Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We love your signs, but what do you have against Dick Cheney?

Merry Christmas brought to you by The Dixie Chicks.

I had one of the shittiest days ever. Everything broke. I can feel my cavity. I am poor. So I went to the theater by myself and watched Shut Up and Sing which was really good, I was impressed.

I only have one of their albums (Wide Open Spaces....and well, I also still have one of the pre-Natalie Maines albums, which they don't really mention much) but I really like the newest one so far.

And thank you muchly, Triana, I got your disc the other day! I started to mention it a couple posts ago but that post never really got off the ground. It's so fantastic to have all these pictures since I wasn't there for a lot of it!!

Oh, and hopefully I will remember to email you as well, but my Canon is an Elan 7, which I bought used from KEH, who Cinema Mark has also used in the past. Great place.

My main machine here at work was down all yesterday. Imagine if your job relied 95% on one machine, and then it broke. And then imagine feeling kinda silly and worthless for the rest of the afternoon but dicking around just enough to make it look like you can still keep busy. Well that was yesterday and it has just now gotten back up and running. So I think the rest of my afternoon is going to be the sort where my evening becomes one in which I go home, make fried pickles and watch as much West Wing as Netfilx has seen fit to send me.


alex said...

:P Sorry about the couple of bad days. Here's to pickle chips and television. :)

Veloute said...

I hope today is better!