Thursday, December 14, 2006

By all means move at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me.

So I watched The Devil Wears Prada last night (after wrapping up season 4 of The West Wing, oh my GAW! but I'll get to that some other day). But I see this morning that it and Meryl Streep have Golden Globe nods. I'm thrilled for her, she's so perfect and everyone knows it. But I do find it a little odd that the film has fallen into the "Musical or Comedy" category because it's really not a comedy and that is, infact, one of its better selling points: it's not trying to make you laugh. This movie is not funny. But it does sell a pretty good formula. Co-worker Donna and I decided that there needs to be a category for "Best Execution of a Formula," and then The Devil Wears Prada could win something, too.

One scene really did do it for me, though. They're in the middle of the daily "run down" or whatever, and the people aren't quite as prepared as she expects; she sort of glides through the group murmuring, "Why is nobody reeeeeeeeady?" Well, "detached evil purring" is the closest I can come to describing it. It just reminded me of being in elementary and junior high school, only I really liked her and just wished I had been more prepared...and then I realized I was sitting on the sofa with Mouche and Meryl Streep wasn't disappointed in me. Probably.

And uh, Borat? Is nominated for best pic and best actor? I refuse to devote any more space to that embarrassment. I'm a big fan of anything different happening to shake things up at these little award shows, however, so I suppose that's a minute plus. But instead, let's segue instead into other things that are annoying.

D and I were discussing the new Hershey Kisses (white chocolate and peppermint, you can see why it came up). I said I wasn't a big fan of Kisses because the quality is a little poor and so often they just taste old. Plus it's another reminder of school as a young child--they were just one of those ubiquitous candies present at the holidays I grew to slowly resent. I think you see where I'm going with this.

1. Quite possibly the most foul candy ever.

I thought it would be fun to do a list of ten things that used to annoy me as a child and continue to annoy me to this day. If I had a giant eraser, here are a couple things I would just wipe off the face of the planet. Now in the case above, it's a gimme really. Does anyone eat those fuckers? The ones pictured here are, at least, amusing. Doesn't mean they don't taste like shit though. I really, really hated (and still do) those goddamn things.

2. Celebrating idiocy and ignorance.

How is Foghorn Leghorn funny? Maybe the accent was just too close to home, maybe I resented the fact that I was supposed to like the ignorant fuckstick. I just always loathed this asshole of a cartoon character. I hated the music, I hated his face...I just wanted someone to come along with a rifle and splatter rooster brains all over the barn. Now that would have been an episode.

3. You can keep your ricockulous 80s sitcoms.

I'm sorry, I just grew up not watching these moronic things and I doubt I would have found them funny anyway. Family Ties, Married With Children, Happy Days, Get Smart, shit, I could be mixing eras for all I know. Having seen snippets over the years, I can't say I missed a goddamn thing. Should you want to talk A-Team, Miami Vice, Moonlighting, Remington Steele, ok, no problem. I apologize for stepping on toes but I've spent 27 years not getting the references and so I would just like to say, loudly and proudly that I'm thrilled I don't. And thanks to Alex for bringing the word ricockulous into my vocabulary.

Well hey, I think that's enough love for one post. I think I'm off tomorrow (so I can know the joy of working this Saturday), which at least means an afternoon screening of The Pursuit of Happyness. Very much looking forward to it.


CinemaslaveJoe said...

So far I'm with you... I don't like those heart-shaped candies either, and I never found Foghorn Leghorn to be amusing in the least, though I do have to say that I've always found Pepe Le Pew to be more offensive and annoying, because he's always struck me as one step away from a rapist.

But I still to this day possess an irrational and all-consuming hatred for Tom and Jerry that far eclipses my wrath at any Looney Tunes character. I hate that fucking mouse, who continuously antagonizes the poor cat, gets away with it without fail, and acts insufferably smug the whole time.

How very Republican of him.


Ellen Aim said...

lmfao, I couldn't have said it better. I really did consider Tom & Jerry because I always hated them, too. But with Tom & Jerry I don't think I realized how much I hated it when I was younger. It really bothered me but I kept watching. I wasn't naive enough to think Tom was going to pull one out (I think there actually was ONE episode in which he "won"), but I just couldn't stop watching. So I felt a little guilty putting it on the list since Foghorn Leghorn repels me to the extent I simply could not watch it.

alex said...

I'm putting Prada in my queue. I think I can imagine exactly what you mean by her "detached evil purring," and it makes me happy in my soul.

...and then I realized I was sitting on the sofa with Mouche and Meryl Streep wasn't disappointed in me. Probably.

No--I suspect Meryl Streep is disappointed in all of us. I love it. I'm constantly trying to redeem myself.

Heh. Yeah... you've always reallyreallyreally hated those hearts. XD

And word on FH LH. I just.. all Looney Toons and Hanna-Barbera in general? I feel so alone, but that shit gives me a headache. The Flintstones and The Yogi Bear Show are on perpetual rerun in my private hell.

Oi. This is only three, pony up the other seven! ;)

Ellen Aim said...

Yeah, you're right. Hanna-Barbera in particular are just the cheapest looking things. The K-Mart of cartoons.

Veloute said...

Right on, right on, and right on.

Those stupid fucking hearts.

I hated the roadrunner and the coyote.

Ellen Aim said...

Yeah, I just always wanted them both to die. Should I have thought that at age 7?

Anonymous said...

I had sympathy for the coyote and I really really really wanted him to eat the damn cocky snot-beaked roadrunner.

But I really hate those hearts.