Friday, December 22, 2006

Spaghetti-Os with meat.

D and I went to Interlochen last night, which is the neighborhood in Arlington most famous for their lights. It totally lacked any shred of the imagination on 42nd Street in Austin (do I have the street right?). Some were ok, but mostly I just salivated over the houses. There were throngs of people out to see them (they say don't even think about going on the weekends) and even police to direct traffic. I guess it's pretty big within the metroplex. But to the people of Interlochen, and really, to anyone who decorates their yard, I have one thing to say:

Just stop it:

I mean, seriously. These angel/baby things just creep me the fuck out.

And Santa on a motorcycle is just not anywhere near as funny as you'd like it to be. Certainly not enough to put a whole inflatable (which are so wrong to begin with) up. I think if you are going to put up an inflatable, your house itself has to be at least ten times the size of the inflatable. That would be the only thing that could distract from something that tacky.


Anonymous said...

37th! But close!

Which we haven't been to this year, but need to. Maybe we'll go next week.

These are houses you took pictures of! Wow!


Veloute said...

That last...angel? demon? will visit my nightmares now. What's up with those...cheeks?

Mob said...

In our light-seeing tour back in Midland, we saw a freaking Santa that towered about 15 feet over the roof of the house who's yard it was staked in.

It appeared to be inflatable and was lashed to the edge of the roof and the yard like a carnival tent.

These people need a new hobby.

Ellen Aim said...

Anything needing to be *lashed* to the roof is...well, it's probably time to stop and have a chat with yourself about what you're doing and why it's wrong.

And Triana, don't you live over in Hyde Park?! Shame, shame. :P

Mom and Alex tell me those angel/baby things are Kewpie dolls and not very Christmassy.

Downright scary if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Ah, sadly no more. :( I got to live there for so many years, but we've had to move on to something I miss it so much too. Being able to walk around my neighborhood at night, within walking distance to Central Market...oh those were the days!

Presently I'm on Barton Skyway just off Mopac. I'm suffering Trail of Headlights hell.

I'm still really scared of these pictures.