Thursday, December 28, 2006

I got a meeting with the Bobs in a couple of minutes.

I couldn't settle on an image to really embody the emotion of recent days, so I just chose two.

(found by googling images for "teen angst") and then

This one's more me, though.

So we're going out of business. By declaring bankruptcy. Which means everyone is going to hate us (vendors we use, that is). We're not coming out (so to speak) until next week when the paperwork really goes through. But that makes ordering stuff in the meantime awkward. We have to start sending people elsewhere for most products and services, save the lab itself, which is really my department. So the lab is still operating (and becoming the one sound source of revenue), but the ship is on its way down very, very soon.

And I need to get the fuck off.

This involves searching (desperately) for jobs. At least maybe I can score something closer to home. Even if it pays less, time and gas are a consideration, too.

Flying out to New York City next week has me a tad nervous, but it's not like I was going to be getting paid during that time anyway. Also, all my little freelance trivia for a local theatre has been adding up and it's nice that I can say, "Ok, pay me please!" and voila. So that helps a little.

But I will be sad to be working elsewhere. After all, Cinema Mark and I have the Starbucks people here trained beautifully. They even know which is mine and which is his. And they call me Sarah. I never meant for them to learn my name, but that's just the name I give when I order their coffee (ok, it's also my pizza ordering name). I just loathe their sleazy facade of friendliness and the pretense that they really are my buddy by forcing their employees to both learn and call me by name. So ha! I win. And luckily Mark has learned not to be confused in the early AM when they ask him if Sarah wants her usual.

And the Chick-fil-A lady knows I like the Polynesian Sauce with my chikin minis! And she's just so pleasant.

I know, you're going to argue that the turn-around at those places means we'd be training new people to our whims and desires all over again in a month anyway. But the point is I get to bitch about it now.

And not to mention I don't really have to deal with people much, I can crank up the Austin radio, I like what I do and (most of) the people I work with...I can basically come and go at will...losing these things will suck. I kinda loathe the idea of finding a whole new job and learning their particular set of office politics all over again. Fuck's sake.

And to make matters worse (or better?) I finally got a date and time from my Austin friend Don on David Lynch's Inland Empire. It's coming to Austin via the Austin Film Society and he'll be showing it personally. It's a fucking Wednesday. I'm looking forward both to the excuse I'll have to conjure up at my new job and the drive (three hours there and back) itself. Thanks, David.


Anonymous said...

you and i... we need to start a support group. for what you ask? for people who need support groups damnit!

im sorry thats all happening. corporate america sucks so when you enter, take a plunger, a can of Aqua Net and a lighter. have a blast. :p

and your pictures can totally represent my freaking week too.

im tellin you... support group... ;P

Anonymous said...

Oh gads, I'm so sorry and what a crappy time of year for them to decide too. Yech. Well onward and upward to bigger and better things. Like you said, maybe something closer to home that will give you more free time. I *loved* quitting my job at Smithville, gave me 2 hours to my day back. Now I can't even imagine not having those 2 hours. It'll work out.

If not, you guys can always move down to Austin. :) Can you cook? Pet cats? You're hired!

Ellen Aim said...

Right on, Yas. Sounds good to me! I will bring the wine, because what is support without lots of wine?

Oh my god, Triana, if only "Can you cook? Pet cats?" was listed in the newspaper. *wistful siiiiiiigh*

There's a nursery (uh, PLANT nursery) a few blocks from my house. I have a feeling that's a job for people who don't actually NEED money...but oooooh...especially since we're about to start re-doing the backyard....fantasies galore, I tell you.

Veloute said...

Good luck with the job hunt! What crappy timing.

I forgot you were going to NY next week! Have loads of fun. Eat lots of food.

I know you will find something better, it's just the looking that sucks ass.