (in my case, anyway). As Alex pointed out, we can't really count the Breaking the Waves types among them. Great stuff, but it's hardly go-to material. And having seen all the lists, I finally made my final list.

If it's in italics, then the three daughters all agree. (Since we're all Generation X (uh, aren't we?), it's categorically interesting?) If it's in bold, then all three daughters AND the father agree...

And it's in no order whatsoever. Cause I said so. And I picked pictures for whatever I found that was cool. So there.

Oooh, and if I put **** around it, then it's in my absolute top 10 for go-tos; it's just a question of what I grab first.

1. Watership Down
**2. The Breakfast Club**
3. Bringing Up Baby
4. Goodfellas
5. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
6. Die Hard
7. Amateur
8. Nina Takes a Lover
9. Only You
10. A Fish Called Wanda

11. Fierce Creatures
12. Lonesome Dove (Alex started it! And I would only need one bathroom break!) (ahem, this is in reference to the fact that it's supposed to be movies-only, but we uh, kinda cheated a little)
13. Horror Express
14. That Thing You Do!
15. Four Weddings and a Funeral
16. What's Up, Doc?
17. The Full Monty
**18. Thelma & Louise**
19. Strange Days
20. Romancing the Stone

21. The Silence of the Lambs
22. The Goodbye Girl
23. Lost In Translation
**24. Working Girl**
25. Ghostbusters
26. Dead Poets' Society
27. Clueless
**28. After Hours**
29. Strictly Ballroom
30. Pretty In Pink

**31. Streets of Fire**
32. Mystic Pizza
33. Being There
34. Charade
35. The Man Who Came to Dinner
36. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
37. The Secret of NIMH
38. My Dinner With Andre
39. Amadeus
40. Planes, Trains and Automobiles

41. Parenthood
42. Christmas In Connecticut
43. L.A. Confidential
44. Casablanca
**45. Bandits (German)**
46. The Lemon Drop Kid
47. To Kill a Mockingbird
48. Time After Time
49. The Professional
50. All About Eve

51. Go
52. American Psycho
53. Boogie Nights
**54. Kicking and Screaming (1995)**
55. The Last Days of Disco
56. Jeffrey
57. Pretty Woman (you all have permission to BITE ME)
58. Frankie & Johnny
59. Mononoke Hime
60. Ghost World

61. Adventures in Babysitting
62. Closer (I am so alone)
63. Contact (yup, Jodie Foster)
64. Grosse Point Blank
65. Home For the Holidays
66. In Good Company
67. The Limey
**68. Living Out Loud**
69. Moulin Rouge!
70. Office Space

71. Party Girl
72. Meet the Feebles
73. Kamikaze Girls
**74. Midnight Run**
75. Say Anything
76. Secretary
77. Heat
78. The Joy Luck Club
79. La Strada
80. Bangkok Hilton (a miniseries, but maybe 4 hrs? so good)

**81. Bridget Jones' Diary**
82. La Vita e Bella
83. The Fugitive
84. Raiders of the Lost Ark
85. Stand By Me
86. Mulholland Drive
87. The Linguini Incident
88. It Happened One Night
89. Beauty and the Beast
90. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

91. Peter's Friends
92. The 25th Hour
93. Don't Bother to Knock
94. Sense and Sensibility
95. Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth one, der)
96. Saved
97. Big
98. When Harry Met Sally
99. Sleepless In Seattle
100. Real Genius

Wow. Holy shit. While there were a TON of things that 3 of us agreed upon out of 4, the one and only thing we all had on all our lists was Priscilla. Correct me if I'm wrong!!

So that's how it is in their family...

Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it just looks like a big Tylenol.

My dad sent me this. Cute.

Well, we opened xmas prezzies here at the Arlington house last night. I'm so set. I got my yearly bottle of wine to go with the Oscars (Napa Valley Cab from a small and private vineyard who doesn't put out very many bottles but it's great stuff. So I imagine it will be the Al Pacino of wines). We'll see come Oscartime. It's what I'll be drinking while Helen Mirren picks up her Oscar.

