Tuesday, December 12, 2006

That's TUBBS: Tough, Unique, Bad, Bodacious, Sassy.


Seriously. Was someone trying to be funny? Is that what this is? What the fuck else is the excuse for Colin Farrell? For his pedophile 'stache, his greasy face or his mouth breathing?

That's right, we finally saw Miami Vice. I am so sorry. It had some good looking scenes, especially considering it was shot on video. But that. Was such. Garbage. I hope Gong Li took home the big paycheck. And Jamie Foxx's hairline was nearly as annoying as the pedophile 'stache. Seriously, out of 2 hours and 20 minutes, I found Colin Farrell distracting for 2 hours and 20 minutes. It was just weird. And having seen recent pics of Don Johnson, I certainly don't think that was the way to go either, at this point. But come the fuck on, they could have tried when casting. Why did they bother making it Miami Vice? Nothing about it was even vaguely similiar save the job titles and a remixed "In the Air Tonight," at the end during the big shoot-out. Tubbs was hooked up with Trudy, Sonny buckled like a belt over a dame gone bad, it was all so out-of-character, especially the latter. In the series, he'd have kicked her ass to the curb and been over it by the end of his cigarette.

Later that weekend, however, I had some

and it helped considerably. I don't know about the movie...The King...which was interesting to say the least. I never need to see it again, but the character was, uh, well you just never knew what the fuck was going through his head or what he would do next. But it worked.

Oh yes, and there was a little of

to be had by all. That would be ...Slither, which was far more entertaining than I'd expected. A oncer, though D quite enjoyed it. I think it was already reviewed over at BSL, but Mob was equally as impressed as D. It was delightfully gross and silly all around.

Any other cupcake of the month-style photos I can post? Eh, fuck it.

Because I can.

I loathe the smell of cigarettes, yet find this inexplicably hot. I still think he would have made a damn fine Bond...


alex said...

"...he'd have kicked her ass to the curb and been over it by the end of his cigarette."

HAHAHAHA. This has improved my fantastically SUCK day at least 165%. Much love.

Anonymous said...

God Mal is HOT.

Thank you for today's eyecandy!!

Ellen Aim said...

A: Hee hee! He so would, you know it! Hope I didn't ruin the Vice movie with that bit of info...not that it doesn't ruin itself plenty already.

T: A-men, sista. YUM. I'm bringing *two* spoons.

Mob said...

I'd been curious about The King, that actor (whose name escapes me) has that same weird ambi-sexual vibe I get from Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Ellen Aim said...

REALLY??? Gael Garcia Bernal strikes me as the hot bisexual whereas JRM strikes me as the angry heterosexual. With "tendencies." Back me up, Alex.

alex said...

Heh heh heh. Maybe angry ambi-sexual? (I haven't seen his latest films, mostly his films back in the day when he was being cast as the doe-eyed bit of rough. Could be he's working the het vibe harder now.)

Veloute said...

I am so glad I can come out of the Mal closet and admit I find him totally completely lickable. I thought I was weird or something.

Veloute said...

That Colin Farrell guy is all wrong, too. I mean, ew.