Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh, it's a big pretty white plane with red stripes, curtains in the windows and wheels and it just looks like a big Tylenol.

My dad sent me this. Cute.

Well, we opened xmas prezzies here at the Arlington house last night. I'm so set. I got my yearly bottle of wine to go with the Oscars (Napa Valley Cab from a small and private vineyard who doesn't put out very many bottles but it's great stuff. So I imagine it will be the Al Pacino of wines). We'll see come Oscartime. It's what I'll be drinking while Helen Mirren picks up her Oscar.

I also got, SQUEE!

The Sims 2 (for my Mac!) with two expansion packs: Night Life and University. You will all never see me again.

So far I have created Christian, the hottest redhead in black you ever saw. I planted him into the Desperate-Housewives-esque neighborhood. I get triple bonus points if Christian gets WooHoo with two Sims at once.

So I gotta go, cause I cannot for the life of me get the roof to work. And Christian NEEDS a roof, you know? If he's gonna get any...

(Seriously, the fuck's going on here? Is he date-raping her?)

And no. 4... of shit that annoys me. This one's personal, man!

4. If you are a girl, you get to carry a little purse. Look at YOU!

I guess I'm going to lose you on this one, Joe. But in seventh grade, that was when you were Officially supposed to start carrying a purse. To this day, I feel like a poser. Purses are just too girly for me. I feel weird. And I am in no way, shape or form a manly-type girl. I carry around Jiji on my back (from Kiki's Delivery Service) for special going-out occasions. That's borderline odd. But purses? Nah, too girly. Seriously, they are too fucking small for anything other than the makeup I don't wear and the credit cards which I have already dutifully fucked myself with. (Or, as I once said during a meeting at Express when we had to make outfits and then explain what they were for and when they would be used (we made a 'clubbing' outfit): "Nah, she doesn't need a purse. Her ID and condom will fit nicely in her pocket." I had the reputation of being the quiet one.) The hell do I need a purse for? Sorry, but to this day I carry the messenger bag. Good for keeping writing stuff, the book you never know when you'll need, and the eggnog you sneak into Shut Up and Sing! Emphasis on the nog.

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