I also got, SQUEE!

The Sims 2 (for my Mac!) with two expansion packs: Night Life and University. You will all never see me again.

So far I have created Christian, the hottest redhead in black you ever saw. I planted him into the Desperate-Housewives-esque neighborhood. I get triple bonus points if Christian gets WooHoo with two Sims at once.

So I gotta go, cause I cannot for the life of me get the roof to work. And Christian NEEDS a roof, you know? If he's gonna get any...

(Seriously, the fuck's going on here? Is he date-raping her?)

And no. 4... of shit that annoys me. This one's personal, man!

4. If you are a girl, you get to carry a little purse. Look at YOU!

I guess I'm going to lose you on this one, Joe. But in seventh grade, that was when you were Officially supposed to start carrying a purse. To this day, I feel like a poser. Purses are just too girly for me. I feel weird. And I am in no way, shape or form a manly-type girl. I carry around Jiji on my back (from Kiki's Delivery Service) for special going-out occasions. That's borderline odd. But purses? Nah, too girly. Seriously, they are too fucking small for anything other than the makeup I don't wear and the credit cards which I have already dutifully fucked myself with. (Or, as I once said during a meeting at Express when we had to make outfits and then explain what they were for and when they would be used (we made a 'clubbing' outfit): "Nah, she doesn't need a purse. Her ID and condom will fit nicely in her pocket." I had the reputation of being the quiet one.) The hell do I need a purse for? Sorry, but to this day I carry the messenger bag. Good for keeping writing stuff, the book you never know when you'll need, and the eggnog you sneak into Shut Up and Sing! Emphasis on the nog.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

By all means move at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me.

So I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night (after wrapping up season 4 of The West Wing, oh my GAW! but I'll get to that some other day). But I see this morning that it and Meryl Streep have Golden Globe nods. I'm thrilled for her, she's so perfect and everyone knows it. But I do find it a little odd that the film has fallen into the "Musical or Comedy" category because it's really not a comedy and that is, infact, one of its better selling points: it's not trying to make you laugh. This movie is not funny. But it does sell a pretty good formula. Co-worker Donna and I decided that there needs to be a category for "Best Execution of a Formula," and then The Devil Wears Prada could win something, too.

One scene really did do it for me, though. They're in the middle of the daily "run down" or whatever, and the people aren't quite as prepared as she expects; she sort of glides through the group murmuring, "Why is nobody reeeeeeeeady?" Well, "detached evil purring" is the closest I can come to describing it. It just reminded me of being in elementary and junior high school, only I really liked her and just wished I had been more prepared...and then I realized I was sitting on the sofa with Mouche and Meryl Streep wasn't disappointed in me. Probably.

And uh, Borat? Is nominated for best pic and best actor? I refuse to devote any more space to that embarrassment. I'm a big fan of anything different happening to shake things up at these little award shows, however, so I suppose that's a minute plus. But instead, let's segue instead into other things that are annoying.

D and I were discussing the new Hershey Kisses (white chocolate and peppermint, you can see why it came up). I said I wasn't a big fan of Kisses because the quality is a little poor and so often they just taste old. Plus it's another reminder of school as a young child--they were just one of those ubiquitous candies present at the holidays I grew to slowly resent. I think you see where I'm going with this.

1. Quite possibly the most foul candy ever.

I thought it would be fun to do a list of ten things that used to annoy me as a child and continue to annoy me to this day. If I had a giant eraser, here are a couple things I would just wipe off the face of the planet. Now in the case above, it's a gimme really. Does anyone eat those fuckers? The ones pictured here are, at least, amusing. Doesn't mean they don't taste like shit though. I really, really hated (and still do) those goddamn things.

2. Celebrating idiocy and ignorance.

How is Foghorn Leghorn funny? Maybe the accent was just too close to home, maybe I resented the fact that I was supposed to like the ignorant fuckstick. I just always loathed this asshole of a cartoon character. I hated the music, I hated his face...I just wanted someone to come along with a rifle and splatter rooster brains all over the barn. Now that would have been an episode.

