Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Good luck with your layoffs, all right? I hope your firings go really well.

Well it would appear that my job is hanging by a thread, what good holiday cheer. The owner is meeting with bankruptcy lawyers this next week or the one after, like it matters. It would seem the time frame is anywhere from one to six months. The personnel manager told me that if I needed to give no notice that was okay by him. Well jesus, that's scary. But good to know I guess. Later, fuckers! I wish.

Apparently the PM has been fielding phone calls from debt collectors for about a year now. He said they're actually fairly easy to handle. You say you're sending money and they're happy. And you know, you do actually send them a little something. He said, however, that it had gotten a little different lately. A lot of places, including Kodak, have started farming out those jobs to foreign countries. So lately, Shayeev has been calling and harrassing PM for money.

S: "You said you were going to send two checks and you have not."

PM: "No, I said I was going to send two if I could. I sent the first one last Monday and I haven't been able to send the second one yet."

long pause

S: "This is a broken promise."

PM is thrown, tries not to giggle.

S: "We need the other check."

PM: "Well, there's not a whole lot I can do about it right now."

S: "You are going to end up on credit hold."

PM: "Ooooooh, credit hold."

S: "Sir, I don't think you're taking this very seriously."

PM: "What are you going to do, take away my birthday?"

So I guess after a year you kinda stop caring. This place couldn't be more of a sinking ship. At this point, it's just a matter of who gets off first. They asked Cinema Mark to take next week off to make that deadish week a little less painful. (Though more painful for me if anyone had cared to ask!) They tried to get me to take an extra day which, while days off sure are fun, they don't really pay the bills. And I reminded them that I'll be gone for two days next week...when I'm in New York, bitches! I just hope I'm not too depressed about my job to enjoy it.

I'm eating at Les Halles and watching Julianne Moore (assuming it doesn't close) and work can bite me.

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