Sunday, December 24, 2006

Well, I'm sure Charles Dickens would have wanted to see her nipples.

Well a very happy Christmas Eve to all. We already have a fire going, which is nice. It even looks all snowy-ish outside, so exciting for little Denton, TX. I mean, it WON'T, I don't think there's even a mouse fart of a chance, but it's cloudy and therefore I can pretend and no one can stop me.

In my spare time here on Christmas Eve morning, my lack of something more constructive to do had me googling images for "Merry Bloody Christmas," and well, here you go.

Or would you rather I just be trite and normal?

Yesterday I watched Little Miss Sunshine, and I'm glad I went in with lowish expectations. It had its moments and was at least a oncer. Toni Collette is always worth watching though I did feel she went a bit un-used here. Greg Kinnear was great...especially since he had by far the most loathsome character to play.

Also saw Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (I know, so xmassy in both cases). Now that was good. Except I don't think anyone should cover "I'm Your Man," it just doesn't work. Nick Cave did it no. But all the rest of the tributes (don't worry, Nick Cave did another one and it was great) were excellent.

But I'm being more xmassy today and have already watched The Lemon Drop Kid, which is certainly one of my faves for the holidays. I think the winner by far is easily The Man Who Came to Dinner, and I'm waiting to sling that one on til I crack the champagne open around 1. Hey, we cracked open the port, red wine and cheese and snausages around two yesterday! I have to cram in all my alochol since we leave at nine tomorrow for the in-laws...

And speaking of being medicated for the holiday, I bought serious meds for Bourdain finally, who has now twice shat and barfed on the road (though I didn't take him this last time...and yet, I still got to clean him up in the bathroom...wait a minute)! And no, we're not stupid, we did try to drug him this last time. The not-my-favorite vet suggested children's Benodryl. Cherry or grape? Neither for Bourdain, thanks. He ate maybe half (in whatever wily way D tried to sneak it in) and it did fuck-all. So I went to my real vet (who still remembers me!) and he gave me these things that will knock him the fuck out for six hours. And they're fifty cents each!! (Uh, can I have one?) So basically they are cheaper than the Benodryl AND they work. Weird.

And back to the in-laws, it sounds as if they'll be moving to Fort Worth in March, so at least this may be the last trip to Tyler. We won't be having any family get-togethers for the holidays I hope (two very nice families, two very different families), but it will certainly make the drive easier.

And in closing, one of my favorite holiday songs...(and while we're at it, why can't I look or sound like this? Do I need to get a piano first? What? Why are you looking at me like that?) And best of all, the person who uploaded this added "No copyright infringement intended." Is that what we're doing now?

I hope to post before leaving for Tyler. We'll see how much the drink affects my typing. Off to watch Scrooged, the title got me in the mood.

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