3. You can keep your ricockulous 80s sitcoms.

I'm sorry, I just grew up not watching these moronic things and I doubt I would have found them funny anyway. Family Ties, Married With Children, Happy Days, Get Smart, shit, I could be mixing eras for all I know. Having seen snippets over the years, I can't say I missed a goddamn thing. Should you want to talk A-Team, Miami Vice, Moonlighting, Remington Steele, ok, no problem. I apologize for stepping on toes but I've spent 27 years not getting the references and so I would just like to say, loudly and proudly that I'm thrilled I don't. And thanks to Alex for bringing the word ricockulous into my vocabulary.

Well hey, I think that's enough love for one post. I think I'm off tomorrow (so I can know the joy of working this Saturday), which at least means an afternoon screening of The Pursuit of Happyness. Very much looking forward to it.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We love your signs, but what do you have against Dick Cheney?

Merry Christmas brought to you by The Dixie Chicks.

I had one of the shittiest days ever. Everything broke. I can feel my cavity. I am poor. So I went to the theater by myself and watched Shut Up and Sing which was really good, I was impressed.

I only have one of their albums (Wide Open Spaces....and well, I also still have one of the pre-Natalie Maines albums, which they don't really mention much) but I really like the newest one so far.

And thank you muchly, Triana, I got your disc the other day! I started to mention it a couple posts ago but that post never really got off the ground. It's so fantastic to have all these pictures since I wasn't there for a lot of it!!

Oh, and hopefully I will remember to email you as well, but my Canon is an Elan 7, which I bought used from KEH, who Cinema Mark has also used in the past. Great place.

My main machine here at work was down all yesterday. Imagine if your job relied 95% on one machine, and then it broke. And then imagine feeling kinda silly and worthless for the rest of the afternoon but dicking around just enough to make it look like you can still keep busy. Well that was yesterday and it has just now gotten back up and running. So I think the rest of my afternoon is going to be the sort where my evening becomes one in which I go home, make fried pickles and watch as much West Wing as Netfilx has seen fit to send me.

That's TUBBS: Tough, Unique, Bad, Bodacious, Sassy.


Seriously. Was someone trying to be funny? Is that what this is? What the fuck else is the excuse for Colin Farrell? For his pedophile 'stache, his greasy face or his mouth breathing?

That's right, we finally saw Miami Vice. I am so sorry. It had some good looking scenes, especially considering it was shot on video. But that. Was such. Garbage. I hope Gong Li took home the big paycheck. And Jamie Foxx's hairline was nearly as annoying as the pedophile 'stache. Seriously, out of 2 hours and 20 minutes, I found Colin Farrell distracting for 2 hours and 20 minutes. It was just weird. And having seen recent pics of Don Johnson, I certainly don't think that was the way to go either, at this point. But come the fuck on, they could have tried when casting. Why did they bother making it Miami Vice? Nothing about it was even vaguely similiar save the job titles and a remixed "In the Air Tonight," at the end during the big shoot-out. Tubbs was hooked up with Trudy, Sonny buckled like a belt over a dame gone bad, it was all so out-of-character, especially the latter. In the series, he'd have kicked her ass to the curb and been over it by the end of his cigarette.

Later that weekend, however, I had some

and it helped considerably. I don't know about the movie...The King...which was interesting to say the least. I never need to see it again, but the character was, uh, well you just never knew what the fuck was going through his head or what he would do next. But it worked.

Oh yes, and there was a little of

to be had by all. That would be ...Slither, which was far more entertaining than I'd expected. A oncer, though D quite enjoyed it. I think it was already reviewed over at BSL, but Mob was equally as impressed as D. It was delightfully gross and silly all around.

Any other cupcake of the month-style photos I can post? Eh, fuck it.

Because I can.

I loathe the smell of cigarettes, yet find this inexplicably hot. I still think he would have made a damn fine Bond...