Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Careful, Sheldon. Don't forget you're only wearing a towel.

See those? Those belong to meeeeeeeeee. One of my xmas prezzies. It's a yearly thing but I get excited about it every damn time. They are so yum.

I nibbled on those while we watched the last episode from the first disc, first season of Remington Steele. I have got to say, I'm so impressed. I thought RS was really going to be painful and/or just straight up blow. But whereas the old Miami Vice episodes really didn't age well (but are oh-so-fun) since they took themselves so damn seriously, the old RS 'sodes are so very tongue-in-cheek that it's full of great lines. Last night's episode in particular was great.

For the excitement in our night, last night after D had fallen asleep with Mouche on the sofa and I was wrapping up on-line, I heard the most deafening crashing and shattering. It lasted about 2.2 seconds but the whole time all I could picture was the tree going over or the leftover ornaments on the table being shattered (all of this was confusing to me because we have carpet in the den).

Let's set the scene.

The other night I put a grocery bag with some light bulbs on the table and never went back to it. Last night, Bourdain (who loves to chew plastic) somehow gets his head in the handle of the bag and, I can only presume, freaks the fuck out at not being able to get readily out. He proceeds to tear ass around the house, whacking the bag into walls, tables, everything, shattering the bulbs inside and then sprinkling them all around the house. In 2.2 seconds.

By the time we get to the scene, he's in the kitchen. I hold him while I take the bag handle from his neck, and I mostly certainly yelled at him (though not while I was holding him, I'm not a complete sadist). He cowered in the kitchen while we cleaned up. As I was dumping broken glass into the trash, I looked over at him, still pissed.

It's a little off the mark, but you get the idea. He was equal parts utterly terrifed (which had been the problem in the first place, leading to glass everywhere) and totally ashamed. I felt so bad. I put him in the bedroom while I vacuumed up the rest (the vacuum's prescence makes him shit bricks. My small cat is a little neurotic if this just somehow isn't coming across in the writing). Then I sat down with him in the bedroom and cooed and cuddled him til he was purring and altogether quite a happy camper once again.

It was quite enough excitement for one night. And I fully expect that regardless of the clean-up, we will continue to find teeny tiny shards of glass for the next week in the most unfortunate places.

Dinner with D and the father-in-law tonight.

I may have a nip of the 'nog first.


Anonymous said...

Dude, fork over the chocolates.

I *NEED* those.

Veloute said...

can't....stop....laughing....at....light bulb....disaster....

poor little mouche. i am so sorry. i hope you got all the glass.

Ellen Aim said...

Triana: Mine!

Vel: Actually it was Bourdain. Mouche is too classy for such drama!