Friday, December 29, 2006

Back up in your ass with the resurrection.

Ah, all rainy this morning. I'm having my americano, austin radio (KGSR...and just for me they are playing Not Ready to Make Nice) and

for breakfast. Cat tongues! Yuuuuummmmm.

Good thing it's raining, that really drives the business in. (Please read with sarcasm font). As Donna says, it's like having movie day in school. If we had a TV, I'd so put on Lady & the Tramp and just be done with it.

D tilled up the yard yesterday (backyard). So excited to play. We have to wait a little for things to die and then rake it out. I want to buy an evergreen tonight to plant against the fence...our neighbors' backyard (who, in their defence (ha ha! get it?) we rarely see and are quite pleasant) is just so right there. If everyone ends up in their backyards at the same time it's weird to pretend no one's there. So here come a few evergreens...

Ooh, and I was over at J's house yesterday late afternoon and I got to experience his audio/video set-up. He has an actual video projector, so he built himself a little theatre, complete with some of the sweetest speakers (which he got through a trade at work) and a genuine screen (made from formica, bought at Home Depot!), measuring around 5 ft by 12 ft and then masked for the proper proportions. The audio is what really does it for me (and apparently it's not too loud outside).

We watched all the best bits of Moulin Rouge! and OH. MY. GOD. I forgot, that's all there is to it. I simply forgot how crucial the best audio and video are for that film. I mean, it's great when viewed normally, but oh! When viewed as in a theatre...I was completely sober and it almost made me cry how gorgeous it looked and sounded. (Plus it was a couple feet from my face). I could never afford that stuff, nor do I have his connections, but nothing's stopping me from visiting all the time! (Actually, while he only lives ten minutes from me, neither of us is ever home).

Ok, I'm off to go endure "Well, I guess I'll pick those up next year!" jokes.

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