Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nine years of ballet, asshole!

What a long, long week.

YouTube really does have everything. I have no idea if this is even funny, but for me (and anyone in my immediate family), it's pure nostalgia.

And just for my mom...

And yet somehow they didn't have Gas Station Washroom. How is that possible?

My job is hardly rocket science. Shit, putting a toy rocket together would be harder. But now that the five people who work here have shifted in responsibilities somewhat, it leaves me to do absolutely everything in the lab by myself. And this time of year it's enough to do someone in.

Last night I got a weird desire to listen to Cats, which in turn makes me want to see Jeffery. In any case, I think wanting to listen to Cats is surely a sign of approaching the nervous breakdown edge.

And I'm %^&$^* hungry right now. Where the hell is my pizza!

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Veloute said...

Ah, great, great stuff. LOL! Thank you!